Adoption Fees

VOKRA is 100% reliant on donations, volunteers, private grants and adoption fees. We receive no regular government funding.

The veterinarians we work with kindly provide their services to us for a discounted rate as we're a registered charity. Nonetheless, the adoption fees for our cats cover only a fraction of the average costs we incur for each of our rescued kittens and cats.

Our adoption fees include the following:

  • check-up
  • first shot (adopter pays for second/booster shot)
  • two wormings
  • de-flea treatment (if necessary)
  • spay/neuter
  • tattoo (to identify your kitten if she/he is ever lost)

Fee Structure*

November 15, 2017. Subject to change without notice

Kitten (under 1 year)


Pair of kittens

$360 (pair)

Adult cat (1-8 years old)


Pair of adult cats (1-8 years old)

$250 (pair)

Senior cat (older than 8 years)


Pair of senior cats (older than 8 years)

$100 (pair)

Adult + kitten

$300 (pair)

*adoption fees are subject to PST

Pet Insurance

We recommend that all our adopted cats have pet insurance. After your post adoption checkup and after resolving any issues that might be identified at that checkup, financial responsibility for the cat transfers to you. We have compared a number of the pet insurance packages available and feel that PetsPlusUsoffers the most comprehensive benefits, including holistic practices not covered under some other policies. You can sign up for a 6 week free trial. Please choose VOKRA as the shelter you dealt with. PetsPlusUs will contact you part way through the trial period to discuss ongoing insurance.

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