Author - Barbara Mount-Poulsen

From Cruelty & Neglect to a Happy Forever Home?

Barbara Mount-Poulsen | July 8, 2013

After getting a call about a kitten stuck on a rooftop, VOKRA successfully trapped and rescued a terrified, emaciated little cat who appeared to be about 6 months old. Her long fur was dull, matted and deeply stained with urine. A physical exam revealed symptoms of a cat that had been kept in a cage; dulled teeth from chewing on metal bars, hunched posture from lack of movement, dark yellow-stained fur from living in her own urine and feces, and emaciation from poor diet. She had scars on her back, her tail had been shaved, and some of her fur had been chopped off unevenly. It was obvious this poor little kitty had suffered neglect and abuse, she was in a really sad state.

Robin before:
Robin Before

Thanks to her ear tattoo, VOKRA was able to contact the vet where she was spayed and learned her name was Robin and she was actually a year and a half old. When her owner couldn't be located, VOKRA placed Robin in a foster home to regain her trust of humans, gain weight and learn to be happy, healthy kitty.

At first Robin was extremely hand-shy and timid. Despite her long fur she was always cold because she was so thin. She didn't seem interested in grooming herself. She vomited enormous fur-balls and it took her a while to accept a nutrition-rich quality diet.

In the month since her rescue, Robin has proved to be a sweet, playful, dainty little kitty. Once you've gained her trust she begins to show her lovely personality.

Most of her dead fur has fallen out revealing a soft, silky long coat. She's putting on weight and has been grooming herself. Her pretty white fur is losing it's yellow stain. Although she's still a little nervous, every single day she becomes more affectionate and shows she really loves people. She loves to play with a toy on a string and will run and jump high to catch it. Although she's still a little tentative, she enjoys snuggling up with me on the armchair.

Robin after:
Robin after

Robin doesn't enjoy being picked up for more than a few seconds and although she enjoys head and chin scratches, she's still getting used to being petted on her back and sides. When she feels over stimulated or fearful she'll put her mouth or paw on me as if to bite or scratch but she's never actually done so. Her behaviour is improving as she learns to trust humans again.

Robin is a tidy cat with excellent litter-box and food dish manners. She's actually the most neat & clean kitty we've ever fostered, she's a real pleasure!

After everything she's been through, Robin deserves a stable, quiet, adult only home with experienced cat owners. She would likely accept a young male kitty with a gentle, soft disposition as a companion but ideally would be an only pet.

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