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On April 8th, VOKRA VOlunteers, Michele and Morgan, were invited to give a presentation at Hugh McRoberts Secondary School in Richmond. They spoke to students in the McRoberts Animal Rescue Club about the work VOKRA does, the importance of spay/neuter and how young people can help spread the word about responsible pet care. These young people are amazing! They volunteer with animal shelters, learn about rescue work, and fundraise for animal charities.

We were thrilled when club co-presidents Angela Lin and Jordan Nguyen presented VOKRA with a cheque for $200 from their fundraising efforts!

Many thanks to Angela, Jordan and all the members of the McRoberts Animal Rescue Club and to their staff representative Mrs. Sundell for having us and for their contribution. We know the future of rescue is in great hands with young people like this getting involved.

Lilies Kill Kitties!

alexis | April 3, 2014

Lilies kill cats. This is an image about it.

A New Life for Handsome

alexis | June 26, 2013

Handsome before and after

Handsome was trapped on February 24th. Over four months he was nursed back to health by his wonderful foster, Nicole. Thank you so much to Katie's Place who paid all of his vet bills!

Volunteer Janet released him on June 21st. She says, "he nonchalantly walked out of his kennel and was very happy to be back home again. One of his cat friends came over to greet him!!"

Many thanks to Nicole, Janet, Katie's Place, the whole VOKRA Surrey team, the veterinarians involved, and the residents of the Semahmoo reserve for all doing their part to help Handsome and all of the Semiahmoo kitties.

Message from Karen Duncan, co-founder of VOKRA:

The Surrey saga continues. Surrey Animal Resource Centre (SARC) just moved to a new location, so we have lost our TNR centre.
It couldn't have come at a worst time. Over the last week or so we have had three ‘emergency sites’ to do; one that netted us 23 kittens, 9 moms , 7 males; another that has over 20 cats involved; and a third that has somewhere between 15 and 20. All without a TNR centre. The good news is though, that we have been able to partner with other rescues (CARES and Katies' Place) to try and address some of these situations. Relationships between the no-kill rescues in B.C. is getting stronger than ever."

If anyone has knowledge of a garage or building unused in central surrey that can be used for our TNR program (we bring them in there to recover from spay/neuter before return) please contact me. Even if only for few weeks it would help."

If you have a lead, please email:

VOKRA Joins “Pets Are Not Products” to End Animal Sales in Pet Stores


The sale of animals in pet stores has always been a thorn in the side of animal rescue organizations who are working tirelessly to home thousands of unwanted animals every day while people continue to purposely breed more. Cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, reptiles and other small animals are all affected.


Animals sold in pet stores originate from bred-for-profit, often-unscrupulous back yard breeders and mills that are notoriously known for breeding animals in horrific conditions; conditions that would make any animal lover’s stomach turn.


This spring, VOKRA has joined Paws For Hope Animal Foundation’s Pets are Not Products Campaign, a local grassroots group of individuals and organizations whose aim is to end the sale of animals in pet stores. Paws for Hope is a foundation whose views strongly align with VOKRA’s; they seek "to advance animal welfare through education and awareness, community programming and support, rescue and rehabilitation."


Since joining the Pets Are Not Products campaign, VOKRA’s board of directors has voted to take action by declining to work with any pet store that sells any type of animal. This includes taking donations from, holding adoption events with, and all other partnerships. This affects relationships we recently had with both PetSmart and Bosleys stores (Bosley’s is now owned by parent company PetValu.)


We at VOKRA feel we must make a united stand with other rescue groups to boycott these stores until they realize the sale of animals is unjust, inhumane and contributes to the bred-for-profit pet overpopulation problem.


This will be hard on us for the future, as this will sever ties VOKRA has had with stores and organizations who had been supporting us. We are looking for other avenues and ideas to promote our adoptions and information tables.


We realize this stance will affect store franchise owners, many of whom personally share our view against pet sales. Many franchise stores have partnered with VOKRA in the past years for successful adoption days, and the sale of our calendars and other items. We are eternally grateful for all of their past support, ending our relationship with well-meaning and forward-thinking franchise owners was the most difficult part of our decision. To be a united voice and send a consistent message we must end our involvement with all parent companies that sell animals, completely.


Thank you for you understanding. We welcome comments and suggestions from all of our supporters, and hope that you will join us in taking a stand.



VOKRA Board of Directors


More information on Paws for Hope:

Miss. VOKRA !

Alexis | June 18, 2013

VOKRA foster Elisabeth Yoon is in the running to become Miss. BC!

VOKRA foster and Miss BC contestant, Elisabeth

Elisabeth is generously helping to promote VOKRA in the Miss. BC pageant! She is using the competition as a platform to discuss domestic violence and the connection to animal abuse. Elisabeth has studied huge amounts of evidence that shows that violence towards a family pet is ofter a precusor to domestic violence towards the people, and would like to give a voice to both the human and the animal survivors.

"As a contestant, I would like to bring attention to domestic violence, and help victims overcome their depression, fear, and loss of self-esteem. I am one, small flame in the darkness, but I believe that I can deliver this message of hope: Violence is a choice. Violence can be survived."

We are proud to have her support, and encourage you to vote for her here:

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