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Big fundraiser - Very important

kduncan | August 9, 2011

As you see we are doing a big push for our fundraiser on Aug 21/11. This is our largest fundraiser of the year and extremely important way to keep us going - My giving page is:

I don't really want to sound desperate, but I am. We are constantly told how wonderful what we do is and constantly asked for help for animals that have no chance. What is needed to continue this work is money.

To run a NO-KILL rescue it takes hugely dedicated people and a lot of money. We are bringing in and helping and homing over 1400 cats a year. Some are going to be in our care a long time. Some get a lot of vet care and don't make it. The majority are placed in loving forever homes. Our adoption fee nowhere near covers the average amount each animal costs us to help.

We need your support to continue. Our vets are holding on as we slowly pay down bills but at this time of year a great deal is owed.

Please join us in raising funds. If you do not want to walk, that is fine, come to the Festival and buy raffle tickets, play games, get your face painted, listen to the band. Learn about what we do!

I am attaching my Giving Page here. Sponsor me or one of our other walkers.

The abused , injured and homeless are still flowing in still being humanely trapped to get the help they need. Injured kittens and cats, starving and flea infested moms with kittens. We do not get any assistance other than what we can raise ourselves through fundraisers, searching for grants and contests, people who kindly include us in their wills.

Please support us in what we do all funds go directly into the care and feeding of our cats and kittens. Not one person is paid a thing we do this to make a difference for the cats and kittens in Vancouver and Burnaby. We have made a difference but it costs a lot.

I am attaching our breakdown of where money was spent for 2009. Our 2010 numbers will be available soon and we will be posting them on our site and our Facebook page.

My giving page is:

Lets see if we can get it going..anything you can spare will add up.

Thank you,

Karen Duncan,

Tired yet hopeful, VOKRA president.

Kelsey and Kinsey

kduncan | March 15, 2011

Kelsey and Kinsey are still waiting for a home. They were found on the street abandoned. This pair has been overlooked for so long. We can't bring them into our Petsmart locations as they don't do well there.

Here is what the foster has to say:

Kinsey is an amazing cat and over time has become very friendly. We believe he was abandoned. He is a character for sure. He's always at the front door when I get home and pretty much follows me around when I'm home. He likes to sleep on the bed with me, always comes to snuggle when I'm hanging out and will even sit on my lap when I'm on the computer. He is very playful and loves to play with pipe cleaners and any other toys laying around for him but his favorite is a mouse toy that he hunts constantly.

Kelsey is a very pretty cat with very soft fur. She has come a long way and gets friendlier every day…she is now part of the family. She comes and sits with me when I'm watching TV and even sleeps on the bed with me. She's not super playful so probably wouldn't be great around kids but she does love to be pet and has started snuggling. She hasn't quite warmed up to strangers yet but is more tolerant of new people than she used to be. It might take her a while to get used to a new home but once she comes around, she'll be a great cat.

Kelsey is slightly older, a female and was found at the same time as Kinsey. She is shyer and therefore does not make great first impression.

Won't you please give these two a chance at a home together? Apply here.

Well ..success!

kduncan | March 5, 2011

Looks as if we have a new home for Georgess and Mama Cat as well asOscar and Gilbert..

Now how about people start taking a look at some of our Special kitties as well as Timothy and Mickey Mouse..!

There are some lovely kitties at Petsmart in North Vancouver. We have volunteers in around 9 , 1 and 6 oclock most days ..

Oscar and Gilbert are a pair of 5 month old , neutered kittens. White and grey tabbies..Very sweet, busy little guys..They are bored being at the store..

We also have Georgess and Mama Cat,

as well as Chips ..a gorgeous siamese mix with great personality.

They would all love to be introduced to you..

My favorite Santa pic

kduncan | January 4, 2011

This lovely cat is 18 and her name is Gowness. We were all so touched to meet her and her person at the Santa pictures. She is a much loved kitty who has brought great joy to her family.

*****Last day before Xmas to order gift cards to benefit VOKRA!****

Orders in by tonight will arrive on Tues. We can have them here in Kits for pickup or mail out to you. Lots of places you will be shopping or giving gift cards out from..and VOKRA gets a percentage from each extra moola needed from you!!!

Offices/businesses getting gift cards for clients or their staff ...

Stocking stuffers...

Shopping for goceries...


Link is here :

Once you get in the habit of doing this once a month it could make a huge difference for us and the kitties. Many schools do this and bring in thousands ...please think about it, check out the list. We need your support rather desperately.

Thanks everyone,


Special needs kitten needs great home.

kduncan | December 1, 2010

Well we have another lovely wobbler kitten . Jemma and her brother Louis were rescued from an abandoned van with their very young mom. We found the 2 of them huddled together at about 3 weeks old in a pile of junk in the back of the van. Little Jemma could not open her eyes due to an infection she had. With daily cleaning and medication she finally opened her eyes. As Jemma began to move around we noticed she wobbled. Jemma has cerebellar hypoplasia. This does not stop Jemma from running and playing. She struggles with eating since her neck shakes but this is improving with age and she has a hearty appetite. Jemma cries if her very active brother Louis is off at play. She waits patiently for him to return as she calls out.
Louis is a little active and very happy kittie. He runs and jumps on his sister and no one notices she is different.

Please take a look at their info in our gallery !

This coming weekend..Sat 13th and Sun 14th, VOKRA will be pulling out all the stops at our two Petsmart locations. The North Vancouver store is at 1325 Main Street . North Van. The Vancouver store is at 2860 Bentall Street. Go along Grandview east...pass Renfrew where the empty petcetera is and watch for a turn lane with light. You will see the big Petsmart sign etc on your left.. lots of parking.

We will have BBQ's set up at both stores in the parking lot..hotdogs and veggie dogs ( with fried onions!) chips, drinks etc. Our t shirts, bracelets and hot off the presses, THIS YEARS CALENDAR!!

Inside will be many of our cats and kittens..You must fill in an application before the weekend on this site. All adoptions will be handled the same as just get to see a number at one spot..

Please come out and make this a successful weekend for us and the kitties.

Any questions? just send in a note from the site. See you there!

Our biggest needs right now....

kduncan | September 27, 2010

As you have seen over the past while..we are working at every possible angle to find ways of raising money. Right now our biggest need is for foster homes for adult cats esp..and for

We have had to turn down all new requests for help in Surrey, put off any large operations for all our cats and kittens, and direct people with found cats to other groups.

I think what people don't understand is ..yes we have an adoption covers first shot and check up , fix and tattoo for the adopter. What also goes out while they are with us is: high guality food to get them strong and healthy and growing well, worming treatments, flea treatments, care if they have something go wrong with their health. Kittens are very delicate and manage to have all kinds of health issues as they are getting ready for adoption . Not to mention the ones like Peek..who came in with one eye almost out and had to have an emergency operation. The adoption fee in no way pays for all we spend on average for each cat or kitten. As the kittens reach 5 months, they go in for their fix...hundreds all around the same time have their operations and are adding to the bills. Vets give us a society rate but we still have to pay a lot out ..

If everyone we have ever helped and everyone that wants to see us continuing to help the hundreds who come to us each year ..could send in $10 or $20 a month it would make so much difference..

I still have vets waiting to be paid..A new contact to do with food and litter will be making a huge difference in the amount going out for those two things in the coming years. Right now though , i am desperate to get in more to keep paying the vet bills.

We have used up our fundraiser money.. now praying seems like a good idea..

Anyone with any info on grants we can add to list we are applying to, or foundations who will support or ??? please send in. And hey receipts are valuable for people with masses of money or businesses..!


Her stitches are out now and is doing great.

Another quick fundraiser!

kduncan | September 24, 2010

Saturday, September 25th, we will be set up outside the new Tisol for their opening of the new store in Burnaby. It is at Market Crossing Mall on Marine Way at Byrne Road.

We are very happy to be involved and to support Tisol stores as they have stuck to being a source of great quality foods/supplies, with no animal sales. They have given us lots of help over the years and are one of the stores we highly recommend for all things kitty!

We will have our new VOKRA t-shirts and bracelets for sale as well as lots of info .. We are in charge of the hotdog BBQ, veggie dogs too with loads of cooked onions... and drinks etc... All proceeds from our sales go to the support and care of our cats and kittens.

Kensington Foundation will be there also...They do a tremendous amount of fundraising to help many of the rescue groups.

Lots of parking...we are under tents.

Should be a great day...and hey they said it would be sunny....i swear they did! Come on out for lunch.

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