2015 New Year Message

alannah | January 1, 2015

A message from VOKRA's Karen Duncan

As we launch into 2015 I want to say how much all of us appreciate the support VOKRA is given. We receive that support each day from our donors and supporters, our cat care and reception volunteers at our Operations Centre, our drivers, our fosters, our adoptions team, our foster co-ordinators, our new medical team, our TNR trappers, our foster interviewers, our volunteer coordinators, our photography team, our vaccination team, our barn volunteers, our database managers, our gift card sales coordinators, and many more. It is thanks to the dedication of all these people that we saw VOKRA grow and get stronger in 2014. Thank you.

Things have changed a great deal since 1999 when Maria and I started trying to organize a group to care for the tiny orphan kittens who had no hope of surviving without round the clock care. As we have grown, the need for bottle feeders has gone down, due primarily to TNR work done by us and other groups around the Lower Mainland. But the need has grown in other areas and we continue to rescue abandoned and homeless cats and kittens in huge numbers. Over 1825 kittens and cats came into our care this year. Clearly, fifteen years later, VOKRA is still very much needed.

This past year has been one of enormous change for us. In Nov 2013 we took possession of our new building and, after years of running things primarily from my home, we began four long months of creating our dream Intake Centre. Massive amounts of work were done in locating and leasing the building and designing it. People came forward to build the pods, paint, and refinish the floors. Wonderful low cost (and sometimes no cost!) furnishing and building supplies were found through connections to the film & television production community. Generous cash donations made the rest possible. So many people contributed their time, talents and resources to make our dream come true. What started out as a huge, empty warehouse space was transformed into our amazing Operations Centre and we continue to be grateful to everyone who made it happen. Thank you. In March we opened and became extremely busy immediately. No soft opening for us. We hit the ground running and haven't stopped since.

VOKRA officially became a BC Not-for-Profit Society this year (we are already a federal charity) and continued to grow and strengthen both our operations and our governance teams. We welcomed some great new key volunteers and some skilled new members to our Board of Directors. Thank you to everyone who is working so hard to help our organization be the best it can be.

We had an extremely successful 5th Annual Walk For The Kitties, raising over $50,000. Our online auctions, pub nights, Oscar Night at the Morrisey Pub, our first craft sale, our "Donate 6 for Karen's 60th" campaign and, of course, generous individual donations--both monthly and one-time--all helped us meet the enormous needs of our very large no-kill rescue. Thank you to everyone who walked, bid, crafted, partied and, most of all, donated.

Various grants and generous vet clinics helped us spay/neuter owned cats and our TNR teams prevented hundreds of kittens from being born into a world where too many are already without homes of their own. Thank you so much.

VOKRA rescued over 1825 kittens and cats in 2014 with over 1381 of those cats being placed in loving, forever homes. To all our adopters who have opened your homes and your hearts to VOKRA cats, thank you.

Thank you, each of you, for your support of VOKRA cats and kittens in 2014. We could not do any of this without you and your generous gifts of time and donations.

We wish you a very Happy, Healthy New Year. Stay tuned for future plans and dreams in 2015!

Bless you all

Karen Duncan, VOKRA President Emeritus

and all of us at VOKRA

VOKRA's Wish List

alannah | November 25, 2014

VOKRA is always in need of various items in good to excellent condition!

Items like and not limited to:

  • cat carriers
  • large wire kennels
  • small cat trees and scratchers
  • litter boxes
  • litter scoops
  • litter (pine, newspaper, corn, sweet scoop)
  • non-destructive cat toys like ping pong balls
  • cat food (Wellness or First Mate)
  • printer paper
  • heavy duty garbage bags
  • sanitary wipes, and of course

Email info@vokra.ca if you have an item and are unsure how to donate or if we accept it.

Thank you for helping kittens like Blaze have a second chance!

2014 Walk for the Kitties made $50,000

alannah | September 22, 2014

We hit the $50,000 milestone!

A thank you message from VOKRA President, Karen Duncan:

"We see a lot of cruelty and sadness in animal rescue work, but the support and kindness we've received from the community keeps us going.
This is the most successful Walk for the Kitties we have ever held and we are so thankful for our wonderful volunteers and donors. The money you raised this year will keep our new operations center running, our supplies flowing, our vet bills paid, which means hundreds of homeless cats and kittens will be saved from the local streets and provided with quality food, shelter, and care."

Walk for the Kitties!

Morgan | August 8, 2014

It's time to lace up your sneakers and walk with us!

We hope you'll join us for our annual fundraising event and help us help the kitties.

Click HERE for more information.

Dine at Graze Restaurant on Tuesday, July 29th and they will donate 20% of all dinner sales to VOKRA!

All you have to do is make a reservation referencing VOKRA and enjoy a fabulous meal.
To make your reservation please call:

About Graze:

We are committed to an organic, sustainable & compassionate philosophy.
Our all-plant-based menu, including all of our wines, beers & spirits, incorporate as many locally and organically produced ingredients as possible. Building on this foundation, we also grow our own herbs & vegetables, collect rainwater for our garden, compost our kitchen waste, reduce our power consumption, solar heat our hot water, are very particular about our paper and cleaning products and are always looking for ways to do even more.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/grazevegetarian and https://www.facebook.com/events/462997467167681/

We hope you'll join us!

We are so grateful to the good people at South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital for holding a free spay / neuter clinic for VOKRA!

The veterinarians and staff at South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital are celebrating Fabulous Feline Month on Sunday July 20th. Their team will be volunteering their time to spay/neuter 30 cats for us at no charge. As spay/neuter is one of VOKRA's biggest costs, this is so very appreciated and will save us thousands of dollars!

In addition to the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital vets and staff, we want to thank Zoetis Animal Health for providing flea & deworming treatment for these cats with Revolution.

If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of supplies for this wonderful charity event, please contact the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital office at 604-526-0334 or petcare@telus.net.

Thank you, South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital!

VOKRA will be at the Khatsahlano Street Party on Saturday, July 12th.

Look for us outside the Cat and Dog Shop at 2637 W. 4th.

Pop by and say hi!

Check Out the New VOKRA Blog!

Morgan | May 14, 2014

We're excited to share our new blog with you. Rescue stories, adoption stories, foster features, donor profiles and more cute kittens than you can probably even handle! We hope you'll feel free to talk to us in the comments section, share posts you like and let us know if there are things you want to hear more about.

The VOKRA Blog

Facebook Auction Underway

alannah | May 10, 2014


One of our FABULOUS Facebook auctions is nearing a close, but it's not too late to bid! Auction closes at 9 pm, May 11th.

Lots of beautiful items lovingly selected to appeal to those who like cats (and dogs).

Please bid generously to help support the 400+ cats and kittens that VOKRA currently has in care.

Thank you from the kitties!

Happy Tax Day

alannah | April 30, 2014

Lady Marmalade is helping her person, Marie, fill out tax forms. Good kitty!

VOKRA’s going green and introducing electronic tax receipts so you’ll get future donation receipts by email. If you send donations to us by cheque, please consider adding your email address.

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