On April 8th, VOKRA VOlunteers, Michele and Morgan, were invited to give a presentation at Hugh McRoberts Secondary School in Richmond. They spoke to students in the McRoberts Animal Rescue Club about the work VOKRA does, the importance of spay/neuter and how young people can help spread the word about responsible pet care. These young people are amazing! They volunteer with animal shelters, learn about rescue work, and fundraise for animal charities.

We were thrilled when club co-presidents Angela Lin and Jordan Nguyen presented VOKRA with a cheque for $200 from their fundraising efforts!

Many thanks to Angela, Jordan and all the members of the McRoberts Animal Rescue Club and to their staff representative Mrs. Sundell for having us and for their contribution. We know the future of rescue is in great hands with young people like this getting involved.

Lilies Kill Kitties!

alexis | April 3, 2014

Lilies kill cats. This is an image about it.

A New Way to Support VOKRA

alannah | March 31, 2014

Starting April 1, VOKRA is introducing a new way to support the kitties in our care - Pre-Authorized Withdrawals!

It's easy to get started. Please fill out the authorization form and send it to VOKRA and we'll take care of the rest!

You'll get a tax receipt in January for all your donations from the previous year.

This method is great for VOKRA as we do not pay any processing fees, so we receive the entire amount you designate.

Thank you from the VOKRA kitties!

Thank You to a Special Donor

alannah | March 31, 2014

VOKRA thanks a special young donor

Earlier this month, we received a surprise gift from a young girl named Vanessa. Instead of spending her birthday money on herself this year, Vanessa decided to go on a shopping spree for the kitties at VOKRA. She and her mom, Cindy, asked us what our kitties needed the most, then generously bought lots of the much-needed items on VOKRA’s wish list.

Vanessa was very excited to share her birthday money with VOKRA since she loves kitties. Her donation consisted of 3 flats of Wellness cat food, new cat scratchers, and lots of other kitty supplies.

Here she is sitting in the big chair at VOKRA’s new Operations Center in Vancouver. What a memorable birthday for Vanessa, and a great day for the kitties at VOKRA!

Thank you Vanessa and Cindy!

Cuts and Curls for Kitties

alannah | February 24, 2014

Come join the talented stylists at Holly's Salons (140 East 14th Street, North Vancouver) for an evening of pampering and beautification.

And this all benefits the kitties!

Reserve your place through our Eventbrite site

50% of your treatment price will be donated to VOKRA.

Participants will enjoy light refreshments and be eligible for sumptuous door prizes.

Sample pricing (without tax)

* Cut $55

* Colour $70

* Highlights $95 up

* Straightening (permanent) $165

VOKRA Surrey Needs your help!

Grino | February 24, 2014

VOKRA Surrey losing operating facilities after city pound relocation

Meet Chablis.Chablis is one of the many kitties that have come through VOKRA’s Surrey TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) centre since it opened in 2012.

The Surrey branch of VOKRA will be left without its operating facilities after the City of Surrey Animal Resource Center's upcoming move to a Cloverdale location. VOKRA currently runs its TNR program from a building at the Animal Resource Center's 6706 152nd Street site.

The group is desperately seeking the help of the local community in finding a suitable new space in Central Surrey to continue its operations.

"We are absolutely devastated to be losing our Trap-Neuter-Return centre," said Christine Johnson, Surrey VOKRA volunteer. "We are very thankful that the City has allowed us to operate from its Animal Resource Center on 152nd Street for the past year. Since we started our work in Surrey, our volunteers have been able to help over 900 abandoned cats. The loss of the TNR centre will mean an immediate halt to our work."

VOKRA's Trap-Neuter-Return centre is where cats that are humanely trapped from the streets are first brought for assessment and care. Cats are then taken to a vet to be spayed or neutered, tattooed, vaccinated, and treated for any other medical issues. After a short stay in the TNR centre to recover from their surgeries, cats are returned to site if it is safe to do so, relocated to a barn if it is not, or placed in a foster home if the cats are tame and adoptable.

TNR stabilizes the feral cat population in a cost efficient and effective manner by preventing further reproduction, while also improving and protecting the lives of the existing feral cats and pet cats that are allowed to be outdoors.

The group is seeking a building with at least 20' x 15' space in Central Surrey that offers access to electricity, running water, and 24/7 access. Ideally, a washroom facility would also be available.

Alternatively, if a parcel of land can be made available, VOKRA will fundraise to place a suitable building on-site.

Community members and businesses that can provide building space, land or donations are encouraged to contact VOKRA at surreyvokra@live.com

5 kittens jumping on a bed...

Grino | February 15, 2014

Purrfect Valentine's Gift

Grino | January 15, 2014

Welcome to VOKRA's Monthly Gift Card Fundraising Program.

It's a quick and easy way to help VOKRA!

Place an order for a Gift Card for your regular stops – including: gas, groceries, restaurants, shopping, spas, etc.

The company will give VOKRA a commission -You will get full value of the card

We will receive your Gift Cards in approximately 5-7 days of the order deadline, then you can either pick them up or we will mail them to you!

Our Order Form has all the information on available Gift Cards and the % commission VOKRA will receive.

Download this Excel form that will calculate your order for you

Or, if you prefer, download this PDF for your order

Please send order forms and inquiries to vokragiftcards@gmail.com

Please mail your cheque payment to the address below.

Deadlines for orders are the 10th and 30th of every Month at Noon.


PO BOX 74571
2768 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6K 4P4

Send postdated cheques for a standing order!


Blue gets a new home

Grino | January 9, 2014

View original LIFE WITH CATS article HERE.

YouTube user Kittycatty999 has uploaded videos and told the story of a recently rescued cat originally called Stumpy, and now named Blue.

Share Meet Stumpy - now renamed Blue! This photo is from tonight when I picked him up at the vet after his surgery. He had most of his horribly abcessed tail amputated, a neuter and tattoo. The cuddliest kitty ever! He has gone home to live with Doreen, the lady who told me about him. And her kitty Stella, who is being introduced slowly. Via Crazy About Cats at Facebook

Meet Stumpy – now renamed Blue! This photo is from [the] night when I picked him up at the vet after his surgery. He had most of his horribly abcessed tail amputated, a neuter and tattoo. The cuddliest kitty ever! He has gone home to live with Doreen, the lady who told me about him. And her kitty Stella, who is being introduced slowly.

Via Crazy About Cats at Facebook December 18, 2013

Blue lived outside for over two years but showed himself to be entirely tame after he was rescued when some good-hearted people who noticed he was suffering.

Kittycatty999 trapped Blue as a VOKRA rescue and got him medical care. Blue is now being well cared-for as he recuperates and waits for someone to give him his forever home.

Kittycatty999 wrote on December 17, 2013:

Stumpy, now Blue, was rescued after living outside for over two years with a horribly infected, abscessed tail. The residents [who noticed Stumpy's plight] were very concerned but couldn’t find anyone to help. Then they heard about VOKRA, Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, of Vancouver BC. After trapping him I found that he was completely tame. I took him right away to Peace Arch Vet Hospital, where he started treatment that night. The next day he had his tail mostly amputated and was neutered and tattooed for identification.

Sweet Blue, aka Stumpy, drools over the scratcher, which is laced with catnip. He enjoys the pampered indoor life now. He is available for adoption from VOKRA.

You can see several photos and updates on Blus at the Crazy About Cats Facebook page.


Via Crazy About Cats, December 26, 2013

Via Crazy About Cats, December 26, 2013

Blue was also featured in the Peace Arch News

A cat tale's happy ending

Alex Browne - Peace Arch News, posted Jan 8, 2014 at 2:00 PMupdated Jan 8, 2014 at 3:58 PM

A former White Rock resident is now settled in a new home in Vancouver – and seems likely to live out the remainder of his nine lives in comfort.

But until recently, things looked bad for Blue – a stray purebred Russian Blue – who’d spent much of his estimated three years living wild in the uptown Foster and Thrift neighbourhood.

Cat-friendly local Doreen Tadros, who’d been feeding him for the last couple of years – found him sweet-natured, even pettable, but wasn’t in a position to take him into her home.

During that time, she also knew he had a badly-infected tail, which showed no signs of getting better.

“The last half of his tail would scab over, and then the whole scab would fall off and he’d be down to a red, raw tail… it was very distressing,” said Tadros, a cat owner herself.

“I knew he need that tail off, but I didn’t know what to do – I called the City of White Rock, but the only thing they’re interested in is dogs, not cats or any other animals.”

Now – thanks to the Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), partner Peace Arch Veterinary Clinic and volunteer cat trapper Irene Plett – Blue (formerly nicknamed ‘Stumpy’) has had the majority of the infected tail amputated, been neutered and tattooed, and is now recovering with ample opportunity to demonstrate his naturally affectionate nature.

Plett, a lifelong cat lover, got involved with Blue because both she and Tadros are fellow members of the South Surrey-White Rock Writers’ Club.

“I wrote a story about my rescue cat, who’s named Kringle, which I entered in a Paws for Hope contest, and I’d asked if I could read it out at the last meeting in November,” she said.

Plett said she was stunned by the eager response from fellow members, who expressed interest in cat rescues and in getting more information about VOKRA.

Among them was Tadros.

Plett, who has spent much of her time as a VOKRA volunteer raising awareness through Facebook posts, had only latterly graduated to ‘cat trapper’ using the approved humane tool – essentially a cage with a one-way entrance, baited with “tantalizing” food.

She discovered there were two cats Tadros and neighbours had been taking care of.

“There was this cat they called Mama, a feral cat that kept having kittens,” said Plett. “It had been impossible to help her, but she was the one I was able to trap first, on Dec. 14.”

After bringing her to Peace Arch Veterinary clinic for spaying, and keeping her in a garage for a couple of nights while she recovered, Plett returned her to the neighborhood two days later.

“As she’s feral, there’s nothing else one can do,” she said. “But I was concerned hearing about the other cat with the bad tail – it seemed like he needed medical attention.”

Blue’s friendliness indicated he was already accustomed to living with humans. Plett set up the trap again – and by 6:30 that night, Blue was in it, not a moment too soon, she said.

“In the process of trying to get him into the carrier, I saw his tail – it was just horrible,” she said.

Although Tadros tried to introduce Blue into her own home for a couple of days, her own black cat, Stella, was having none of it – so Tadros was glad to hear he’d been resettled with a foster family by VOKRA.

Blue has since been adopted by a “lovely couple in Vancouver.”

“It was a nice little Christmas present for me – that these two little guys who needed help, got it,” Tadros said.

Given the lack of any city oversight for such strays, Plett and Tadros would like more people in White Rock and South Surrey to be aware of the existence of VOKRA and partner organizations Katie’s Place (an animal shelter in Maple Ridge) and Semiahmoo Animal League Inc. – and the fact that the volunteer organization relies solely on donations to fund its rescue and care operations for orphan cats.

“Last year, VOKRA spent $450,000 and more than half of that was for veterinary services,” Plett said, noting it has around 50 members in the Surrey-Delta-White Rock-Langley region alone. For more info, visit www.vokra.ca or call 604-731-2913.


My 3 Brothers

Grino | January 3, 2014

Original blog HERE

I was born on the streets of Prince Rupert with my three brothers, Mr. A, Mr. B and Mr. C.

A kind lady rescued us before winter last year and the kind VOKRA flew us to the big city.

I was teamed up with Mr. A and Mr. B & Mr. C teamed up together - each of us with lovely kind foster humans.

My father was white and strong. But my brothers' father was orange, weak and not too healthy. My three brothers inherited their father's traits.

Mr. A and I were adopted to a warm home on Christmas. We loved our home and ran around for months, until Mr. A got really sick and passed on (Read Sad Thursday).

I loved Mr. A so much, but I am a wise catsess and let his spirit go in peace while I went on happily with my life, toys, and humans.

My human likes the No. 1 Ladies Detective stories and I think he likes to play detective. In one of his detective games, he found out that Mr. C passed on the same time as Mr. A, but Mr. B was alive and still in foster home.

"You are coming to live with your sister", said my human and Mr. B came to live with us at the beginning of Fall.

I took to Mr. B from the first night. I kept him awake running after him, licking him and talking to him the same way I talked to Mr. A.

Slowly he warmed up to me. He was not very playful, but loved hanging out with me to keep his weak body warm.

Mr. B loved the heat. It may have been his weak body but anytime you lost him, he would be next to a heater... or the fire place.

Wherever Mr. B would be, he would run to the fire place at the sound of crackling wood.

While Mr. B was not the most playful, I did not hold it against him.

You see, he was the intellectual type who hung around the human's desk and loved playing with pens and typing on the computer.

I tried to teach him to be a snob, but he loved humans;
always the center of social gatherings.

Everyone loved Mr. B. He was warm, talkative, purring and loved me cleaning him, specially as he got sick.

Yes, Mr. B got weaker I cuddled him till the last minute - he joined his brothers on November 29.

My humans were sad, but I, the wise catsess, reminded them of all the fun Mr. B had in his last months with us.

He had all the good food he wanted, he was cuddled constantly and he had few visits to le jardin which he loved.

My three brothers, I will remember you all and think of you, but I am focusing on keeping myself healthy to look after our human.

Rest in peace my three orange brothers.

Mr. A

Mr. B

Mr. C

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