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time again !

kduncan | November 25, 2009

Time again to ask people who have aps in and are not hearing from us to please write in. We are about to start having three people work on the applications as it is extremely hard to keep up with things if one person is doing it , not to mention the one person who is doing a dozen other full throttle things.

Before you write, please check to see if the ones you mentioned in your application are still available and let us know who else you would be interested in knowing more about.

Fosters are needed for adult cats at the moment..

New Sponsorship Program

dsheldon | November 20, 2009

It has been yet another long, tiring week. However, we're happy to announce the introduction of our new fundraising program: Sponsor VOKRA Cats. We know that so many of you who visit the site and read this blog support VOKRA in various ways, some by fostering, others by donating time, food, supplies, and money. Now, you can choose to sponsor a particular group of VOKRA's cats, and receive regular updates on your group for an entire year.

The sponsorship groups are: Kittens, Mother Cats, Adult Cats, Feral and Barn Cats, and Special Needs Cats.

Sponsorships can also be given as gifts. This is a great, meaningful way to direct gift-giving money towards a cause you believe in.

Details of the program can be found on the new Sponsorship main page. And you can read about the specific sponsorship groups on their individual pages:


Mother Cats

Adult Cats

Feral and Barn Cats

Special Needs Cats

Leave a Legacy

kduncan | November 6, 2009

Vokra is now listed on Leave a Legacy..Gives people who want to help animals in their wills a new option to think about.

In addition, an electronic copy is available on the LEAVE A LEGACY™ Vancouver website page at the following URL.

Calendar into stores after Fri

kduncan | November 5, 2009

We are frantically trying to sort out getting calendars into stores and organize for big meeting this weekend. Meanwhile i am getting three pregnant cats in and have a number of kittens in various spots needing a lot of attention... No time for relaxing here.

We have a fundraiser at our Kitsilano vet as well. The annual Entertainment Book is out and Arbutus West, at 16th and Macdonald, is selling it with all profits to VOKRA. Give them a call to get hours. (604) 736 6701.

Anyone who is waiting to hear back re fostering or adopting ...please send me a note as the applications and phone calls are behind again until i can get new volunteers to man a few jobs. Please let me know if we can take you off our lists as well...

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