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A big thanks to Genivive and Breakfast TV for having us on. The kitties managed to keep it together and i didn’t go blank..what more can we ask? Hope to have a recording on the site sometime soon. Please take a look at our older kittens and adult cats..We really have to find homes, as it will soon be kitten season and will need all the foster homes we can get. Some of our cats are only suitable for no children homes, like Rudy, and some will do fine with kids and / or dogs. There are over 100 available right now. Just click on picture in the gallery and you will get a description of what kind of home they would do well in.

I have just listened to a piece on talk radio where in Jamie Lawson of the SPCA spoke about their once a year feral cat spay/neuter day. Once again that organization goes to the media to say how great they are and meanwhile, VOKRA and Maverick do this work 365 days a year.

We don’t get paid, we survive with donations and grants.

We are NOT, as Jamie said “their trappers” We run our own NO Kill organizations.

We gather the kennels and places to recover them once spayed and neutered.

We feed them.

We assess them to see if they are truly wild or just scared, formerly owned cats, that have been dumped or lost.

We have all the cats that were fixed at the Spay/neuter day on Sun.

The way we learn about cats that are needing help on the street is that people hear about us and write or call. Often it is not until kittens have been born and that seems to get more attention than a scared cat slinking around in the back lane.

We go as fast as possible to humanely trap mom and kittens . They come in to us terrified, go into a large kennel in a quiet room. They are treated for fleas and worms and are fed good food. Sometimes after a week or so of calm the cat will show that she wasn’t always wild…she was either lost or dumped and her original owner had not bothered to have her fixed at 5 months. Most of our mom cats are under a year old. Cats on their own are checked for id or tattoo and are fixed right away and then go to recover for three days if male and a week or more if female.

If people call the SPCA for help with cats that aren’t tame, they are given our contact numbers. The SPCA does not pick up uncontained cats. Yes they will fix the cats if brought in, but you need to know ahead of time if they have time to fix them that day and you have to take the cat back to release it. The cat has no chance if left with the shelter. We would love to save

our hard earned money and use the SPCA for spays/neuters of ferals but we get in an average of 25 cats or more, a month from the streets, and we do not have time to wait once they are in traps. We use vets that stay open late hours and where we get society rates. This costs an average of $50 a cat.. that is not including injuries and bad teeth that we treat.

Please do not listen to them saying not to feed these cats. Once a colony or group of cats is formed they will be in need of food and clean water. We supply many feeders in Vancouver and Burnaby with food . The feeder then keeps track and lets us know if there is a new cat that has arrived so that it can be altered and not add to the group by producing kittens. If the cats are not able to return to the site we look for barns for the wild ones and adopt out those that are tame. Single cats that show up in your yard but are

unapproachable should be fed till we can get to them. That way they stay put and we don’t have to track them all over the neighborhood in order to humanely trap them. You stop feeding one day, we set trap that night, they go in right away for tuna.

Feral cats are not only in warehouse areas. We get calls from all over the city. Generally we are trapping in back allies or yards. The faster we get to these cats the better….before they have kittens or before the kittens are over 6 weeks and will take much longer to tame than tiny ones. Definitely before they are 5 months and start adding to the colony.

This is societies fault, these animals were not born to be wild and scrambling on the streets for food, they are not raccoons or skunks. There would be less and less wild cats if people altered their kittens by 5 months and kept them safe.

Please keep our contact info and Maverick Cat Coalition handy and pass on to anyone who has homeless

cats they know about. This is especially important during winter and spring, so we can get to them before they start breeding like mad in the warmer weather. This group brings in over 800 a year, primarily kittens. It is so important to reduce the numbers being produced and to care for the ones that are already here.

I am sorry that this sounds so angry but I am. Those of us that do this volunteer work have chosen it as we want to make a difference. If everyone would choose something they believe in strongly and give whatever time they could to it…what a different world it would be.

This lady was referred to us as she couldn’t get in her back yard due to the mother cat who had her kittens in a shoe under a porch. The cat and kittens were kept together in a kennel and gradually we discovered that she was just scared to death. She had been someones cat, was lost or dumped by her owners. She had been barely surviving while pregnant and giving birth and was just trying to protect her kittens. We placed all the kittens and the mom cat in homes . What would their chances have been if left unfed on the street.?

Now how about the special needs kitties?? and all the black kitties and !!!!!! *** We are starting to take cats in to the new Grandview Petsmart adoption centre, this coming week. Still in need of volunteers to clean and smooch for one hour time slots during the week. Please contact me if you are interested and would like more information. ***

Hey how about Beanie and Baxter???

Vokra | February 5, 2009

These two kittens are so sweet. The foster is going out of town at end of month so lets get them into their new home before then.Celeste is an amazing cat and is having to shift foster homes on Sun unless she finds her forever home.So many times we know there are amazing kitties that are being overlooked and we just don’t get it.The black cats are definitely in that category. I don’t really know why they are so overlooked. Please read through the descriptions of the personalities and see if there is a match for you. **We still have calendars in several spots and we are lowering the price to $10, so get on in and help support VOKRA . Tisol on ARbutus, Cat & Dog shop, Hype hair salon, Textura hair salon, Woofles, True CArnivores, Bosley on Davieand vets Arbutus West, Animal Wellness, Healing Place . Let’s get them all sold. WE are already planning and gathering pictures from our fosters and adopters for next years calendar as this one has been so well received. ** We are joining with another Petsmart and will need volunteers for one hour shifts for each day of the week for our adoption centre there. The store is on Grandview just east of Renfrew. If you are interested in learning more let me know. It involves cleaning , playing , feeding etc either morning or evening. Our North Vancouver adoption centre at the Petsmart on Main, is always in need of more volunteers as well. **Meanwhile work on our new data base and revamped web site continues. We are aiming for launch in March. I am so excited that we will have a new system to use that will make things go so much smoother in keeping track of all the incoming kitties and fosters and the huge number of things to remember re health care etc. I may just stay reasonably sane for another few years! Thank you so much Jeff and the team at Pencilneck!

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