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vid of Bandit & Amigo

kduncan | August 28, 2009

Bandit and Amigo!

thanks anne!

Kisten & Kubby !

kduncan | August 26, 2009


I would really love to have these two adopted before Thurs.. The fosters are moving..after having cared for masses of kittens for us over the last two years..I would love to have these two in a permanent home rather than move them to another foster, for the kittens' and the fosters' sake.

This is what the fosters say about them...." They are the cuddliest most affectionate kittens we've had!" They are in Vancouver on Oak, so easy to go visit.. Send in your aps nowwwwwwwwwww!!!

Hey us tooo!

kduncan | August 23, 2009


Hey, us toooooooooo our foster is moving too.. what the heck??? We need our forever home. Take a look at our bios in the know you wanna%7E


We have to be moved this week...

kduncan | August 23, 2009

Our foster Mary, who loves us a lot is moving on Friday and we REALLY would like to be adopted before then so she will be happy for us!! How about it?? Lily, Harold, Chloe and Bugsy ( Sugar)

Longer gaps between entries.....

kduncan | August 23, 2009

Still standing here.. well kind of swaying actually. Three more very pregnant cats in this week , lots of skittish kittens and oh so many calls for help.

I am trying to keep up with the aps for adopting and for fostering, but if you haven't heard from me please send a note.

Many , many people are helping keep things running and me kind of sane ....Leigh has been my right hand gal lately...very much a Radar O'reilly.. Dania is sorting the volunteer letters. Kim is doing treasurer, Petsmart organizing , driving , adoption aps and enteries on the site, and way too many things. Matt and Jen are our new litter delivery people and will be doing volunteering here at the house while Leigh is away. Kerri came and spent the day trying to sort the mess and smooch and clean kitties today on her day off and comes two afternoons a week as well. Maria is running from one trap site to the next and working at the recovery shed and at the barn as well.

Three of us were able to be with lovely new tortie mom as she had her four kittens two nights ago..purring and kneading the air all the way through. She came in from Osoyos the day before. A stray who had not much of a future there.

Estelle and kim are trying to keep up with new pics and taking off adopted kitties on the site. Lots of movement in both directions there.

We are all hoping Elizabeth will be back and feeling well soon.. She and her husband have been fighting to keep a litter of kittens going that have been losing the battle one by one. The last one seems to have fought the odds and is doing much better. It is so hard when we have litters like this..often times there is no way to save them..Thank you both so much for trying so hard. Nina and Troy have also been working with a group who were very ill and despite all the care and prayers aren't making it, so sad.

Then there is the lovely mom turned over to us the other day who fell three stories and was found to be pregnant , so surrendored to us. She is doing well with only a scratched chin and no sign of ill affects to the kittens she is carrying.

We have a number of kittens being overlooked for adoption. Please check out the hockey kitties, Burrows, Bertuzzi and Bieksa who are being fostered in New Westminster.

Or how about Wookie, JP and Blanche in West Vancouver. Kisten and Kubby on Oak street or Boots and Oreo , Paul and Eleanor. Many of these kittens are the last couple in a litter ..they need homes!!!

I will try and move pics to this entry tomorrow, but meanwhile take a look in our gallery and see if they would fit in your home...

just got this letter ..

kduncan | August 14, 2009

Hello all,
I hope this finds it's way to those rescuers out there who might be having a hard day. I adopted my two darlings from VOKRA about 4 years ago as adolescents and I want you all to know how much I LOVE them. And when I say love - I don't mean in a kitsy cute kind of way - I mean in a complete total heart way. I often check the VOKRA site just to see the news and often quietly thank you for rescuing forgotten kittens and cats. The work you do and the commitment you have on a daily basis is so appreciated. I thought it was time I sent a thank you that you could hear.


Thank you so much Anita!..this truly will give me a huge lift for the day..and i need it! It made my volunteer and i tear up..and i have sent on to others in our group.

When i looked up these kitties i found this:

Came from farm in abbotsford with sibling. Very friendly, outgoing and interested in new things. She is still shy but seems ok with other kitties.
they were Jamba and Blackie at that time. They would have been doomed to a life of breeding, disease and likely death from a preditor.. Lucky kitties to have a loving , safe home with Anita!

94 cats seized

kduncan | August 13, 2009

Just listened to radio on hoarder situation in Nanaimo.. i am hoping if people donate to these cats, the money does go directly to them through the spca.

We have had two situations like this during the year.. a little later on i will be listing the amounts we have paid out to fix and recover these cats..we give tax receipts and all donations go directly to the cats as we are an all volunteer group..

Donating through Kensington Foundation,in fact, will double the amount donated as they get matching grants to help groups like ours survive through these horrible cases.

There is talk of forming a group that can respond to these situations. Generally there is not anyone that can take in the numbers of cats all at one time. Usually if the spca is called in the majority will be killed. They say there is nowhere for them and that's it. Small groups step in and do what they can but it greatly takes away from what these groups are already doing. To have an emergency building ready and people to contact to do a triage type intake is so important. As i learn about any new plans for this i will write here.

We are still dealing with the house of over 45 orange cats . Medical bills still being paid on them, one had to have emergency surgery on bowels to save her.. tons had to be fixed. Many are in our care still as they are not ready for adoption. Kittens from pregnant cats have survived or cats miscarried on being moved. The inbreeding alone has caused so many problems. Through no fault of their own, these cats had to suffer horribly. The final numbers of the other, over 60 cats, are still being dealt with and bills are still waiting to be paid. i won't even go into it, too horrible.

People who have lost control of a situation after not getting the first two fixed, people who think they are rescuing but are infact just taking in more and more but are unable to pay vet bills or feed properly are the other side of things. What we see going into these places no one wants to see. Shutting down these people is so important. Laws need to be changed.

I guess why i am writing this is I am tired of the official paid group always getting the headlines , when so many things are being done by volunteer groups like VOKRA everyday.

re Adoptions!!!

kduncan | August 8, 2009

A great deal of confusion is happening this end re adoptions. I am trying to get back to everyone right away when aps come in. Please send me a note if you have not heard from anyone in awhile or are still waiting.

I am going to be calling as many people as possible on Sat that have aps in or who write in saying they are still waiting . I am so sorry for the confusion...we will be back on track right away.

If you are just thinking about adopting..please wait til you are ready before putting your ap in as it just bogs down our lists. We have soooooo many cats and kittens ready to go. Before filling in an application please read Why 2? in earlier blog entry .

thanks, karen

Heat, flu & sick kitties.

kduncan | August 4, 2009

That pretty well sums up the week for me. Trying to keep all the temporary cats here cool, along with our two dogs and all our cats as well as the looney parrot..A beautiful wedding on Fri for our Dania and Martin, where i had to wear clothes that weren't scrubs and be clean! Yipes....Tons of calls for help and lots of sick kitties. The phone hasn't stopped ringing. What a week.

Two of our just trapped cats had their kittens here, several groups of kittens have been brought in with their feral moms. Maria is trapping like mad everyday. Today she went to a house after a neighbor called to say their was a mom and five kittens left after someone moved.. what the heck is the matter with people???

We get these calls all the time, as the spca in Vancouver and Burnaby forward any people calling that know of wild cats needing trapping or uncontained cats. Often we find that they are tame and just dumped. This is also the time of year we get in flea covered kittens. Some are too far gone to save, some rally after a few days of good food and vitamins and of course removal of the fleas.

Today has been a rollercoaster. First a cat that came in two days ago had escaped through a screen he tore up. He is very sad as his person died in her home and he went back there to find her. We found him sitting in his favorite spot in the sun. Luckily he is a local rescue or he could have been walking a long time. Shadow /Buddy, is a black eight year old cat with a cauliflower ear who really needs a safe home where he will be loved and spoiled. He is used to being out in his yard but will have to be an indoor kitty or at least indoors for some time and then only out with supervision. He has been through a lot and we would like to see him have a happy home. I am sure his mom is watching and will guide the right person to him.

Next an emergency with one of our 40 orange kitties ..she suddenly was showing signs of a blockage and is in vet now. A run to north vancouver to the Healing Place with Puddin , who is a manx kitten and is having the all too common manx problem with constipation that can kill him if we don't get everything working.. he has been a trooper..accupuncture did wonders and a high fibre diet. Then he blocked again and we are working on a new homeopathic along with other things to get him into gear. He breaks my heart as he is, of course, the sweetest of sweet kittens. He has a home if only we can get the plumbing working. Tonight a call on one of several kittens that came in last week. He is going down fast and will likely be a hard one to save.

I don't even want to go into the part where i got the 24 hour flu and had to call in the troops to help here at the house and at the Granville isl thing on the weekend. Thank you all so much!

Seems like i am now drooooooooanning on, so will just stop now and hope tomorrow brings lots of adoptions and kittens/cats that are getting stronger .

Oh watch BCTV on WEd morning..some of our kittens have been asked to be on with Brenda from Tisol. They are all for adoption! Well not Brenda ..................

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