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Pet photo event fundraiser

kduncan | September 26, 2009

Hi Ellen viewers!!

kduncan | September 17, 2009

Yikes here we are in Vancouver , Canada getting tv time on the only show that can make me laugh, even when things are just desperate in rescue world. We are so grateful to Anna and Mark for fostering Twiggy and now her kittens.Twiggy is a lovely, very young torti cat, who likely became pregnant at 5 months the first time..She was found abandoned in an apartment with her first litter, by the new tenant. The woman found homes for the kittens and then turned the cat in to spca, who found she was pregnant again and she was then signed over to she was very close to giving birth.

Our rescue specializes in caring for very young orphaned kittens, pregnant cats and nursing cats these are the ones who it is so dangerous for in a regular shelter situation. When we formed over ten years ago we were seeing maybe one hundred a year. Now we bring in over 900 a year and find homes for them. All this is only through having foster homes like Anna and Marks', for each family grouping that comes in.

We provide all the supplies, food etc and they supply the safe home and smooches.

Our other main focus is trap, spay and release of street cats. This keeps the number of kittens born to a dreadfully hard life down, as well as quelling the numbers starving, fighting and reproducing in the wild.

We are a non profit, totally volunteer run thank you so much to the Ellen show for linking to us. The more support we get, the more cats and kittens will be saved.

For anyone who is out of our area wanting to adopt rescued cats and kittens or to foster, please google " cat rescue" in your area. There are thousands of groups like ours all over the U.S. and Canada who desperately need help.

The main thing you can do is to spay/ neuter your kitten by five months..No more litters while homeless cats wait!!!!!!

Thanks for checking out our site...Karen.

Email me if ap in, and no call!

kduncan | September 16, 2009

If i have not been in contact and you are wanting to adopt or foster, please email and let me know. There are so many active applications in right now it is really confusing even with the data base.

We are now at over 160 kittens and cats available and we really want to find them forever homes fast!



2nd day of adoption weekend!!!!!

kduncan | September 12, 2009

We still have loads of cats and kittens waiting for you to come see them at the two stores. This is a great time to see a number all at the same time.

Stella and Atticus, Boots and Oreo, Maya and Eos, Echo and Sonny , Emma, Eleanor and Paul, Aegus, Hermes and Achille, JP, Goateer and Blanche and more are all at the Vancouver Grandview Petsmart.

Kisten and Kubby, Bieksa, Bertuzi and Burrows ( two of which are very much the Abysinian kitties) The apple head crew..(lovely round head little ones with great laid back personalities), Bandit and Amigo, Fig, Kitty, Oscar and , etc etc are all at the North Shore Petsmart on Main st.

If you are thinking of adopting this is a really wonderful time to come visit. I can check applications at the store online. Come one , come all!!

We will have volunteers at each store from approx 10 am to 4 pm on Sun.

... Thank you so much to Michele , Jemma, Janet, Anna and Elizabeth for all the time today and leading up. Couldn't do anything without our wonderful volunteers!

I know i am forgetting people but i am so tired at this point that brain has left the building.



kduncan | September 11, 2009

This weekend, Sept 12 and 13th we are having adoption events at both our Petsmart adoption centres.. We will have volunteers at both stores from 10: 30 and throughout Sat and Sun.

The first store is North Vancouver Petsmart at 1325 Main Street ( in the same shopping area as Starbucks and Marks' Work Warehouse. )

The Vancouver store is at 2860 Bentall Street ( Which is just off Grandview between Rupert and Boundary)

We have a full number of young adult cats at each store and will be bringing in kittens for the two day event as well. Each adoption this weekend will come with a coupon book from Petsmart ..and VOKRA will also get a donation from the store headquarters.

If there is a chance you will want to adopt , please send in an application tonight or Sat. We do not adopt on same day if you have not sent in an application .

This is a great chance to see a number of kitties and see if you can find your new best friend(s) . We will also have a binder at each store that will have pictures and info about other cats and kittens in our care.

At this point we have 153 available for adoption and 101 coming soon. We are very hopeful that great matches can be made this weekend!

The phone line is a message line only, so any questions will need to be answered by email in evenings or in person at the stores.

Hope to see you there....

or there!

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