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For those of you on our wait list..I think we are almost caught up. If you put in an application for young kittens we should have contacted you. Please send a note if you have not had contact lately. If you have found kitties elsewhere be sure to let us know so we can remove you from our lists.

There are kittens and cats coming in almost everyday so things are very busy this end.

The first picture is of some kittens who we just trapped in a grain elevator a few days ago. We were called by people working there and have now trapped the father, these three kittens and the mom, who has part of one front leg missing, but healed. She likely lost it in the machinery.

This place is huge, really loud and full of rats and a raccoon..etc. Not a nice place to live, so we are glad we got them all out. Thanks Tracey for calling us!

They are about 6 weeks and should tame up in a week or so of play and socializing. They have already got the litter box idea and are eating like mad!

This next picture is of Olivia...She is one of several cats that were left behind at a home where a drug lab burned and the renters disappeared. Olivia is a spayed cat , we estimate at around 5 years. She is very sweet and settled in happily in her temporary kennel. Her coat was very dry and is now getting glossy with good food and lots of brushing. She seems to be very happy to be safe, pampered and fed well and is ready for adoption right away. We took her to North Shore Petsmart on the 23rd. she was kinda scared..i hope someone falls for her soon.

Several other cats were left at this house as , who had her kittens outside in a hole she had dug for herself. She was having the last one when we picked her up. A lovely sweet little mom..likely pregnant at 5 months. I will add some pictures of her and her kittens once the foster home sends them tomorrow.

Enclosing Your Balcony

dsheldon | May 17, 2010

We have created a new page with pictures and simple instructions on how to enclose your balcony. This is a great way to give your indoor cats "outdoor time". Check it out:

Also take a look at info on cat fencing... there are lots of ways to make a safe outdoor area for your cats if you have a yard.

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