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Events July 1st

kduncan | June 30, 2010

We will once again be right beside the Caboose at Granville Island for Canada Day . Likely will be set up by 10: 00 . Do come by and say hi.. We will have info on fostering as well as who is for adoption and few kittens that are ready.. no adoptions will be finalized until application is in .

We are also at Tisol on Arbutus at 11th from 12 to 2? with a hotdog sale fundraiser..We have veggie dogs too and loads of cooked come on over.

Elusive Marmot caught by VOKRA

kduncan | June 27, 2010

This is taken just before Maria trapped the Marmot that everyone has been worried about... Wildlife group is going to get him back to the area he is from...!

Province article on him...

And here is the latest on us in the Province!!

Way to go Maria!! "Who you gonna call......!"

Step right up....

kduncan | June 22, 2010

We have a number of older cats for adoption... They have been waiting for a new home and would love you to see if you have room in your heart and home.

Take a look at Kellog and Oreo...

They have been with us such a long time. They are shy at first , but would be just lovely in a calm household.

Jethro and Ellie May have been too long without a home of their own. They were left outside when tennants moved and were in sad shape at first. They have been moved several times due to fosters

going away etc and they just want a person of their very own..Elly looks cranky in this picture but she is a beautiful gal...

We have many more adult and young adult cats available..several at each of our Petsmart locations..please consider giving an older cat (s) a great home.

Petnership Project day two..

kduncan | June 20, 2010

I had a great day at the Petnership Project today... and close to home with parking!!!

I recommend it to anyone with an animal in their care.. Great talks by very interesting people.. First one tomorrow is our supporter and homeopath extraordinare..Julie Anne Lee. That will be upstairs at 11 oclock.

Lots of quality food info, driftwood scratch posts by our pal..jeff at West Coast Posts.. Holistic vets and many rescue groups. I think there was a piece on the news tonight about hope to see lots more people tomorrow. I will be there in morning til 1 or so and then Maria will be taking come on by the booth and say hi. Leashed dogs and other pets are welcome.


The Petnership Project

kduncan | June 14, 2010

The Petnership Project is coming up on this coming Sat and Sun.

The Petnership Project on Saturday, June 19 (10 - 6) and Sunday, June 20 (10 - 5) at the Hellenic Community Centre, 4500 Arbutus St. share a few hours with a friend and you both get in free.!! We have a table there and it will be a great place to get loads of info on holistic care for animals. I hope it is a big success!

The Petnership Project is a Tradeshow and Lecture Series on June 19 & 20 in Vancouver, BC that provides a forum for pet lovers and business owners to share and learn about alternative and holistic approaches to animal health.
see you there!!

Oh, and they still need a few volunteers for each day, so if you would like to go help out and get in free send them a note.

application problems still

kduncan | June 5, 2010

Sorry for the problems showing up when people are trying to fill in applications. As we have just had our web people change what is in the apps..we are having some glitches . please wait for a day or two to apply so that we can get things sorted.. thanks and sorry for the delay.


At VOKRA, every month is for rescue cats, but June has been declared official Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. VOKRA doesn't have a shelter, so we've modified this to Shelter/Rescue Cat.

Please take whatever opportunities you have to educate people about the dire situation of homeless cats, and urge them to "adopt, not shop". Many folks still purchase cats from pet stores and breeders, yet there are thousands of homeless cats -- in the Lower Mainland alone, never mind all of BC and Canada! -- in desperate need of homes.

Spread the word about spaying and neutering cats at 5 months of age. Tell people about VOKRA and other no-kill cat rescue organizations. Volunteer for a rescue group -- VOKRA is recruiting for many positions! Donate funds and supplies.

Please contact our publications team if you would like help with educational materials: Dania,

Please email our Volunteer Coordinator if you're interested in helping: Janet, And see our 3 June blog entry for further details about volunteer positions, plus our Volunteer Page.

Volunteer Appeal

dsheldon | June 3, 2010

Do you love animals, especially cats?
Are you committed? Reliable?
Can you give Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association a 3-month commitment to volunteer with us and help save cats' lives?


We are a non-profit organization and run on 100% volunteer fuel. Check the volunteer positions and locations below to see which one suits you best, then email Janet at for more information on how to get started!

Volunteer from home
We need computer savvy people who like email, data entry* and finishing short-term projects.
Or do you like talking on the phone,getting to know people? We need help in our adoptions department, one of our most important areas.
We also have many other jobs that can be done from home.

*Love Excel? We have a short-term data entry project that needs to be completed ASAP.

Cat Care (cat cuddling, scooping litter (yes, cat poop, people), cleaning bowls, feeding, changing linens, getting dirty) at these locations:

South Burnaby near the Royal Oak Skytrain station
Southlands area (southwest Marine Drive in Vancouver)

Special Position 1 (Kitsilano)

Administrative Assistant
Have experience in being an administrative assistant, or do you want some?
We need a very capable, intelligent individual who can multi-task and work independently, dedicating a few hours a week to help our Executive Team with managing administrative duties. This position is not for the faint of heart and we will love you forever and ever and ever .... : ) This position also includes lots of kitten time!

Special Position 2 (work from home)

Publications Assistant
If you have experience with writing, copy editing, proofreading, publication layout (any or all of those skills), we need help with VOKRA digital and hard copy publications. Contact our publications coordinator directly: Dania at

Don't see anything you like but still want to help?

Email Janet at for more information on how to get started!

VOKRA is very excited to be part of the upcoming Petnership Project Trade Show, June 19 and 20 at the Hellenic Community Centre in Vancouver, 4500 Arbutus Street. PLEASE JOIN US!


  • A Dog’s Intention is Easy to Understand – if you know how to read the signs!--Kathy Gibson, Custom Canine
  • Integrating Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine into Animal Health Care--Dr. Sue Hughson, DVM
  • Pet First Aid--Lisa Wagner, Walks’n Wags
  • Are You Over Vaccinating Your Pet(s)?--Healing Place Veterinary Team
  • Does Your Dog or Cat Have Allergies that are Driving Them (and YOU) Crazy?---Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
  • Mirror, Mirror. Discovering the Psychology of the Bond Between You and Your Animal--Shiri Joshua, MA
  • Understanding Holistic Veterinary Care--The Healing Place Veterinary Team
  • Chronic Pain Management: Alternatives to Drugs and Surgery--Dr. Loridawn Fawcett, DVM
  • How to Make Your Own Raw Food--Dakota Bawden-Tutte and Inna Shecktman
  • Animal Chiropractic--Dr. Roy Nicholson
  • Happy Healthy Cats!--Dr. Loridawn Fawcett, DVM
  • Giving Back...helping our animals live their best lives!--Linda-Ann Bowling
  • Basic Clicker Training for Dogs – AND Cats!--Sarah Godfrey
  • Collars and issues relating to injuries with choke chains and prong collars-Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM



To celebrate the extraordinary gifts animals bring to our world and create environments in which they thrive.

With creativity, passion, integrity, and joy we:

  • Connect like-minded people who believe in and practice animal wellness,
  • Bring awareness and attention to all the options and possibilities so people can make informed choices,
  • Create collaborative educational and business opportunities that showcase all facets of animal well-being,
  • Acknowledge and respect the place of animals in society, and
  • Encourage and develop the human-animal bond.

To showcase and increase awareness of alternative wellness options and strategies for animals.

Proceeds from the Petnership Project live auction, gift basket raffles, and on-line show ticket purchases go to their not-for-profit partners: New Stride Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA),and Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS).

Kensington Foundation Plant Sales Coming Up! June 5 & 6, 12 & 13

Reasonable prices with all proceeds to animal rescue groups in BC to pay for veterinary and other medical expenses for rescued animals

PERENNIALS: ajuga, anemone, astilbe, bergenia, bluebell (scilla), catnip, bugbane, cedar, chives, columbine, candy tuft, common calamint, corydalis, cranesbill varieties, crocosmia, daylily, daisy varieties, euphorbia, sword fern, Christmas fern, foxglove, grape hyacinth (muscari), black mondo grass andother grasses, native fern, hellebore, holly, hosta varieties, heuchera (coral bells), flag iris, Japanese iris, Siberian iris, lupins, lamb’s ear, lady’s mantle, lily of the valley, creeping jenny (lysimachia), yellow loosestrife (lysimachia punctata – invasive), burgundy loosestrife (lysimachia astropurpea), lunaria (money plant), Oregon grape, primula wulfeniana,rhubarb, rose, salvia, saxifraga, sedum, sweet William, West Indian snowberry, strawberry, thyme, vinca major variegata, vinca (periwinkle), corkscrew willow, wintergreen, yarrow, yucca, and others.



11th Avenue & Arbutus in Vancouver. In front of Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply Store



14th Avenue & Main in Vancouver

In front of Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply Store

The Kensington Foundation For Animals In Crisis

is a registered Canadian charity: #865086748RR0001

604 765 2938

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