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VOKRA's Summer 2010 edition of the Mewsletter has just been published. Click the picture or text link below to download and read about:

  • How to discourage declawing in your community
  • How to enrich your cat's environment
  • The healing power of having cat companions (or should we say masters and mistresses?)
  • Many updates from adopters, including how Hope, the starved and abandoned black kitten rescued in October of last year, is doing now.


It is the height of kitten season, and as you'll read in my cover blurb of this newsletter, our coffers are low as the cats keep pouring in. It looks like 2010 is going to be at least as draining as 2009, which saw us take in over 1420 cats and kittens over the year.

Please, if you can, donate funds. We are 100% volunteer operated and rely entirely on private donations.

We also need foster homes, so if you can help in that way, please go online and fill out an application.

Thank you on behalf of the cats and VOKRA's amazing team of volunteers!

Dania Sheldon

VOKRA Operations Manager

It is already the end of July and VOKRA is in the midst of kitten season. We have had pregnant mother cats, mums with kittens, and orphaned kittens pouring in since late May, and there is no end in sight. August is typically even busier for us.

Consequently, we are in critical need of money and foster homes. As fast as the funds come in, they go out again in vet bills, medicine, food, litter, and other essential supplies. During spring and summer, our average expenses are over $25,000 a month.

Donors should know where their money is going, so I have put together a simple pie chart, below, which shows the proportion of our expenditures in various areas.

Every single contribution helps, so please, if you can, make a donation by mail or online. So many kittens and cats are in urgent need every day. Please help us to help them. Thank you!

... Dania, Karen & the whole VOKRA team.

rescue is:

kduncan | July 22, 2010

At this time of year rescue is exhausting, heartbreaking and full of stress. We are getting record calls for feral or lost cats with kittens living outside, people trying to rehome cats, sick cats on street. It is agonizing to even listen to our message line which has at least 20 calls on it each day. We can no longer help in outlying areas as there is no one to run the program and no money to support calls of kittens and cats living outside and ill just haunt us. We get an average of over 40 emails a day asking for help. This time of year we are short on fosters or our fosters are going on holidays. Our Petsmart locations are jammed . People do not adopt as much at this time of everything backs up. That is the same for all rescues but esp for us as, for the health of the animals, we primarily use foster homes.

If you are thinking of fostering or adopting please send in an application now if you are available..we need you and the cats need you. If you are thinking of donating that goes double..

thank you, Karen

VOKRA has created a Volunteer Postings board on our Facebook fan page.



1. Log onto Facebook or get a Facebook account.

2. Search for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association and become a fan!

3. Click top right tab, "Discussion".

That's it! Easy... So keep checking regularly and frequently.

Questions about volunteering? Visit our Volunteer page or email our Volunteer Coordinator,

VOKRA on craigslist tonight.

kduncan | July 11, 2010

Well here we go.
For the past several years VOKRA has been working with and funding two women in Surrey who have run a TNR ( trap neuter return) program for feral cats. We are already kept extremely busy working on Vancouver and Burnaby but there was, and is, a huge problem in Surrey and outlying areas concerning wild / lost or abandoned cats who are breeding and producing hundreds and hundreds of kittens who in turn also breed. Over this time we have managed to clean up and keep on top of a few colonies that had been really out of well as help a lot of people spay/neuter their own cats if they could not afford to do that. All organizing and work to make this possible is done by volunteers who care. We are now faced with closing down this program in Surrey, as the two people involved cannot carry on doing it on their own.
I am writing this to see if there are people who would be willing to join in and continue the work..We have a shed that can be put on a property. The cats are recovered in large kennels after being fixed , before being released. We have humane traps and other supplies, and a veterinarian working with us. What is needed desperately are volunteers willing to join together and try and make a difference.

Through several years of hard work, the Vancouver / Burnaby problem areas have become much better..the huge colonies of street cats are less and less common. The masses of kittens that flowed into shelters and rescues have gone way down. TNR programs work and many cities have groups that do this successfully. Feral cats that are fixed are healthier, less likely to fight , spread disease and cause problems in neighborhoods, so owned cats are much safer as well. As colonies are managed the numbers go new kittens to add to the mix so there are less and less living in the group.

We would like all the time, energy and money not to have been in vain in Surrey.
If you are at all interested in joining with a group of like minded people in keeping up the progress and being part of lowering the numbers...please email with your contact info.. What i would like to do is get a list of people and have a meeting to see what can be done. We continue to get calls and emails everyday from the area about kittens and cats needing help and we just have to start turning them all down if people who live out there don't join in.
Thank you for reading..and please do not flag this.....there is just too much suffering and death when cats are allowed to breed over and over.

Thanks, karen

New Volunteer Positions

dsheldon | July 5, 2010


Volunteer From Home

We need people with experience in organizing VOKRA's first ever Walkathon. Many volunteers will be needed at the event, but for the planning stages we need experienced individuals who can kick-start the implementation of this event.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator:


Volunteer Coordinator at Lion's Gate Veterinary Hospital

VOKRA needs someone who is very organized, committed, and a great communicator who lives on the North Shore (preferably in West Vancouver), to oversee the volunteers at a veterinary hospital where VOKRA kitties are waiting for homes. This includes kitty cuddling, overseeing the volunteers, and liaising between the hospital and VOKRA.
Communication skills are key.
Managerial experience is an asset.

The volunteer will need to have a car, a cell phone (and be 100% reachable), and ideally be near Lions Gate Animal Hospital at 1571 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Adopting an Adult Cat

dsheldon | July 3, 2010

Although we have "Kitten Rescue" in our name, VOKRA also cares for and tries to find homes for many adults, be those the mothers who have had their kittens with us, or other adults who for one reason or another have been made homeless -- dumped, abandoned, "we moved and the new place doesn't allow cats", human guardian dying but leaving no provision for the cat, etc.

Recently, one of our adult VOKRA cats, Miss Kitty, was adopted by Roseanne Warren, who has given her the new sobriquet of "Miss Sunshine" and created a lovely blog with daily captioned photos.

"Adopting an older cat. It is a rewarding experience!" writes Roseanne.

Take a minute or two to meet Miss Sunshine, and think about adopting an adult cat from VOKRA.

Thank you Roseanne!!

Little Boo, a black kitten

dsheldon | July 3, 2010

Recently we received a link to a video clip that is a perfect follow-up to our recent posting on black cats.

Jordan Polgar created a video of his VOKRA kitten "Little Boo". Jordan composed a song, "My Little Boo", to accompany the video. Thanks, Jordan!

Black cats!

kduncan | July 2, 2010

Here is a wonderful page of info on black cats...As every shelter and rescue is harder to adopt these wonderful cats . Whether it is old superstitions, the fact that there are lots needing homes, or people think they all look the same..

We have found that some of the nicest cats are black and many of us at VOKRA have at least one. Just for starters if you wear a lot of black...the fur blends nicely. Below is a link talking about the plight of the black cat.. Please take a look and then talk to us about the young and old black beauties we have waiting for homes..This week we got in a bumper crop ...suddenly we are swimming in several , some young, some teenagers and a wonderful mom cat with four kittens as well as our hero mom...

Mary Anne...

This poor cat came to us when someone called us that she had given birth to 6 kittens and protected and fed them outside. Her kittens, 5 black and one black and white, are about 10 weeks old. You can't see it very well but she is completely matted all down her back and back legs..We are waiting for her milk to dry up and then she is to be shaved and spayed. The matts are too tight to just cut off, other than some dreads that were on her sides. She is the sweetest cat and we hope to find someone to adopt her very quickly...she deserves a happy and safe home.

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