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Volunteer for the Walk!

dsheldon | August 30, 2010

We at VOKRA thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to help us out with this event. We anticipate this to be the event of the year and we couldn't do it without all of you!


There will be two Volunteer Orientation days for those interested in assisting on the day to come out and get acquainted with not only the day but also to receive your Volunteer assignments. If is very important that you try to make it to at least ONE of the orientation days.

The days are:

Wednesday September 8, 2010 @ 6pm

and Friday September 10th, 2010 @ 6pm

We promise to not take up more then an hour of your time on those days. We will all meet at the Jericho Sailing Center @ 6pm on those days. When you arrive you will also be given your official VOKRA T shirt and all the instructions necessary for the day's event.

Please email Diandra to confirm that you will be attending an orientation day, which day you will be attending, and your t-shirt size. Also please let me know if you have any other people that would be interested in volunteering and coming out with you, along with their info and T-shirt size. Her email is


We are in need of any volunteers to assist us with Postering and Flyering our beautiful city in an effort to spread the word about the event.

Posters and Flyers can be picked up starting tomorrow evening @ Karen's Place in Kits next to the foster food or you can notify Diandra and she can either deliver some flyers to you or you can pick them up from her office location in Yaletown or her home in North Vancouver. If you would like to arrange delivery or pick up from Diandra, please let her know via email,


Setup Assistance (tents, stage, etc)

Registration Table

Barbecue and serving station

Crafts Table (we have some great kitty-related crafts for the kids!)

Water Station at 2.5kms (hand out water and give direction back to event site)

First Aid

Garbage Removal

Returning of tables and Chairs to Lonsdale Party Rentals (truck necessary)


Finally we are still in need of more donations and walkers. So far we have raised approx. $4000 but this is still a far cry from our goal of at least $10k and the actual reality is that we need to raise even more than that. Please Please Please send everyone you know information on the event. Even if they aren't available to assist on the day, walkers, donors and so on are so welcome. Please visit: for complete information on the event, to download donation forms and to help spread the word.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Diandra: Dania:

Facebook site for the Walk

dsheldon | August 27, 2010

Please visit our Facebook site for information and the latest updates on the Walk for the Kitties. Simply log into Facebook, then search for "VOKRA's Walk for the Kitties!" Or click here:!/event.php?eid=114135305305568

You can also confirm your participation using this site, rather than emailing us.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Dania:

From a VOKRA Adopter

dsheldon | August 17, 2010

When I adopted my three kittens - Clea, Oreo, and Coal (who's above) - nearly a year ago, they had been recently rescued by VOKRA. They were only three out of over 1,400 abandoned kittens and adult cats that VOKRA saved in 2009 from starvation, disease, and misery.

Since they came into my life, I've become acutely aware of the terrible situation that has been going on for decades in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, throughout North America. Cats and kittens are abandoned and LEFT TO DIE!! I've heard stories of kittens being found in dumpsters, tossed out of a car window, or left in a box by the side of the highway. It is incredibly heartbreaking.

During the last year, I've also learned more about VOKRA and the profound work they do. They have inspired me so much that I volunteer with them. I'm doing some small things now, but hopefully I will be able to do more.

Last week, I was at a VOKRA foster house and saw two new mom cats nursing their litters. One had 5 newborns and the other had 9. (Yes, that's more than she can feed at one time!) Moms and babies need a lot of care before they all can be adopted out. VOKRA is providing that care. And VOKRA will need to pay for that care.

A visit to the vet for a healthy cat can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Now think about an abandoned cat who has been exposed to a dirty, outdoor environment, and is probably underfed and dehydrated. Who takes him to the vet and pays all the medical costs? If he's fortunate enough to be found by VOKRA, then VOKRA takes him to the vet and pays the bills. And when other abandoned cats are found by or brought to VOKRA (and many, many are), then those bills get expensive.

The reality is that VOKRA is run entirely by volunteers and relies on adoption fees and donations to pay for food, litter, and medical costs for over a thousand cats each year. Monthly expenses average over $25,000. And they need your help. So, please donate in any way you can, so that VOKRA can keep saving kittens and cats like mine.


VOKRA Adopter and Volunteer

Watch Clea, Oreo & Coal, Happy VOKRA kitties:

Walk for the Kitties: Info Update

dsheldon | August 15, 2010


Many of us don't like asking people for money in person. CanadaHelps GIVING PAGES are an easy, secure, comfortable way to ask others for their support in your Walk for the Kitties.

To create a GIVING PAGE, click here and follow the simple instructions.

Donations sent using your Giving Page will be directly deposited to VOKRA, and donors will automatically be issued a tax receipt.



Walk Participants: Info

dsheldon | August 9, 2010

Walk Participants, or those of you contemplating participating!

We have created a new webpage of Information for Participants.

Please check it out:

Let's make this a great event!

Download and print your Donation Form HERE!

Walk Donations can also be made online through our secure donation system or

Donate Now Through!


Let's Raise $25,000 for the Cats!

Kittens and Mom Cat Abandoned in Taped-Up Box by Lougheed Highway

UPDATE: Mama Mia Gives Birth to Five Premature Kittens

Vancouver, Canada. 5 August, 2010 - The pregnant calico mother cat of three seven-week-old kittens has given birth to five one-week premature babies.

Rescued from the middle of Lougheed Highway, where she and her first litter of kittens had been abandoned in taped-up cardboard boxes, Mia gave birth the evening of August 4, 2010.

Although the babies are premature, VOKRA president Karen Duncan says the newborns are healthy and mama Mia is doing fine.

Their outcome could have been much worse if she had given birth beside the highway.

The tragedy is that five more kittens means five adult cats who will not get homes in BC, as kittens are always adopted more easily than adults.

Mama Mia, although traumatized, is a good, gentle mom, bringing her seven-week-old kittens into the nest with her newborns.

vokra in the news again

kduncan | August 4, 2010

Cats left for dead at side of highway

Owners could not afford to pay SPCA's surrender fee

Jill Drews Aug 03, 2010 11:27:59 AM

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association says a mother cat and her three kittens nearly died in a box left on the Lougheed Highway in Burnaby last week. The owner could not afford the SPCA's surrender fee.

The three kittens, in this case, were left in one box alongside their mother. The box had a note taped to it explaining the fee was just too much.

The Association's Ryan Voutilainen wants the public to know the fee, which is meant to help cover the cost of looking after the abandoned animal, is negotiable. "People just need to let us know that they're unable to afford it. We may require some sort of proof of income to prove that so we know you're being honest with us and not just trying to get away from paying the fee because we're non-profit."

He says the fee is meant to hold owners accountable when they don't spay or neuter their pets; however the SPCA would rather waive the fee than deal with dead pets.

*******These are the kittens and mom cat who were left in boxes . Our volunteer just was going down the road in car and saw the boxes in middle of the road.. Kittens inside one.. the other empty..A note attached that said....

“We are really sorry. We cannot afford the SPCA surrender fee. After much research we feel this is the best place for the cats.”
Luckily our trapper was out late and went right over with a trap..the mom cat was sitting by the empty box in the road and darted into underbrush...This road is just paces away from the highway and is an area where there are more than the average number of coyotes.

It took an hour ..but the cat went into the trap and then was brought to where her kittens had been taken. This could have ended very badly..and many do have terrible end because of people not taking responsibility for the animals they have taken into their lives.

Right now we get letters and calls everyday begging us to take cats that people cannot find new homes for..They have various reasons for giving the cats away. All shelters and rescues are packed to the top ... Summer is the worst possible time to try to home kittens and cats, but it is the time most people are trying to get them out.

Please, think before adopting. Have your cats fixed by five months..not after it is too late and they are pregnant or going into heat over and over, or have run off looking for female cats. These animals depend on you for their health and safety. If you cannot give them that, do not take them into your home.

VOKRA has a lot of kittens needing fostering in groups of three and four. Pregnant and nursing cats also need fosters. Enjoy them and keep them safe for us , we will supply all food etc.

We are sticking to our mandate to care for bottle kittens with no moms, very pregnant cats, and nursing well as our own adopted out cats that have to be returned. We are not able to help with the hundreds of calls and letters from people desperate to find somewhere for their beloved cats. It is not a good time to be a cat in our area or , I fear , in most areas.

Please do what you can to help. Donate, foster or adopt.

We Need to You to Come Out and


Please visit the Walk For the Kitties 2010 Webpage for details.

The Kitties Are Counting On Us!

Aug 2nd Granv Island!

kduncan | August 2, 2010

We will be set up to give out info and talk to people at Granville Island for BC Day today!!! Look for us by the Caboose outside of Kids Market.. we will have a few kitties and a raffle basket or two...hope to see you there..

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