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VOKRA is grateful to Vancouver Gold for making us one of the charities they support.

If you have old gold (and diamonds over 1/4 carat), Vancouver Gold will give you the market value, PLUS they will donate 10% of the total amount to VOKRA.

That's right ... you receive the full amount and Vancouver Gold donates to us on your behalf.


Call for Mewsletter Content

dsheldon | January 28, 2011

Would you like to contribute a story, news item, pictures, or other material to VOKRA's upcoming Spring Mewsletter?

Contact Mewsletter Editor Dania Sheldon with your ideas, suggestions, and questions:

Deadline for content is February 21st for publication in mid-March.

Contributions from all ages are welcome! Kids and teens, that means you, too!

You can read through past issues here:

Don't be shy. Send in your stories, pics, whatever you're passionate about that relates to cats.

Help VOKRA at Home

Grino | January 27, 2011

Hey folks! VOKRA, like many rescues, depends on donations of time and money to keeo saving lives. VOKRA rescues have increased from 150 in its first year to 1400+ last year! In order to help us keep helping the kittens and cats we love so much, here is an easy way you can help.

Print this poster, in color best, here. Click here to download it. And place, even if it is only ONE poster! At your grocery store, farmers market, vet, hairdresser, coffee shop, tea house, community board -- you get the point : )

Thanks ahead of time. Phoenix thanks you too!

Give Free

Grino | January 25, 2011

An easy way to give to VOKRA that costs you NOTHING! I know, too good to be true.

Order our reloadable IGA cards and IGA will donate 4% of your purchases to VOKRA! That's right! You pay nothing.

Our corporate Gift Card giving program let's you shop, while stores give, costing you zero extra to donate to VOKRA and the kitties.

Click here for more details and to see which stores you can order gift cards from!

Click here for your order form!

Please send orders to Michele at by Feb 1st.

Voting for VOKRA to win $

Grino | January 24, 2011

First off, a HUGE Thank You to all the dedicated voters who helped us win a $10 000 PEPSI grant back in 2010! Your daily votes, sometimes more than two times a day as you voted from your mobile device and computer(s), is what made us the winners!

Now, over 100 feral kittens and cats can be spay/neutered, vaccinated and given all the medical treatments they need. Not only that, but hundreds of homeless kittens will be prevented from being born homeless and hungry.

This money will help save more Arthurs (still up for adoption) and Linus', who are now so happy and healthy off the streets!


Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue, Canada, BC

You have been voting and keep doing it until March 20th from your mobile devices, home computers, work computers, neighbours computer!! We need the votes. VOKRA can win up to $3000, with weekly prizes as well going to shelters that are number one in weekly voting!

We Need Bikes!

Grino | January 21, 2011

VOKRA is looking for used bikes-old, new, broken, anything. We are having a bike sale to raise money for vet bills.

Bikes can be dropped off at Janet's house at 2586 W 12th or picked up!

Email for details. Thank you!

Please ask friends and neighbours if they have an old bike to donate too!

Or hang up a poster in your building! Click here for poster!

Canadian Tire Money

Grino | January 20, 2011

Got old, crumpled, Canadian Tire money laying around? Donate it to VOKRA : )

We especially need the Canadian Tire money for a Barbeque, a folding table and a large tent to cover them both for VOKRA Hot Dog sales!

If you have any of these items to donate directly, let us know

VOKRA will also use the cash for shelves, tools, supplies for repairing equipment and all other wondferul things found at Canadian Tire to help us in our Cat and Kitten Rescue operations. Traps and kennels need repair, shelving and storage is always handy, towels and blankets are always useful.

So collect your Canadian Tire money and please donate it to VOKRA.

Donations can be mailed to:

PO Box 74571
2768 West Broadway
Vancouver BC Canada
V6K 4P4

Mie Mie says thank you!

Open Volunteer Meeting TODAY!

Grino | January 14, 2011

Hello All Vokra Volunteers and those wanting to be VOKRA Volunteers

Re: Jan 19th Fundraising and Special Events Meeting at 7 pm

Fundraising meeting, Jan 19th to, as requested, get some of you involved in our on-going fundraising activities and special events! Email for meeting location.

We still need great people like you to particiapte and take the lead of several activities for VOKRA and the kitties.

Hot dog sale (Feb 12 and 13th) at the Petsmarts (E Van and N Van)
Regular Tisol Table (monthly) at Arbutus or Grand View locations
Help with Spring Garden Sale in Kits
Gift Card Program - done form home and then to the post office
School Programs (children education)
Brain storm some ideas and bring them to the meeting : )
We need someone for minutes too!

Meeting Wed, January 19th. 7:00 pm, Write for meeting location
For the Kitties!!!

Want to help VOKRA win $3000 so we can help save more cats?

Share your heart warming VOKRA rescue story, include a picture, enter it to win at the New Beginnings Pet Story Contest.


Once they pick your story, email and VOKRA will promote it to win up to $3000!

Linus, pictured here, was saved from the streets along with his brother, Arthur.

Thanks again to all our wonderful Fans and Supporters

Success Story

Grino | January 10, 2011

VOKRA loves to hear how success stories about our adoptions.

Here is one recent lovely email we received from an adopter. Thank you to all our supporters, volunteers, fosters and adopters. Hearing stories like this makes it all worth it : )

Hi There,

I am just writing in to let you know what a wonderful 4.5 years it has been since my husband and I adopted our wonderful cats from VOKRA in September of 2006. We adopted 12-week old siblings from a temporary foster home, and named them Tootz and Lewtz. We have since moved to Edmonton, Alberta, but they're loving their lives here- especially seeing the snow fall from their window-ledge view of the world outside.

I wanted to thank your organization for saving so many cats and kittens every day, and matching them with loving homes. We truly can't imagine our lives without our wonderful companions.

I've attached a couple of pictures of them over the last few years as well.

Kind regards,
Chelsea and Boyd

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