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Kathy's New Furever Home

Grino | November 18, 2011

***From Karen Duncan, VOKRA President, November 2011:

“This is Kathy that I trapped on the coldest night of year last winter [in 2010.]
The man who had been feeding her for months after another person moved
away ( he had been feeding her on street too..) was worried as it was so
cold . So I trapped her ..she then got out of kennel in my office and
lived behind the furnace for a couple of months..being very tidy , using
box ..eating all her food..but hissing and panicking if I went too near.
All the sudden she started coming to me for treats and purring. And
rubbing against my legs ..I had her go to foster then and she has just
gotten better and better.. She is still sticking her tongue out I see in
pics! I think about 6 years living under a small wooden staircase behind
a restaurant at broadway and main. Lucky gal! Karen”

From Kathy’s New Furever Mom in November 2011:

“Hi Karen,

I just want to update you on how wonderful Kathy is doing! She is so
comfortable with her surroundings now she never goes into the washroom to
hide anymore, and hasn't had another accident ever since that incident on
my bed.

She is the most affectionate and loving cat ever. When I get home from
work, she is meowing, following me around, rubbing up against my legs and
just demanding to be petted and cuddled. I have to spend a good ten
minutes with her before I can take off my coat!
As soon as I sit down, she is instantly on my lap and headbutting my
hands until I start petting her. She purrs non-stop and is very vocal and
meows to me when I talk to her.

She doesn't seem to know how to play with toys or use cat beds and I'm
guessing this is due to living in the streets and not having access to
them when she was growing up. I am slowly teaching her to play with toys
but she is very scared and even hostile towards cat beds of all types.
She seems to enjoy sleeping on my bed anyways and I am more than happy to
have her use me as a pillow! Sometimes I wake up with her on top of my
chest or back and even my face or neck few times!
She loves giving me massages and kneads on my arms and legs that I am
constantly covered in tiny scratches from this lovely act of affection.
(I am slowly getting her used to trimming her nails!)

I am so happy she is showing so much affection and love. I am truly lucky
to have such an amazing cat as Kathy in my life and hopefully she is as
happy as I am! She brought so much joy into my life and I can't imagine
my life without her now.
Here are some pictures of her! :)


Please, don't litter!

Grino | November 15, 2011

Big shout out to VOKRA Volunteer, Shirley H, who was determined to trap West End skunk, Bubbles, so that the bubble tea lid constricting her neck since August could be removed!

Shirley was out every night for the past week attempting to trap Bubbles. Finally, last night, success! Then Shirely drove Bubbles herself to the great people at the
Wildlife Rescue Association (WRA) of BC in Burnaby!

Bubbles was very well behaved the whole ride and did not spray at all - she knew Shirley would get her help.

Successful surgery was performed by the WRA staff Tuesday to remove the lid. After 8 weeks, Bubbles will be released back to a natural habitat, healthy and lid free.

Thank you WRA for doing what you do!

Check out the stories here!


VOKRA is still looking for a small white cat with grey spots and a tabby black-and-white striped tail lost in the West End. If you spot him, contact Shirley at VOKRA at 604-619-7019 or by e-mail at

Vanessa & her Kittens

Grino | November 13, 2011

Story by Ellen

When Vanessa first arrived on the front porch of a stranger’s home with her three kittens in tow, she must’ve been looking for some kind of help, but just didn’t quite know how to go about accepting it- and her kittens had plans of their own! And so her story became something more of a saga.

Upon receiving the call that alerted her to a mom cat and her three kittens showing up at a house on Vanness Avenue, Janet rushed over, hoping to make a quick catch of the kittens, and then set up a trap for their mom. However, things didn’t go quite so smoothly. By the time Janet arrived the kittens had dispersed under the patio, and she was only able to trap the mom before Maria showed up with more traps for the kittens, which were left out overnight. In the meantime, the mom cat, who was quite tame, was taken home.

By morning, things had not gone as planned, and the kittens had not made their way into the traps. After searching around the house and the block for three hours, Maria was still unable to locate them, and she called Janet to bring the mom cat back. Making the decision to leave her in a crate overnight in the pouring rain, the hope was that she would call her little ones back to her.

The next morning, however, the kittens had still stayed away. Maria put a radio collar onto the mom, briefly considering letting her go so that she could find the kittens herself. That plan was nixed, however, and the mom cat remained in the crate, while the return of the kittens was patiently awaited.

After a couple of hours, Maria returned to the news that a kitten had been spotted on the patio, though it had since disappeared. Crawling around in the mud and through bushes, she was able to locate a hole underneath the patio, and lo and behold, a kitten inside of it. The hole, however, was far too deep for Maria to be able to pluck the kittens out, so three baby traps were set and placed. As it turned out, these kittens were quite clever and resourceful, just not for their own good! By midnight, though, two of the kittens had been caught, and Janet loaded them into the crate with their mom. The third was nowhere to be found, but was successfully trapped by early the next morning. Here is where the story should end, but doesn’t.

Since getting a kitten out of a trap can be difficult, Janet decided to leave the last one for Maria to get out. Arriving at noon, Maria expected to quickly untrap the kitten, and take the whole family away, but was instead greeted by a hissing mom cat, who had escaped, and was now perched on a fence. The two kittens in the crate had also wandered away, and all that remained was the third trapped baby.

Unequipped with the gear to get the mom cat down, Maria’s only choice was to sweet talk her into coming down, aided by the ever-helpful promise of food. Happily, it worked, and mom cat was returned to the crate. Still, the two escaped kittens remained MIA. Since cats love to hide, and heaps of junk sat on the patio, it was a good guess that they might be somewhere underneath it all. Sure enough, Maria reached in, and felt a kitten. It wasn’t long before she felt the second one, who managed a fierce bite in protest. Maria, though, refused to let go, and swooped them both up and into the crate. The mom and her three cats were rescued at last!

After a long rescue journey, Vanessa (named after the street that she was found on) and her kittens are resting contentedly, and Vanessa no longer has to worry about the safety of herself and her babies.

See great pics below of Vanessa and her Kittens now in VOKRA Foster Care and follow their story on facebook @

Box Kitties!

Grino | November 13, 2011

Recently, 5 gorgeous kittens were found in a box, abondoned at the Aldergrove Auction.

We are happy when folks know to call VOKRA, as we will alter (spay and neuter) the kittens, find them furever homes and stop the cycle of unwanted, homeless kittens and cats and their suffering. Here are the kittens at there foster home.

The foster tells us, "once a box kitty, always a box kitty."

From the adopters of two of the five kittens:

***“Hi Ines,

Just sending a photo of the kitties with my son and daughter. My kids love them. Cloud is now called Suki. Have bought some coconut oil and the seem to be cleaning themselves more often.The stains are coming off slowly. The kitties have adapted very easily and they are a joy to have.

Thanks again for all your tips.”

And here are the kitties when we FIRST got them:

VOKRA 2012 Calendars are ready!

Grino | November 13, 2011

The VOKRA 2012 calendars have arrived!

With 167 photos of our kitties, it makes a great gift for others or for yourself.

To pre-order, contact Dania at

The list of locations where they will be for sale will be posted in a few days.

** If you would like to help us sell the calendars (at your work place, a local business, etc.), please contact Dania at **

Do you Shop at IGA?

Grino | November 7, 2011

Who Shops at IGA? You should have a VOKRA re-loadable gift card! It's easy!

Re-load at the till before purchasing your groceries.
You can even pay by credit card and get your points. The best part is VOKRA gets 4% of your purchase! IGA donates to us, not u!

It is a free and easy way to donate and help the kitties. It adds up and IGA sends VOKRA money.

So. Do it. Just. Do it. Do it. Look into my eyes. Get your card today.
Email to order.

Thanks to Marta!

Grino | November 4, 2011

VOKRA Thanks, Marta!

A Very Special Shout out to Marta, seen here with a rescue pup (yes- we love all animals here!) who helped trap 25 cats from a house in PoCo. Marta says, "We finally caught the last little baby now..beautiful white with grey on it face/head and body.. have been trying to capture him or her for days now. Seven week old. . Just got back form taking him to the Vet Maira will meet him/her there ... Returned the 2 moms to the property now so back there is the two moms the tom."

Thank you, Marta!

Are you an RBC Employee?

Grino | November 3, 2011

ARE YOU AN RBC Employee?

Since 1999, RBC has made over 17,000 grants and donated more than $8.5 million in celebration of their employees' volunteer efforts.

Guidelines are that one must be a RBC employee with a permanent position for 6 months and volunteer 40 hours annually – like being a VOKRA Foster Parent.

Grant is $500.00 for a project.

Deadline is Oct 1 for previous year (eg. 2011 closed Oct 1, 2011)

Search the link "volunteer grant" internally as a RBC employee.
If you can not find the link, please email


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