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Fosters for ADULT cats needed.

Grino | February 28, 2011

Fosters for ADULT CATS needed ASAP

I know you all love kittens. Adult cats need foster homes too! And VOKRA needs your to help us save them!

Contact when u r ready to foster adult cats.

Fostering adult cats is a special duty. Many are ripped away from their homes or have been lost for months on the streets, fending for themselves, forgotten because they are not "cute enough" any more.

The rewards to fostering and rehabilitating an adult cat are immeasurable. To watch them blossom, trust again and love unconditionally after all they have been through.

If only they could tell us humans the wisdom they have gained, how to be as forgiving as they are, the world would be a better place.

A Special TY to Nikita Bear, my Adult foster turned homed rescue that has taught me the value of the present moment and living in the now.

VOKRA in the paper!

Grino | February 25, 2011


In all, 100 cats were spayed or neutered Sunday, Feb 21, by volunteer vets and veterinary technicians at the SPCA hospital on East 7th Avenue. The cats were trapped and will be returned by VOKRA volunteer, Maria Soroski, pictured here, the Champion for Feral Cats in Vancouver and the GVA.

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Adoption Success Stories

Grino | February 13, 2011

These kitties came to us as ferals. Maria got the call and trapped 4 gorgeous long haired kitties in the snow. They were quite scared and all bundled up on top of each other in their kennel.

These gorgeous kitties were placed into foster and with the fosters excellent love and affection, they are all now in their forever homes!

See Jude, the Dude and Sunny in the video links below!

Watch Arthur's and Angus's Story

dsheldon | February 6, 2011

Angus and Arthur are two very brave and forgiving brother cats. Angus is pictured below with Maria.

Watch their story on "VOKRA TV":

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