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Kelsey and Kinsey UPDATE!

Grino | March 30, 2011

Hi, everyone!

I thought you might want an update on Kelsey and Kinsey. I’m very happy to report that they both seem to be settling in nicely.

Kinsey didn’t waste any time! The first night, he was up on beds snuggling with people (I woke at 3 a.m. to find myself with him flopped down beside my head, purring away). He’s very sociable – follows us everywhere! -- and playful. He did display a bit of a jealous side when Kelsey started to come out and get attention – he batted my mother in the head! But he’s settled down a bit since as he realizes there’s enough love and attention to go around.

Amazingly, Kelsey started coming out on the second night. We’ve discovered she’s very nocturnal and doesn’t want to be bothered much before 10 p.m. She spends her day under my mother’s bed but isn’t hiding. She’ll purr if you get down and talk to her and she’ll definitely come out for treats. But at night, she’s out and about in the living room with non-stop purrs. In fact she’s so happy she is kneading the carpet as she walks around. And she adores Kinsey. She keeps going over to rub up against them. They’ve also gotten – ahem – a little amorous with each other on occasion. Let’s just say I’m glad they’ve been fixed or we’d have a problem!Each night she’s spending more time out with us and she’s started to come out to play with Kinsey and I before I leave for work in the morning.

Both my mom and I are really taken with these two. We’ve decided to keep their names (though Kinsey is also known as “the Black Panther” and Kelsey as “the Queen”).

I wanted to thank all of you again for taking these two in and for letting us adopt them.

Student Volunteer Hours

Grino | March 27, 2011

Hello Student groups looking for Volunteer Hours

VOKRA has an opportunity for students to get volunteer hours and help with our Compost and Garden sale on April 15, 16, 17 and May 6, 7, 8. CLICK HERE for more info on the sale!

Can you please pass on this info to parents, teachers, schools, other kids and have potential volunteers contact Janet Hamilton by email at

Janet will be responsible for giving the kids their volunteer hours and the times they will be helping.

We look forward to seeing you all at the sale at
2586 West 12th Avenue at Trafalgar!

Thanks for thinking of the kitties with VOKRARemember we save 1400 kitties per year and are 100% volunteer and donation operated

Help VOKRA and spread the word.

Ask all your friends to join us on Facebook!

Arthur Needs a Sponsor

Grino | March 25, 2011

We have some news about dear ARTHUR who we rescued from Surrey, BC last fall. This precious guy needs your support.

Arthur Needs a Sponsor or a few! His food, vet and litter costs are only $100/month. If a few people banded together to donat $10/month or if a very generous donor would donate the whole lot, Arthur will be as snug as a kitty in a rug!

Sponsor Arthur HERE and donate HERE

Arthur and his brother, Angus, were abandoned in a neighbourhood where they were not welcome. Both boys were starved and were skin and bones.

Angus had two gaping wounds from his ears down his neck. This required expensive plastic surgery. His handsomeness was enhanced with his ears now sticking out sideways.

Angus was adopted right away. Arthur had experienced malnutrition and was weak when he came to us. His ears had been frostbitten from the cold.

Since being in a loving foster home Arthur has been so grateful to have regular meals and even travel with his foster mom and dad in the car to the island for weekends. Arthur hasn't been well since coming to us. An expensive ultrasound has just diagnosed him with Lymphoma. We are starting a much needed fund for Arthur's palliative care and subsequent upcoming medical bills.

Fans of Arthur can donate online on the VOKRA website

Here is Arthur's video. Although we asked for someone to adopt ARTHUR in his video, his forever home will now be with VOKRA and his foster mom and dad.

Like this story to help us win!

Petnership Pet Expo!

Grino | March 25, 2011

Wellness for all creatures great and small - Body, Mind & Spirit

Come visit VOKRA and all the other booths and get answers to questions about your pets health!
Great info and free samples!

Saturday, April 30 at 10:00am -5:00pm and Sunday, May 1 at 10:00am ­-5:00pm

Happy Endings

Grino | March 23, 2011

Here is a great thank you from a VOKRA Adopter. Thanks to all our Adopters and Supporters past, present and future!

Kitten season is upon us, and VOKRA always needs donations, volunteers and adopters!

"The kitties I adopted are now named Tweak & Token.

They are awesome kitties & are doing great. Spoiled rotten now as both my husband & I work from home so they get plenty of love & play. They both love to play fetch with us and their acrobatics are pretty amazing (never seen cats jumps so high!). Token (all black boy) likes to talk to us & I have taught him to shake a paw. Tweak (fluffy white with black girl) is a little more reserved, but will try give my face a cleaning whenever I give her a chance, lol. Token is a bit of a mamma's boy & Tweak is definitely daddy's lil girl. Even though they are sibblings their personalities are very very different. They are a furry bundle of fun!

We are so lucky to have adopted two amazing cats!"

Watch here!

video of Timothy at rest home before he was trapped:

video of Timothy at foster home:

Timothy was originally trapped at a rest home when he was under a year old. People had been feeding the cats and allowed many litters to be born before VOKRA was called. Luckily, Timothy survived out on his own.

Timothy needs a place with no stairs as he has bad back legs. He is friendly once he knows you and would love to sleep on your bed! As much as Timothy likes to mooch treats, he is cautious of strangers. With the right home and care, he will quickly grow out of this behaviour.

Timothy needs a quiet home with no children where his needs are respected. He is a special guy who must be adopted with MICKEY MOUSE. They were adopted together once but unfortunately were returned after several years due to a change in the adopters life. THEY BOTH need some TLC.

Is it with you?

Second Chances

Grino | March 18, 2011

Once a VOKRA cat, always a VOKRA cat.

This was the case with Winona. She was born to us as a kitten and went off to her forever home.

Still, once a VOKRA cat, always a VOKRA cat.

A few years later, Winona's gardian fell in to some health challenges and could no longer take care of this precious little bundle. Surrendering a loved pet is always a challenge for us as volunteers and the owners who have come to that decision.

It was a sunny day when I went to pick up Winona from her home but no amount of sun could lift my spirits in knowing that I was taking her from her home, the place she knew. Winona was not happy with me or the car ride to VOKRA Headquarters. She quickly became depressed, hid and would not eat. She especially did not like me. Karen worked her usual magic, having seen this kind of heart break before, and Winona came around, thanks to her and Winona's great Foster Parents.

It is because of your endless volunteer hours of dedication and donations that make this VOKRA policy possible, that we can say, "Once a VOKRA cat, always a VOKRA cat."

It is because of your endless devotion and donations that Winona came back to us where she was unconditionally cared for and not abaondoned on the streets or euthanized and had a second chance at a forever home.

Here is what Winona's new Gaurdians have to say:

"Just a quick update to let you know that Winona's new parents absolutely love her and are very happy they adopted her. She easily transitioned into her new household without much stress and the other Vokra cat "Sam" has been fairly calm around her. She is very friendly and affectionate and has already brought them a gift....a mouse!!! She is an indoor cat so this means mice are getting into their the whold famliy is happy that she will keep this situation under control :)"

Please, to donate and save more cats like Winona, click here.

VOKRA Desperately Needs you!

Grino | March 16, 2011

Check out all our new volunteer positions.

Email for details.

And stay up to date about volunteer positions on our NEW PAGE!

Long Term--Gift Card Co-od-Few hours a month, good with Excel, accounting, reconciliation, organized and efficient

Long Term-Foster assistant-One hour per day, has car, cell phone, some computer skills, great communicator, organized and able to act QUICKLY!

Long Term-Foster Co-od-10 hrs per week, some computer skills, ability to problem solve and communicate with people, patience and understanding during certain situations, ability to work quickly when needed during emergency situations

Long Term Driver- Sunday Driver, 2 hrs, own car, strong back, can lift litter bags, cell phone

Short Term -Grant Researchers and Writers-3 hours per week.We want people to find grants VOKRA is eligible to apply for. Also, by using a template, fill out grant application forms and then we will have our Board of Directors edit a final copy for submission.

Thank you!!!

Thanks for helping the kitties!


Kelsey and Kinsey

kduncan | March 15, 2011

Kelsey and Kinsey are still waiting for a home. They were found on the street abandoned. This pair has been overlooked for so long. We can't bring them into our Petsmart locations as they don't do well there.

Here is what the foster has to say:

Kinsey is an amazing cat and over time has become very friendly. We believe he was abandoned. He is a character for sure. He's always at the front door when I get home and pretty much follows me around when I'm home. He likes to sleep on the bed with me, always comes to snuggle when I'm hanging out and will even sit on my lap when I'm on the computer. He is very playful and loves to play with pipe cleaners and any other toys laying around for him but his favorite is a mouse toy that he hunts constantly.

Kelsey is a very pretty cat with very soft fur. She has come a long way and gets friendlier every day…she is now part of the family. She comes and sits with me when I'm watching TV and even sleeps on the bed with me. She's not super playful so probably wouldn't be great around kids but she does love to be pet and has started snuggling. She hasn't quite warmed up to strangers yet but is more tolerant of new people than she used to be. It might take her a while to get used to a new home but once she comes around, she'll be a great cat.

Kelsey is slightly older, a female and was found at the same time as Kinsey. She is shyer and therefore does not make great first impression.

Won't you please give these two a chance at a home together? Apply here.

New Volunteer Postings Page

Grino | March 14, 2011

Click Here! For our New Volunteer Postings Page

Thanks for thinking of the kitties! You can help in so many ways. Here are a few specific positions that VOKRA needs help with. Email for more info

Long Term is 6 months to 1 year.

Long Term
Gift Card Co-od Few hours a month, good with Excel, accounting, reconciliation, organized and efficient

Long Term
Foster assistantOne hour per day, has car, cell phone, some computer skills, great communicator, organized and able to act QUICKLY!

Long Term
Foster Co-od
10 hrs per week, some computer skills, ability to problem solve and communicate with people, patience and understanding during certain situations, ability to work quickly when needed during emergency situations

Long Term
Sunday Driver, 2 hrs, own car, strong back, can lift litter bags, cell phone

Long Term
Cat Care Volunteers
Cat Care volunteers at Grandview PetSmart are needed for the 1-2 hour shifts starting at 8:30am and 12:30pm on weekdays and weekends

Short Term

Walk-a-Thon Volunteers We need volunteers to assist with pre planning for this year's walk-a- thon. Mainly regarding assisting with looking for sponsorship etc.

Email for more info and to apply.

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