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Dr. Anderson Thank You!

Grino | April 29, 2011

A very Special THANK YOU!!! to Dr. Anderson at Anderson ANimal Hospital.

All Vets should follow in his footsteps.

Anderson Animal Hospital Vancouver's full service veterinary clinic 8465 Granville Street Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z9
ph:604-263-6767 fx:604-263-6764

Dr Anderson and his staff have spayed/neutered many of our cats and kittens for free this spring and we are so very grateful. Help like this has enabled us to continue answering pleas for help with cats in desperate situations. Things have been incredibly busy for this time of year and we have not spoken enough on the very generous service dr Anderson's clinic has provided for us. Thank you so much!

What do you do if you discover a litter of tiny kittens outside?

First of all, consider the following points:
That you have found the kittens alone doesn't mean that the mother has abandoned them. This is not a casual possibility although many people claim that the mother cat simply left them and never returned. Cats are very loyal and fiercely connected to their
babies, and the most likely reason you cannot find her is:

a) she is injured, had an accident or has been killed or poisoned
b) someone trapped her and took her away
c) she is currently away looking for food
d) she is fearful of you and is hiding out of sight -many abandoned cats take on a very shy personality when out on the street, and feral cats will never approach a human unless cornered or under extreme provocation.


Wait an hour or two to see if you can spot the mother returning. Whether she does return or not, your best action plan and advice will come by calling/emailing an organization like VOKRA,, which rescues feral and abandoned cats and kittens, and they will know what to do to be able to take in the babies and the mother and keep them all together. There is NO scenario for the kittens that is better than their own mother caring for them and nursing them.

If you take the litter indoors and the mother is outside lurking, consider that she is under extreme distress that her kittens are now gone, and the likelihood is that you may have sentenced her to a slow painful death in that she will develop an agonizing and life threatening condition called mastitis which is an infection of the mammary glands. A nursing mother full of milk with her babies taken away has no way to expel her milk.

Here are some links to some great advice if you do find yourself caring for an orphan litter:

It is crucial to be able to test the kitten for dehydration - tiny kittens can die within hours of dehydration:

Jewelry for VOKRA

Grino | April 20, 2011

Like Jewelry?

Need a Mom's Day gift?

Shop here where 10% of the proceeds go to VOKRA!

Why We volunteer: Happy Endings

Grino | April 14, 2011

Why we Volunteer:

Week 1:

Dear Peg (Our Adoptions Manager)

Once again, my heartfelt thanks for walking

me through the joy of bringing Crocus

home to me as an owner. I have greatly

appreciated all that you have done,

and in such a fun and pleasant manner

too. You are made for that work!

So I will go to that place in North

Van on Saturday. For your information,

as we agreed, the fee will be $125 and

I will be bringing it to your lady there

in cash. Following that, I will take

my excellent cat carrier to Janelle's (Foster Mom)

home, make sure she is as comfortable

as possible for her trip to West Van.

I'm going to pick up some flowers

for Janelle, the foster mom. She

has done such a great thing by

taking Crocus in and loving her.

For now,

Crocus' New Forever Mom

Week 2:

Just a quick note to say that Crocus
is making out well. She ate her food
and used her litter box the very first
day. Then the next day, she very
daintily ate some Treats off my
hand. She seems cautious, of
course, but not shaking or acting
nervous in any way.

I'm keeping her in the bathtub
with a towel from Janelle and a
lovely soft blanket from me.
Last night I went in to find her
sound asleep with her head on
a big rubber ducky that I put in
the tub for company. Oh, how
I wished I'd had a camera!

I knew you would be wondering
so thought I'd drop you a line.

Thank you again for all the
trouble you went to in
making sure Crocus ended
up in my welcoming arms.
I love her dearly.

Continued success with your
work. If I have an chance
to do any fundraising for you,
I certainly will.

Crocus' Forever Mom

Week 3:


Yes, after a nice long note of advice
from Janelle, I pretended I wasn't
afraid and rubbed her nose and chin
and fed her some Treats. She was
delighted with all of that.

Janelle said she doesn't meow
but instead her way of
communicating is hissing
but not to worry that she
will hurt me.

So far so good.

She really surprised me this
afternoon. I was tired and was
lying on my bed in my bedroom
watching TV. I had my door
open, although I first closed the
bathroom door. I am leery of
Crocus running in under my
bed and having to haul/coax
her back out.

Well, I was lying there and
suddenly Crocus walked
confidently into my bedroom,
tail up, Miss Little Confidence
herself. Then she stopped,
turned around and looked
at me as if to say:
"Well, here I am!"

I'll have to make sure that bathroom
door is closed tight every time,
but I knew you would enjoy
the little story.

Thanks so much.

Tax Receipts

Grino | April 3, 2011

VOKRA 2001 Tax Receipts

***"We are still catching up on tax receipts for 2010 for donors who donated online. If you have already filed your 2010 tax return, you can use the tax receipt for next year. If you are still waiting for your tax receipt, please email Lubna at Thanks for your patience!"*****

Gift Cards to Help VOKRA

Grino | April 2, 2011

An easy way to give to VOKRA that costs you NOTHING! I know, too good to be true. Email with your order.

Well, buy a, say, $20 gift card from us, you spend $20 at that store using that gift card and the STORE will donate to VOKRA.

Order Gift Cards from VOKRA, especially Safeway cards, and Safeway will donate a % of your purchases to VOKRA! That's right! You pay nothing.

Our corporate Gift Card giving program let's you shop, while stores give, costing you zero extra to donate to VOKRA and the kitties.

Click here for more details and to see which stores you can order gift cards from!

Click here for your order form!

Please send orders to Michele at by the 15th.

Watch here!

video of Timothy at rest home before he was trapped:

video of Timothy at foster home:

Timothy was originally trapped at a rest home when he was under a year old. People had been feeding the cats and allowed many litters to be born before VOKRA was called. Luckily, Timothy survived out on his own.

Timothy needs a place with no stairs as he has bad back legs. He is friendly once he knows you and would love to sleep on your bed! As much as Timothy likes to mooch treats, he is cautious of strangers. With the right home and care, he will quickly grow out of this behaviour.

Timothy needs a quiet home with no children where his needs are respected. He is a special guy who must be adopted with MICKEY MOUSE. They were adopted together once but unfortunately were returned after several years due to a change in the adopters life. THEY BOTH need some TLC.

Is it with you?

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