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Happy Endings

Grino | May 25, 2011

Ben, our Concrete cat, was found covered in concrete, scared and skinny!

Here is what he has to "say:"

I want to tell you that I'm doing really well. I'm still in my cage, but really I've recovered from my operation and want to go OUT to EXPLORE. My helper, Lori, is feeding me and grooming me and cuddling me, too. That's fine, but I can hardly wait to walk around the apartment and see what is there.

I had a bit of a cold. Lori gave me homeopathic remedy and antibiotics and now I'm eating like a horse!! I'm sure when I see the vet later this week, the x-ray will show that I'm fine.

I'm feeling pretty comfortable. When my bald patches grow in, I'll look sleek and cool. I can hardly wait. My silky black hair will then cover my whole body again. My photos don't do me justice because when Lori was taking the pictures I was trying to get into the closet or getting as close to her as I could. She couldn't get a flattering shot of me - she'll keep trying. Then, she'll sent you some updated photos.

I won't be going outside again, so don't worry about me getting hit by a car. I'm done with carousing!

Ben (the concrete cat)


Frances was hit by a car.

Frances was hit by a car and rescued by VOKRA. Here is her Foster moms update!
As it turns out, Frances is a bit of a cuddler, the past few mornings I have woken up to her cuddling with me or attempting to cuddle with Hercules my other cat or else I am woken up by her playfully chasing my toes under the blanket. Here are some pictures I have taken of her recently.

The Kensington Foundation For Animals In Crisis annual Charity Plant Sales - at Tisol locations - 2738 Arbutus St. (at 11th Ave.) in Vancouver, in front of the Tisol Store

Reasonable prices with all proceeds to animal rescue groups in BC, including VOKRA, to pay for veterinary and other medical expenses for rescued animals.

PERENNIALS: aster, astilbe, bachelor’s button, bergenia, brow eyed susan, columbine, corydalis, cotoneaster, cranesbill geranium varieties, creeping jenny, daylily, euphorbia, foxglove, black mondo grass and other grasses, fern, hebe, helena, hellebore, hosta varieties, hydrangea, iris, Japanese anemone, japonica, kiwi, lamb’s ear, lamiastrum, lavatera, lemon balm, lady’s mantle, leucothoe, lilly of the valley, lung wort, marsh merigold, michaelmus daisies, oxalis, omphalodes, phlomis russelliana, plectranthus, rhubarb, rose, rudbeckia, santolina, sarcococca, sedum, shrubs, snow drops, solomn seal, strawberry, streptocarpella, yucca, and many others. Approximately 650 plants available.

2738 Arbutus St. (at 11th Ave.) in Vancouver, in front of the Tisol Store

- 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday, June 4th and
- 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday, June 5th

Blackie is a dear ole girl, 12-14 years old. She was a stray found around Trout Lake, Vancouver.

When she came to us she was starved and a blood tests revealed she was suffering from a high thyroid condition, a very cheap medication that may have led to her owners abandoning her out of ignorance of her condition. She also had a cold and had to be on two rounds of antibiotics.

Her teeth are bad, but she cannot tolerate any dental work at this time because of her low body weight.

Recently she stopped eating so she went back to the vet andfor the past few days, she has been on IV fluids. Another blood test shows she needs a higher dose of thyroid medicine, so again more medication and force feeding by the staff to help her survive!

We love Blackie and want the best for her and her vet bills are very expensive.

If anyone can either sponser her or donate any amount it will be greatly appreciated by VOKRA and Blackie!

VOKRA and Holistic Health

Grino | May 23, 2011

Ali Mama Cat has a Home!

From Ali's Foster Mom

"We're not sure Ali would have had a chance if anyone else but vokra rescued her, and she's had such a long hard go for only 1.5yrs! Ali got adopted by her dream come true, it's such a happy ending!!!!!! Her new mom is graduating from homeopathy school in June! And will continue to treat her and help her heal."

Dear volunteers, never doubt for one minute what we do. It is all worth it!

Ethel: Before and After

Grino | May 19, 2011

Ethel was found starving to death in someone's yard.

VOKRA was called to rescue Ethel. With the amazing help from Killarney Animal Hospital staff going above and beyond to help Ethel through her dark night, she survived!

Now, here is where we need your help!

Ethel will need medications every day for hyperthyroid and is still on Sub Q fluids every day and needs an untrasound to check her kidneys as they may have been damaged from the starvation.

Please donate as her vet bills are reaching the thousands.


Why Volunteer? Happy Endings

Grino | May 19, 2011

Dear Karen and the VOKRA team,

May 19 is the one year anniversary of meeting our two little girls, thanks to VOKRA. Formerly known as Sushi and Wasabe, Suki and Kyla are a couple of monkeys who keep me laughing with their antics. I feel very lucky to share my home with them and, fortunately, they agree that I am very lucky I get to live with them.

We are enjoying getting to know the girls and they continue to blossom. There are also a few things they’ve reminded us about having younger furry kids in the house and I’d like to share some with you:
Humans can be taught new tricks. Or retrained. Even the old ones. It often requires dramatic, exaggerated gestures, high-pitched, loud vocals and constant positive reinforcement.

Never pass up an opportunity to nap, especially if your human is available. Or a sunny spot. Or a nice soft bed in front of a furnace vent. Never pass up a nap.

If you have treasures you prefer admired from afar, put them away in a cabinet. Preferably one that curious little paws can’t open. Putting items up high will not deter furry friends with springs in their feet.
Look before backing up. You never know who’s pulled up behind you.

Changing bed linens requires “under covers” supervision.
Nothing is more comforting than a full time devoted furry nurse.
Constant training is required for a cat’s two dream careers: NASCAR racing and professional wrestling.
All cats can spell at least one word, typically t.r.e.a.t.s.
Thank you for introducing Suki and Kyla to our family. It’s hard to believe they haven’t always been part of it.


Leslie and Virginia

Grino | May 15, 2011

VOKRA would like to say a very special thank you to Leslie who fostered Virginia for 2 years.

Virginia recently passed and we all felt the impact. Leslie the most.

Leslie, who had been fostering Virginia for 2 years,has been a great foster to us for many years.Leslie, and many like her, are there every day for VOKRA rescues. Through all health, behaviour and taming challenges.

Virginia had quite the roller coaster ride since VOKRA saved her from a horrible life on the streets. When first rescued, we named her Virgil but this was not too important as she was so badly flee bitten, we were told she might not make it because she had lost so much blood. She scratched most of my fur off as she was tormented by these awful critters for so long! Then she got a horrible cold and looked even worse! Soon Virginia healed and VOKRA placed her with a special foster, Leslie, that understood Virginia's needs.

They had 2 wonderful years together.

Leslie, please know that Virginia knew human compassion, kindness and love and shared a very special bond with you.

We are eternally grateful for this.

How much of on impact is VOKRA making?

VOKRA rescued, and thus FIXED (spayed and neutered), 1400+ kittens and cats last year alone.

VOKRA celebrates 10+ years this year. You do the math!

VOKRA Mewsletter Submissions

Grino | May 11, 2011

VOKRA will be issuing its early Summer newsletter in mid-June and is now accepting submissions for stories, articles, photographs, or other neat ideas you may have.

Deadline for submissions is 6 June, but the earlier you can send them in, the better. Please email Dania for more information or to send materials, You can check out earlier issues of the newsletter here:

Rescue Story: Why we do it

Grino | May 10, 2011

WARNING: Intense rescue story. Graphic Content.

Ethel was found laying in a yard for days, skin and bones, starving with an infected eye (flies were on her.) Ravenously hungry, the guy who lived there said he thought maybe she belonged to someone, and finally fed her. The past few days she was getting thinner and thinner and then last night he saw that her head was hanging down and he gave her some wet dog food and she gobbled it down! Ethel is now with Maria and needs a foster parent, patient and loving. Email to help.

And Donate! Please donate!

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