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Your Kitty in our Calendar!

Grino | August 24, 2011

YOUR kitty can be in the VOKRA 2012 Calendars!

Purchase a square in the 2012 VOKRA calendar for your cat's picture and up to 30 characters of text (including space).

How much: $50 for a regular square, $100 for a holiday/special day square. Prices include one calendar mailed to the purchaser.

Holiday/Special Day squares are:

January 1, 23
February 14
April 6, 8, 9
May 13, 21
June 17
July 1, 2
August 6
September 3
October 8, 16
November 11
December 24, 25, 26, 31

1) Email Dania at with your requested date.
2) Once Dania confirms that the date is available, pay the required amount through one of our online payment methods
3) Email Dania your cat's picture and the text you would like included, as well as your mailing address to receive a calendar.

Walk a Thon a Huge MEDIA HIT!!

Grino | August 24, 2011

Thank You Volunteers! You make VOKRA happen!

Walk-a-thon at Jericho Beach to raise money for feline rescue

Peter Meiszner and Jennifer Palma, Global News : Sunday, August 21, 2011 3:42 PM

Dozens of people gathered at Jericho Beach Sunday with their beloved feline friends to help raise money for the rescue of orphaned cats in the Lower Mainland.

The second annual walk-a-thon hopes to raise $50,000 for VOKRA, the Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association.
It costs the association $28,000 a month to care for feral cats and kittens.
VOKRA is made up off all volunteers and is a no-kill shelter. They rescue hundreds of homeless cats from the streets every year.
“We go out and do the humane trapping of the wild cats and get them fixed, and stop the circle of producing kittens,” said Karen Duncan of VOKRA.
There are almost 400 felines in the care of VOKRA that need a home. Adoption covers a vet check-up and shot, and a spay or neuter and tattoo.
Visit for more information.

Vancouver orphan kitten rescue group needs help

Karen Duncan holds Nora (top) and Tater (bottom) near the Jericho Sailing Centre in  Vancouver, B.C., August 21, 2011.  Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) held the Walk for Kitties.

Karen Duncan holds Nora (top) and Tater (bottom) near the Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver, B.C., August 21, 2011. Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) held the Walk for Kitties.

Photograph by: Arlen Redekop, PNG

A Vancouver-based animal rescue organization overwhelmed with abandoned kittens is in dire need of funds and foster families. The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, founded in 2000, rescues 1,300 cats annually, racking up more than $300,000 in vet bills. “The medical expense is enormous,” said co-founder Maria Soroski at the organization’s Walk for the Kitties festival and walkathon at Jericho Beach Sunday. “It’s expensive to spay and neuter cats. A lot of them have been on the streets and they’re starved or sick and come with injuries.” The non-profit, which has been hit hard by recent gaming grant cuts, raised $30,000 last year and hopes to raise a similar amount this year. The group does not operate a shelter. Instead, it places abandoned or orphaned cats with foster families across Metro Vancouver until they are well enough to be put up for adoption. Currently, it has more than 350 cats on its roster, but only 100 foster families, forcing many temporary caregivers to double or triple up. It also operates a trap, neuter and release program, where feral cats too old to be domesticated are humanely trapped and neutered to ensure they stop reproducing uncontrollably in the wild. They are then released back to where they were found. The organization expanded to Burnaby in 2006 and to Surrey two years ago. Donna Lorimer, who has been fostering kittens for 11 years, can only shake her head at the irresponsibility of pet owners who don’t spay or neuter their cats and abandon them or their offspring. Two months ago, she took in two abandoned kittens, barely two weeks old, found mewling in a brown paper bag in a Yaletown dumpster. The kittens, christened Maggie and Morgan, have since recovered and are ready to be adopted. In a separate case, three dehydrated and flea-infested kittens were found late July in a garbage bin at Nanaimo’s Departure Bay ferry terminal; one had to be euthanized due to its injuries. “People get desperate and they try to get rid of them, but throwing them out is not acceptable,” said Lorimer. “They’re not disposable.” It costs about $130 to spay or neuter a cat. The B.C. SPCA Vancouver animal hospital offers free or low-cost services for low-income pet owners. To adopt or donate, go to The organization charges $175 for kitten adoptions and $125 for adult cats.

Translated with internet (teehee):

Health behavior cat fund-raising event (08-21 18:25)

Sing Tao
Cat lovers abandoned cat behavior and health funds. Lie group photo Second Annual "Health behavior cat" (Walk for the Kitties) fund-raising activities, Sunday in Vancouver Jericho Beach (Jericho Beach) hold. Organizers hope to raise $ 50,000 for the stray cats abandoned to find foster families. Hiking activities by the "Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association" (Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association, referred to as VOKRA) initiated activity at 10 am to noon held five two kilometers and 10 kilometers journey, hundreds of public participation.

Bones: A Very Special Story

Grino | August 17, 2011

Bones the cat was shot in the head and lived for weeks with a resulting infection. After finding Bones abandoned and shot in an alley way, volunteers from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) did everything they could to save Bones' life.

Watch Bones' story here:

Bones had been on IV antibiotics the past few days at the Killarney vet clinic. The infection to the inner ear from the bullet had caused such severe damage that the antibiotics would not fight the infection. As a last ditch attempt, Bones was at the vet clinic on IV medication. It was apparent the antbiotics could not stem the massive infection and Bones became weak as the infection spead throughout his head. He went very peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge while being kissed and cuddled in his foster mama, Mandrin's, arms.

This year has seen a rise in the numbers of abandoned cats and feral litters that end up on the doorstep of VOKRA. The association is looking for homes for these cats and asking people to get their cats spayed and neutered to help curb this growing problem.

VOKRA Walk A Thon!

Grino | August 12, 2011

“Festival & Walk for the Kitties”

Event to Raise Funds for Hundreds of Rescued Cats and Kittens in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia – August 12, 2011 -- The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) invites Lower Mainland animal lovers to enjoy a day of family friendly festivities and participate in its second annual “Walk for the Kitties” festival and walkathon at Jericho Beach on Sunday, August 21st. Participants can pre-register and download pledge forms online at

The “Walk for the Kitties” festival and walkathon is a key fundraising event for VOKRA—a no-kill, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland. Run entirely by volunteers, VOKRA relies on community donations and adoption fees to pay for high-quality food, litter, and medical bills for the abandoned cats and kittens that it rescues. Average monthly costs are $28,000.

“Thanks to our generous supporters, VOKRA raised just over $25,000 at last year’s ‘Walk for the Kitties’. This year, our goal is to raise $50,000 so we can continue to provide high quality care for our rescued cats and place them in safe homes.” says Karen Duncan, co-founder and president of VOKRA. “We have some wonderful activities and entertainment planned for this year’s festival and we are hoping for a great turnout from the community.”

The “Walk for the Kitties” festival begins at 10am with a 10km walkathon along Jericho Beach. Participant registration begins at 9:30am at the Jericho Sailing Club.

After the walkathon, attendees can meet some VOKRA cats and celebrate with games, contests, face painting, raffles, food, and live music. Prizes will be awarded to the top two pledge-drivers.

For more information or to register or donate online, please visit: and!/event.php?eid=241580275869035

Donations will also be accepted onsite.

Date: Sunday August 21, 2011

Time: 10am - 5pm (Registration 9:30 at Jericho Sailing Centre)

Location: Jericho Beach, 1300 Discovery St.


Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) is a no-kill, non-profit, registered charity dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland. Founded in 2000 out of the need to care for abandoned, bottle-feeding kittens, VOKRA has grown rapidly, from approximately 150 kittens and adult cats per year to more than 1,300 in 2010. VOKRA works to reduce uncontrolled breeding in feral cat colonies, while also actively finding foster and forever homes for the growing number of homeless cats and kittens in the Lower Mainland. VOKRA is reliant on and always grateful for the support of the community. Visit

Note to Editors: Interviews are available with VOKRA president Karen Duncan as well as foster parents (with mother cats and young kittens) in Vancouver.

Media Contact:

Tina Peng


Big fundraiser - Very important

kduncan | August 9, 2011

As you see we are doing a big push for our fundraiser on Aug 21/11. This is our largest fundraiser of the year and extremely important way to keep us going - My giving page is:

I don't really want to sound desperate, but I am. We are constantly told how wonderful what we do is and constantly asked for help for animals that have no chance. What is needed to continue this work is money.

To run a NO-KILL rescue it takes hugely dedicated people and a lot of money. We are bringing in and helping and homing over 1400 cats a year. Some are going to be in our care a long time. Some get a lot of vet care and don't make it. The majority are placed in loving forever homes. Our adoption fee nowhere near covers the average amount each animal costs us to help.

We need your support to continue. Our vets are holding on as we slowly pay down bills but at this time of year a great deal is owed.

Please join us in raising funds. If you do not want to walk, that is fine, come to the Festival and buy raffle tickets, play games, get your face painted, listen to the band. Learn about what we do!

I am attaching my Giving Page here. Sponsor me or one of our other walkers.

The abused , injured and homeless are still flowing in still being humanely trapped to get the help they need. Injured kittens and cats, starving and flea infested moms with kittens. We do not get any assistance other than what we can raise ourselves through fundraisers, searching for grants and contests, people who kindly include us in their wills.

Please support us in what we do all funds go directly into the care and feeding of our cats and kittens. Not one person is paid a thing we do this to make a difference for the cats and kittens in Vancouver and Burnaby. We have made a difference but it costs a lot.

I am attaching our breakdown of where money was spent for 2009. Our 2010 numbers will be available soon and we will be posting them on our site and our Facebook page.

My giving page is:

Lets see if we can get it going..anything you can spare will add up.

Thank you,

Karen Duncan,

Tired yet hopeful, VOKRA president.

Tell Libby Davies that Pets need to be allowed in Rentals! Her address here:

Live in East Van? Libby Davies sent out postcards asking about what issues are important to you - if you have cats or want one but can't because of your landlord, I urge you to include "allowing a reasonable animal companion in every rented apartment, and discontinuing a landlord's ability to ban all pets from their buildings." Sure, maybe it's less important than several other issues, but it's something to consider when you think about the huge orphaned animal population in Vancouver.

Libby Davies

542-N Centre Block

House of Commons,

Ottawa ON, K1A 0A6


Dear Libby Davis:

You sent out postcards asking me what issues are important to me. Allowing a reasonable animal companion in every rented apartment and discontinuing a landlord's ability to ban all pets from their buildings is a vital issue for me. There is a huge orphaned animal population in Vancouver and allowing pets in rentals will help keep pets in their forever homes, keep them from being abandoned and starving on the streets and from needless euthanasia for "convenience."


Your Name

Your Address

**Remember Phoenix? She was rescued from the streets!**

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