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Billie Jean Has a Home!

Grino | October 27, 2012

Billie Jean came to VOKRA in January 2011, abondoned, probably because she was pregnant with 6 kittens. She is a black cat, who at the best of times, have low adoption rates, mostly due to erroneous, prejudice, superstitious beliefs.

VOKRA is a no kill rescue run by dedicated volunteers. And just because sometimes our adult cats take a bit longer to find a home, we don't give up!

Billie Jean was in a VOKRA foster home until she found her furever home. Here is what her new furever home had to say about Billie Jean:

The Adventures of Billie Jean!

On the ride home she expressed her distaste of travel, but was quiet when Simple Minds was playing on the radio, so we knew she was our kind of kitty.

We had a kitty hiding spot all ready with blankets under our bed, which she gladly accepted. We took turns visiting her and giving scratches as she purred her little face off. It only took 20 minutes before she was out exploring and marking everything in sight with body rubs... including us.

She showed off her hunting skills with the new mouse toy we got her. At bed time she claimed her spot on Aaron and passed out with no shame of taking up a good portion of the bed.

This morning she greeted me with non stop purrs and love. It was actually very difficult to get shots of her because she was constantly rubbing up against me!

We are so happy, and Billie Jean seems to be quite content in her new home. She did tell me though that she misses [Foster Mom] Heather, but wants to thank her for allowing her to be somewhere permanent.

This girl is so precious. Thank you to everyone that helped us find the perfect little feline for our home.

- Danielle & Aaron

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