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Happy Tales

Grino | December 31, 2012

See full story here:

Introducing Catses

Somerville kitchen was too quiet after the passing on of kitchen cats (read Sad Day).

VOKRA, an impressive group of volunteers, came to the rescue with Miguel (now Ambar) and Snow White (now Susie).

Brother and sister, found abandoned in Prince Rupert at the age of 4 months. Rescued by VOKRA volunteers and fostered by a loving volunteer for 3 weeks until they made it to somerville kitchen.

All you have to do is look at her and she starts purring.

She was shy, almost feral at the beginning, hiding in any corner she could find. Now she is proving to be the more courageous of the two.

A week later, as soon as she sees me, she makes those welcoming meows and starts purring loudly.

She loves rolling around feet, purring then going to her scratching pole to exercise her arms.

She likes her food and she may turn into a chubby, but loving and adorable snow ball.

Her brother is two-thirds her size. He tries to come across as the protector of the family, making a hush hiss as soon as he sees you.

But now he is turning into a mush, rolling his stomach over to anyone who pets him.

Adventurous and playful, he loves running after balls and playing with his feather toys.

He is yet to make a sound that I am wondering if he is a mute one. But he is very expressive and, with his eyes, lets you know if happy or mad, hungry or content.

Catses adore each other. They play all night and cuddle together all day. Most importantly, they are now comfortable enough to join me on my feet for an afternoon nap in their room.

Motza Beats the Odds

Grino | December 17, 2012

Here is a wonderful rescue story that was a team effort from one of our VOKRA foster parents, her determination to help her foster, the lovely staff at Coquitlam Animal Hospital and the ever
so talented, Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RCSHom.

From the foster:

Motzah was rescued in Surrey on September 17th with several other kittens (I believe there were 8 in all). I took both him and a litter mate that unfortunately did not make it. They were guesstimated to be about 3 weeks old at the time.

One week after the kittens were rescued, Motzah's belly was clearly filling up with fluid. We took him to a vet that took fluid out of his tummy and decided that it was likely FIP that he had and suggested that we put him down. After talking to Karen and my friend that was helping me with him, we decided that he appeared to not be in any discomfort and was too vibrant to put him down. We knew if it was FIP that he may not live long, but until he was in distress, we would continue to give him loving care.

By Thanksgiving, his belly was so big that he was having difficulty walking and I knew then that I needed to take him in to see if it was time. He still did not seem to be in distress other than the fact that mobility was becoming an issue. Karen Duncan suggested that I take him to see Julie Anne Lee at Coquitlam Animal Hospital. Julie Anne Lee is a renowned Homeopathic & Functional Medicine Practitioner and she has worked many miracles with VOKRA kittens.

When taken to the hospital, Motzah (nicknamed Little Buddha) was looked at by Dr. Nenad Paunovic. Dr. Paunovic decided that it would be best if some tests were done to determine what might be going on with the little guy. He first decided on taking blood tests before and after eating. This test confirmed that it was unlikely that we were dealing with FIP, and instead, a liver disease. Next to confirm this theory, he took fluid from the belly and tested it. At the same time, he was able to drain some of the fluid to give Motzah a little more mobility.

The tests confirmed what Dr. Paunovic had suspected. We now needed to determine how bad it was and if there was a chance that surgery may be needed. After the ultra sound, Motzah was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver (the ultra sound showed his liver so large and damaged that it looked like he had been drinking for years - he was about 8 weeks old).

Besides having the fluid in his belly drained 4 times, Julie provide us with several holistic remedies to try in order to get his liver working again. With the effort of all involved, Motzah went for a whole month without the fluid coming back.

He is now growing and able to do things that a kitten his age should be doing. He still has difficulty jumping up onto high surfaces, but has learned how to get around most of his challenges. He has been a real trooper. He is not completely out of the woods and we really don't know the long term prognosis, but for now, he is a very loving and special animal.

Without the Coquitlam Animal Hospital, it is hard to know what would have happened to this little guy. The care that he was given after another vet was willing to put him down is absolutely nothing short of miraculous.

I am thankful that the team at Coquitlam Animal Hospital were not so willing to give up on him. To have a holistic practitioner like Julie to work on animals who otherwise have limited options is amazing. He will likely always have special needs, but will provide any good home a wonderful friend in return for his care. Now we will just have to find him a good forever home with someone that has some extra love to give. Photo is Motza (dubbed Little Buddha) with Forrest the hospital house cat."

Pet Pictures

Grino | December 11, 2012

Join Us at the North Van & Coquitlam PetSmart Locations For
Your Pet Photos With Santa!

$5 from every photo package sold goes to VOKRA Kitties

December 15, Saturday
December 16, Sunday
11 AM – 4 PM

An Unusual Rescue Story

Grino | December 8, 2012

VOKRA volunteers work tirelessly and always hope for a happy ending, and here is such a story.

Yesterday a VOKRA foster cat named Tofu, a siamese/manx mix, was reunited with her owner in San Fransisco.

Tofu went missing in September when her owner left her in the care of his ex-roommates in Burnaby while he was in Toronto on an internship. According to PetSearchers Canada, this is the number one reason pets go missing - a change in caregiver or sitter.

Tofu was found cold and hungry under a bush by two wonderful ladies who coaxed her into their place. They have been fostering Tofu for VOKRA over the past 3 months. Luckily, the owner found the foster's ad posted on Craigslist just before it expired and was very relieved to find Tofu in time!

Tofu's owner had been planning on moving once he was settled in a job. Over the past few months, he has been arranging with the World Wide Travel Company and a VOKRA volunteer to co-ordinate Tofu's move to San Fransisco where he is residing now.

Tofu will be an inside cat. Tofu's owner has fully paid all costs for her and has given VOKRA a donation. He wants to thank VOKRA for rescuing her and is elated having her back. So, a happy ending for Tofu, who's actual name is Coco :)

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