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Grino | April 29, 2012

Pearl was rescued from the Trout Lake area in May of 2011. She was found by Al of Petsearchers Canada while he was actually looking for another lost pet in the area. It was pouring rain and Pearl was starving. She was hyperthyroid, and when she came to VOKRA she was sweet and valiantly wanting to live.

Pearl was adopted by Emma and had a lovely forever home. Pearl had a fireplace she dearly loved to sleep beside with her new adoptive brother. Almost one year later, a year of knowing what unconditional love and kindness was, Pearl passed peacefully with her adoptive mother, Emma by her side.

Pearl touched many lives while she was here. Al from PetSearchers Canada has shared some lovely words with us regarding Pearl:

“I remember the day Pearl came up to me looking for food; she ate the treats that I had given her like she had not eaten in a week. There was no way that I could leave her there, alone, especially after seeing her condition; very dehydrated and basically starving for food and love. I knew she was a special girl as soon as a met her and every time I held her in my arms she would just soak up the love. I knew she realized that she was now safe and would be cared for. So many mixed feelings now, so sad she has passed, however so glad she has experienced so much love and caring in the last year of her life. She was an older girl and what better way to pass lying beside a warm fireplace in the arms of Emma, feeling loved. I know Pearl is but one of so many that you have helped in this way but Pearl was special to me and from my heart I want to thank Marie, VOKRA and Emma for giving Pearl the opportunity to experience true love in her last year.

Beautiful Pearl, rest in peace!"

"... what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us." - Helen Keller

Read more about Pearl (aka Blackie) in a previous VOKRA blog:

Cee-Lo Before & After!

Grino | April 19, 2012

Remember Cee-Lo's Story? He survived an animal attack and lost most of the skin and fur on his face. See his before and after pictures and original story below.

A Huge Thank You to Dr. Manjet of Killarney Animal Hospital for his amazing surgery on Cee-Lo.

VOKRA is in desperate need of Foster homes, especially as kitten season approaches.
Our organization is driven 100% by volunteers and donations; we have no paid staff and receive no regular or annual government funding or contracts. Please, volunteer or donate today so other cats like Cee-Lo can be rescued, kept warm, safe and healthy.



Cee-lo’s Story of surviving an animal attack & having his cries for help ignored

By Ellen

If Cee-lo’s story doesn’t make you tear up even just a little, nothing will. **GRAPHIC CONTENT**

This big, long-haired, little guy was wandering around near Commercial Drive for days, a giant, infected gash on the left side of his face where he had been viciously attacked by an animal. Although he continued to cry out in pain and distress, no one dared to approach him. Luckily, as soon as VOKRA was alerted to him, he was trapped and taken to the vet, where he underwent surgery, and received stitches to the side of his face. Currently, Cee-lo is recuperating from everything he’s been through, and eagerly enjoying all the goat’s milk, treats, and attention that he can get. He is certainly a brave little guy, on the road not only to recovery, but a brand new, happy life, and a brand new mane to boot!

Cee-Lo has tested FIV positive. He will be enjoying a long, healthy, easy going life with our Friends at Katie's Place.

Please help VOKRA with Cee-lo’s Vet bills. It is only with your support that VOKRA can continue to help Cats in need in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Every little bit helps:

Remember Hamish? Here he is a month ago, living in a Garbage Dump. Read more about his rescue here:

If you think fostering for VOKRA is for you, please contact us!


So Hamish has been adopted by his foster! Look at his new wonderful home!

"Hey Karen, here's some pics. Hamish is now called "Wiggum." He's such a sweet boy, I just have to look at him and he starts purring. And he's so patient with Raine, let's him carry him around the apartment, smother him, he just loves it all. And I've woken up the last three mornings with him snuggling up to me cheek-to-cheek. Hard to believe how much his life has changed in the space of a month, but he's clearly appreciative of it."

VOKRA desperately needs fosters. Please open your home to a kitty or two

Leonard: One Armed Thug

Grino | April 9, 2012

Leonard: The One Armed Thug

- Thanks to Lee MacPherson for the content. Read more at

Remember Leonard? A 3-legged Feral Kitten being tamed by some of VOKRAs dedicated Fosters? Well, here he is today, playing like a kitten should, running free and getting domesticated. Watch him in his very own You Tube Video! See the Link Below.

Our tattooed, one-armed, drug-addicted thug of a foster kitten, Lockdown Leonard, got out of his cage tonight to play laser tag with big brother Ronny, and his sisters, Radiant Rena and la Bella Bianca. Feral kittens are such a chore!"

Lilies: Pretty Poison

Grino | April 2, 2012

Lilies: Pretty Poison

With Easter just around the corner, it’s hard not to take advantage of the lilies that are well in stock, and decorate our homes with every color of this beautiful flower. What most people do not realize, however, is that lilies are very dangerous to cats, and may even cause death when consumed.

While cats are known for their intelligence, unfortunately, when it comes to eating, curiosity triumphs over being safe and smart. If a cat is found chewing on any part of a lily, it is immediate cause for concern, with key symptoms being vomiting, depression, and kidney failure. Vomiting occurs within approximately an hour of eating any part of the lily plant. Depression is the next stage, occurring over a period of twelve hours. Around two to four days later, an untreated cat may show signs of kidney failure. You can identify kidney problems when your cat begins urinating more frequently, is dehydrated and depressed, has no appetite, and has an upset stomach. Your cat’s body cannot survive without its kidneys, and this will ultimately result in death. If you suspect your cat may have been eating or chewing on any part of a lily plant, see a veterinarian immediately. Chances for recovery diminish with every passing second, but chances for recovery are greater if caught within six hours of consumption.

If you have a cat, please think twice before bringing these beautiful but deadly flowers into your home.

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