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From September 24 - December 31, 2012, Kitsilano Kitty Closet will donate $5 from each Goochie Poochie doggie jacket to a local rescue!Just note “VOKRA” in the comments box at check-out!

If you are interested, simply go to and pull down the Category bar to PROJECT DOGGIE JACKET. There are two styles - trench coat and rain hoodie - available in multiple colours. Depending on size - XS to Large - the prices are $8-$15. Cute, functional and definitely affordable! $5 from each sale goes directly to us, just indicate “VOKRA” in the Comments box.

If you have any questions about the jackets, shipping, etc. contact Helen directly at to get the answers you need.

Thank you, Kitsilano Kittys Closet!

Pets are not Products!

Grino | September 18, 2012

Friends of VOKRA, Paws For Hope, has great news! Paws for Hope has been
actively campaigning against the sale of animals in pet stores. Pet store
sales support puppy and kitten mills in running harmful and often abusive
breeding practices while thousands of animals in shelters and rescues are
in need of homes.

We just received the letter below, and want to share the great news on
progress made in banning pet sales in Burnaby!

To follow the campaign, go here:


I am excited to send an update about our Pets are Not Products Campaign.

As you all know, we presented to Burnaby City Council in July and our
presentation was well received. Council passed a motion to send the
information to City staff as they review the Animal Control Bylaws this
fall. I will be keeping my eye on the council agenda's to monitor whether
the pet stores will be on the agenda and when the new bylaw is put forward.
We received a lot of great press for this and we are keen to keep the
momentum going.

We presented to New Westminster City Council this past Monday, and they
were very receptive to our request. A motion was passed to send the
information presented to City staff as they review the Animal Control
Bylaws this fall, as well. Today an article about our presentation was
published in the Royal City Record.

I have a meeting with Mae Reid, City Councillor in Coquitlam next week and
I hope to be able to convince her to introduce a motion to council. If
not, we will also speak to City council. We have plans to speak to Delta
and Surrey in the coming months and have been supporting a group in
Victoria to lobby their city councils.

I sent a letter to the Mayor of Richmond recently, requesting an amendment
to their current bylaw that bans the sale of rabbits and puppies to include
kittens, but have not received any feed back.

And finally, I would like to thank Bearcat Consulting for their generous
donation to our campaign. Our goal is to start a poster campaign in the
coming months. If you would like to donate towards this campaign, you can
do so here and indicate that donation is designated to our Pets are not
Products campaign.

On behalf of our Coalition members and the Board of Directors of Paws for
Hope Animal Foundation, thank you for your on going support to this very
important initiative.

Kind regards,
Kathy Powelson
Executive Director
Paws for Hope Animal Foundation

Thank You to Whole Foods!

Grino | September 11, 2012

VOKRA would like to thank Whole Foods, and assistant manager Mike Norrie, for allowing us to put a table outside the 8th and Cambie store on September 8th. We enjoyed meeting Whole Foods customers and passers-by to talk about VOKRA.

Katherine and Alannah brought the Star Trek kittens Sisko and Picard and they attracted more people than free gelato on a hot summer day! We were positioned outside the main doors next to a mountain of ripe cantaloupes; local and organic, of course, just like Sisko and Picard. After a few hours we had a box full of donations, new volunteer names on our sign up-sheet and had spread the word about the Walk for the Kitties upcoming on September 23rd.

Thanks to Whole Foods and the community at Cambie and W8th!

The setup – with Sisko and Picard demonstrating the art of sleeping in the litterbox!

Picard on the lookout for potential adopters while Sisko plans his next move

An ardent admirer

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