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Bosley's Coquitlam & Tisol S Surrey

Grino | January 28, 2013

VOKRA would like to extend a huge thank you to all our supporters, volunteers & especially to
Bosley's in Coquitlam & Tisol in S Surrey.
Thanks to your support, VOKRA kitties are finding forever homes.

Bosley's Coquitlam, January 19, 2013

Thank You Bosley's!

Shelley D, a dedicated VOKRA volunteer, helps these new parents!

VOKRA love these events and to share them with everyone

Aren't I gorgeous? Take me home!

South Surrey Tisol Event, January 26

Thank you S Surrey TIsol!

Our wonderful volunteers setting up

Consider adopting a Black Cat or two!

Tina Fey & Susie Q are going home !

Bosley & VOKRA: A Great Match

Grino | January 27, 2013

VOKRA was at Bosley's on Jan 26 for an adoption event.
We had a great time!

Check it out below!

VOKRA leaves PetSmart

apps2 | January 19, 2013

We regret to announce that, effective immediately, VOKRA will no longer be running adoption centres at any PetSmart locations. A recent change in PetSmart's corporate policy requires mandatory rabies vaccinations for cats in all adoption centers across the U.S. and Canada.

Rabies vaccination is not mandatory in the province of British Columbia as the only species that currently carries the disease in BC is bats. Rabies vaccination for cats is unnecessary, increases the risk of injection site fibrosarcoma, and is costly. World-renowned expert, Dr. Jean Dodds, of the Rabies Challenge Fund agrees with us.

For the welfare of our kitties, VOKRA cannot comply with the new Petsmart policy. We are urgently seeking to work with new adoption partners who will respect our position against over-vaccination.

For partnership proposals, please contact

For more information:

Dr. Jean Dodds, Rabies Challenge Fund Letter of Support

BC Centre for Disease Control Rabies Information

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Rabies Statistics (1998-2012)

Get a Room, Kittens

Grino | January 17, 2013

Here's a fun video of Monkey and Thunder, two of six VOKRA kittens that were fostered 10 months ago and who's foster could not resist adopting (the other 4 found great homes). This video is going viral on Youtube right now and has already made the CTV News in Halifax and the Love Meow blog! Their mother is a very wild feral cat, so the kittens had to be separated from her at 6 weeks old in order to ensure the kittens would grow up to like humans. They turned out to be incredibly sweet and loving, but their early separation from their mom has made them quite "kneady."

Have look and see for yourselves:

You may know these little guys from their first YouTube Video, "A Den of Kittens:"

Emergency Preparation

Grino | January 5, 2013

Recently, one of our fosters experienced a fire alarm in her apartment building. Luckily, it was a false alarm and all were safe! But she found herself with a problem - how does she safely evacuate herself, her own pets and her fosters?

This led to many fosters banding together and discussing how they prepare for disasters that may occur in their area.

While some suggested to use pillow cases when in a bind, one fantastic item that was suggested was an "EVACSAK." If your carriers are hidden away in storage or you just can not carry that many cats and carriers, take a look at this great item:

Many of us may have Disaster kits for ourselves and our family, but have we included supplies for our pets?

Here is a convenient Disaster Preparedness Shopping List For Cats. Prepare now and be
ready later.

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