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Free to a Good Home

Grino | October 28, 2013

Thanks to for the original post and information.

What People Think of "Free Cats"


This is how some people see your "free" pet:

  • Free bait to train fighting dogs.
  • Free bait to train greyhounds.
  • Free fish bait.
  • Free snake food.
  • Free money from the research lab.
  • Free sacrifice for satanic rituals.
  • Free animal for malicious pranks.
  • Free animal to set on fire.
  • Free animal to insert a firecracker into.
  • Free to breed indiscriminately.

"Free" is all to often seen as "worthless" in the eye of the beholder.

Please don't offer your pets FREE to a good home, unless you just don't care what happens to them.

Volunteers who work endless hours to save pets from the horrors of abuse and homelessness bring this message to you.

The solution? Spay and Neuter your pets and remember, pets are a furever responsibility, not "until" pets.

Not until you move, get a boyrfriend, have a child...furever.

Lua, a very special kitty

Grino | October 26, 2013

Lua is a very special story and great example of VOKRA's No Kill policy.

Lua suffered an injury that has left her back legs paralyzed. While other shelters may have euthanized Lua, VOKRA is working to help her recover and find a forever home.

VOKRA has saved many cats with the use of holistic health methods.

Watch this video to learn about Lua and watch for continued updates on her progress.

**********UPDATE! Lua is able to stand up all on her own!!! Lua has gone to stay with a very special VOKRA foster that willl help Lua recover faster and in a super safe and loving home.

Reality (Foster) TV

Grino | October 21, 2013

Here is a video from a dedicated VOKRA foster:

From foster, Dr. Nworb:

"To make this show, I followed myself and our VOKRA foster cats & kittens around with a camera for 2 days filming everything. There was no rehearsing, no retakes, no scripting and definitely no coercing of anyone to try to squeeze an outlandish performance out of them so, 'In Your Face Jersey Shore, THIS is what reality looks like!'"

Kitten Fight!

Grino | October 14, 2013

The Kitten Fight! players are:

Rita (grey & white kitten, opening sequence)
Violet (tuxedo kitten, opening sequence)
Vincent (entering tuxedo kitten, middle sequence)
Kelly (unsuspecting tortoiseshell kitten, intermission sequence)
Betty Boop (hopping tuxedo kitten, intermission sequence)

(all up for adoption)

Neither the Kitten Fight! players nor their management (re: mums) condone the use of real violence in any situation, except maybe getting a good spot at the food dish (hey, you live and eat with a family of 10 and see how easy it is to miss out on your rightful nom noms!)

The music is Fluffing A Duck by Kevin Macleod

Mellow Yellow is our 1000th cat adopted out this year!

This week we adopted out our 1000th cat of 2013, just in time to find "Mellow Yellow" a new home for Thanksgiving.

Mellow Yellow was living on the streets of Vancouver throughout the winter of 2012-2013. He went from being a high-strung street cat to a relaxed companion through the care of a loving foster home and was adopted 10 months later. "When I trapped Mellow Yellow in January he had the typical startled response of a tame cat forced to live outside" says Maria Soroski. Mellow Yellow was living near Knight street and Kingsway, being fed by a resident who was happy to see the orange tabby rescued.

The temperatures regularly dipped near and below freezing overnight during Mellow Yellow's time outside, and he is very lucky to have at least had someone to feed him. "Mellow Yellow didn't really live up to his name when he arrived" says his foster, Leah Weiner. Since being homeless and living outside in the winter, Mellow Yellow would be quick to agitate, which is common for tame cats who have been abandoned. He would sometimes bite and scratch, without warning.

"A previous foster was afraid of him," recalls Weiner, "and at first I was too!"

Weiner was up for the challenge of helping Mellow Yellow to trust people again, so over the next few months she engaged in careful play therapy with him" He eventually got the hang of it," says Weiner, "now he wants to be everybody's best friend, and greets guests by the door." "It was tough to choose from all the sweet cats," says adopter, Laurie Buckley, "but this little guy showed so much personality in his photos we just had to meet him."

Buckley adopted Mellow Yellow after going through photos and bios of cats on the VOKRA website, then meeting him at his foster's home.

As the 1000th adoption this year, Mellow Yellow is a perfect example of hundreds of VOKRA kitties who have been rescued from the streets, cared for in a foster home, and adopted into a happy family. "Sometimes we call him 'Mr. Yellow' because he's such a gentleman!" We hope he gets turkey as a special treat for his first Thanksgiving in his new home.

Left Behind...

Grino | October 7, 2013

Volunteering in animal rescue is heart wrenching. There are days where volunteers wonder, "Why am I doing this to myself?"

And then, many times over, VOKRA receives thank you letters and updates from adopters that make it so clear to carry on, no matter what.

Here is the story of Dilton and Reggie.

Get the tissues out! It is a short story.
And a tear jerker with a happy ending.

Imagine, sitting and waiting, day after day. Waiting on the front porch of an empty house for your beloved guardians to come home. Waiting to greet them with loving meows and purrs but they never come home.

You are left alone, with your brother. No food, water or shelter. Left to fend for yourself. The neighbors notice your guardians moved away and left you two outside but do not take you in, feed you or call for help.

Then, suddenly, so much commotion and noise!!! You scatter in fear but return once it is quiet again. You return because it is your home. But your home has just been knocked down.

You return to wait, again. In the rubble.

Dilton and Reggie waited for a very long time for their guardians to come home. Luckily, VOKRA was eventually called by concerned neighbours to trap them. These two cats were so devoted to the guardians who abandoned them, left them without a second thought: they stayed and waited.

After they were trapped, checked out by a vet and neutered, Dilton and Reggie went to a VOKRA foster to make sure they were ready to trust again and live in a home.
They were a bonded pair ready to find their REAL furever home.

After VOKRA met Tyson, VOKRA knew these two were for him! They met, fell in love and are now so happy together.

Tyson expressed his gratitude to us in the letter below.

And we say, "Thank YOU, Tyson, and all our VOKRA adopters. Without you, we could not do what we do."

Tyson writes:

These boys are a blessing to me - I can't imagine life without them. They are my pride and joy and I am thankful for every day that I have with them! And to vokra for bringing us together. I was reading through our earlier emails from when I was originally looking to adopt and so happy that you suggested I visit them was love at first sight. From that day on, I vowed to give them the most comfortable, secure and safe home I possibly could. Thank you for everything.

Please donate so VOKRA can continue to help cats in the GVA.

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