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Gift Card Christmas Orders

alannah | November 22, 2013

'Tis the season to make a difference in the lives of kitties! VOKRA carries gift cards for lots of the places that you shop at every day. Why not use our gift cards and accomplish two objectives - support VOKRA and do your regular shopping!

Here's how it works. We sell a gift card for the full face value (say $100). We receive a commission on each of the cards sold. It varies by retailers. If it is 7%, then VOKRA would receive $7 automatically for your gift card purchase.

Check the order form for a list of retailers. If you don't see one of your favourites, ask!



For questions, contact

Ready to shop? Look for the order form here

The Face of Abondoned Pets

Grino | November 20, 2013

This guy was trapped from the streets. He was skin and bones.

Many think that cats can live on their own on the streets.

This is not true.

Cats are domesticated animals and need safe shelter, food and companionship provided to them for survival.

VOKRA has seen an increased amount of abandoned pets. VOKRA suspects it is because of the lack of available housing that allows pets or lack of pet owner resonsibility to have pets spayed and neutered or perhaps other reasons.

Many of these pets become coyote food, others starve to death and a few are found by VOKRA, sometimes too late.

Many cats suffer from disease and starvation when left to fend for themselves because owners do not spay and neuter their pets, leaving litter after litter to be born and suffer. Or because owners move away, leave pets behind because the pet has become "too old" or other shameful, inhumane excuses they tell themselves.

Please adopt, don't shop and adopt for life! Pets are forever pets, not "until" pets; until you move, until you find a boyfriend...

Thankfully, some pictured here were saved by VOKRA volunteers. Can you imagine what would have happened to them if VOKRA volunteers did not find them?

And many are not found by VOKRA....

Please donate to help us to help them.

A VOKRA Love Story

Grino | November 13, 2013

You may recognize Pantages as Ms. October from the VOKRA 2013 calendar (Thank you to S. Darling for the photo.)

Pantages was rescued from an old, abandoned theatre in East Van. She was seen walking on the roof of a building when Maria was called to the rescue!

Papa Burger was the Grandfather and Patriarch of a cat colony VOKRA helped save near the Burnaby A&W on Kingsway. He and his family were known to beg for french fries there, thus his name!

It is a true VOKRA love story as Pantages met Papa Burger while at VOKRA. They have become fast furever friends and need to be adopted together.

Both are siamese cross and very gentle cats. Adopting two is better! Don't believe us?

Check out this recent study on why two is better than one!

Check out these two adorbale cats' bios here:


Papa Burger

Does your cat need a friend?

Grino | November 7, 2013

Thank you to the VANCOUVER SUN for the original posting.

Does your cat need a friend?
By Rebecca Ledger, Special To The Sun October 22, 2013

[VOKRA has always thought 2 are better than 1]

Most of Canada's 10.2 million owned cats live with other cats. Owning multiple felines is appealing because, when they get along, cats can provide comfort, playtime and mental stimulation for each other in a species-compatible way. And of course, doubling up the cats doesn't double the workload in terms of feeding, cleaning litter boxes and visits to the veterinarian - there are economies of scale, too.

Despite this, animal scientists have often questioned whether multi-cat households are good for cat welfare. It seems likely that the domestic cat evolved from Middle Eastern wild cats between 70,000 and 100,000 years ago. So, is sharing territory and resources under the same roof a good idea for a domesticated species that has evolved from a solitary, free-ranging predator? There is already some evidence that cats living in groups have more welfare problems than singly housed cats. For example, "inappropriate elimination" (identifiable as peeing and pooping in places you'd rather they didn't) and lower urinary tract disease both occur more frequently in cohabitating cats than singletons. And yet, feral cats will often choose to congregate around common resources, such as farm cats in a rodent-infested barn. So, what do cats really prefer? This question prompted a new study into the well-being of cats living singly, in pairs and in groups. The results, published this month in the Journal of Physiology & Behavior, used fecal glucocorticoid metabolites (GCM) to measure cats' stress levels. Just like in humans, this metabolite of the stress hormone, cortisol, increases when cats are stressed.

The study's results provide relief for many cat owners, indicating that cat stress levels do not
differ according to the number of cats they live with - unless the cats are under two years old.

Surprisingly, young cats and kittens living alone were more stressed than those living with other felines.

The researchers also identified another risk factor for stress. The study compared cats that enjoyed being petted with those that avoided it, and with those that didn't like it but were forced to tolerate it anyway.

GCM levels were highest in the cats that reluctantly put up with being petted. The study's authors hypothesize that living with other cats is good for cats that don't like to be stroked, because owners have other outlets for their petting needs.

So, lessons to be heeded for us cat owners. First off, getting two young cats or kittens instead of one is better for their well-being, and helps to get more shelter cats adopted too. Secondly, if our cat dislikes being petted, we should let them be, otherwise we are probably going to stress them out. Lastly, if you have one or more cats that seem anxious or tense, speak to your veterinarian or clinical behaviourist who can provide resources to help.

Dr. Rebecca Ledger is an animal behaviour scientist, and sees cats and dogs with behaviour problems on veterinary referral across the Lower Mainland. Read her blog at

© Copyright (c) Special To The Sun

Holiday Shop from home

Grino | November 1, 2013

Welcome to VOKRA's Monthly Gift Card Fundraising Program.

It's a quick and easy way to help VOKRA!

Place an order for a Gift Card for your regular stops – including: gas, groceries, restaurants, shopping, spas, etc.

The company will give VOKRA a commission -You will get full value of the card

We will receive your Gift Cards in approximately 5-7 days of the order deadline, then you can either pick them up or we will mail them to you!

Our Order Form has all the information on available Gift Cards and the % commission VOKRA will receive.

Download this Excel form that will calculate your order for you

Or, if you prefer, download this PDF for your order

Please send order forms and inquiries to

Deadlines for orders are the 10th and 30th of every Month at Noon.


There are currently two ways to pay - Interac email money transfers or cheque. We will be introducing a paypal option in the future.

Instructions for payment

1. Interac email money transfers

  • Send the payment to Don't forget to send a separate email with the answer to the security question! Eetailed instructions are on the order form.

2. By cheque.

  • Please mail your cheque payment to PO Box 74571, 2768 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 4P4. If you would like a standing order of gift cards, you can include post-dated cheques.


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