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Hector's Rescue Story

Grino | April 28, 2013

Hector is a very gorgeous and forgiving kitty. He is a love bug and a gentle soul who needs a forever home!

Hector's story is a sad one, waiting for its happy ending.

Hector was found under the porch of one of our foster homes. Hector was scared, thin and unapproachable at the time. He needed to be trapped so that he could get the care he needed.

Later, VOKRA found out a little of Hector's history (a rare find indeed.) Hector's 'owner' left him to fend for himself outside. His 'owner' would leave food out but not bring Hector inside, no matter what the conditions were outside!

Luckily, a neighbour would feed Hector too so that when Hector's 'owner' fell upon hard times, had to move away and left Hector behind, Hector was being fed by someone until he was miraculously led to hide under the porch of a VOKRA foster to be trapped and cared for.

Hector was found with a sore leg which showed an old break and was kept wrapped for a little while. X-rays still show a crack although he doesn't seem affected by his leg now as he bounces around like any other cat!

Hector survived 11 years fending for himself and now deserves a forever home. He suffers minor health problems as a result of his neglect and will need a kind, patient and loving new forever Guardian.

Please consider adopting Hector
or donating to VOKRA to help cats like Hector.

Every little bit helps!

Max needs a home!

Grino | April 21, 2013

Please help us find Max a home! Here is Max's story from his Foster Mum, Nicole.

Max came to me in December with his two brothers. They were about 14 weeks old at the time. They had been born outside and were pretty jumpy. They all had a very awful kitty cold. Their noses were plugged shut and they had sore, infected eyes. I could hear how sick they were when they breathed! Despite them being afraid of me and not super huge fans of getting their eyes wiped, eye drops and oral medication, they never bit me and always just tried to get away.

Max and his brothers were really sick for two months. After many vitamins and good food, their breathing finally got better but their eyes never did stop running. Max and his brothers have chronic feline herpes in their eyes (very common in cats and NOT contagious to humans at all.) His eyes water most days, but he is not bothered by it one bit. The only thing Max may need in terms of extra care is some vitamin powder of L-Lysine put in his food everyday (not expensive at all, about $12 a month.)

I use a warm face cloth to wipe Max's face and then he bounces away! I have noticed that slowly, as he ages, his eyes do get a bit better everyday.

In February, I brought all three kittens inside the house; they had previously been resting in my cathouse. I put them in the bedroom and cleaned out the bottom of the closet so they could hide there. Well, Max was happy to bounce all over that room and he wanted out of the bedroom in no time. He left his brothers to be out and play with my senior house cats. His brothers were too afraid to be inside and were placed in a barn together. Max has grown in size and in his trust for people.

Max loves cats and must have cat friends. His new best buddy is a 12 year old retired feral tomcat. They play leapfrog and Max respects his boundaries. Max would really like a younger, faster wrestling partner.

Max plays with the kids, lets them pet him but he is a bit shy with them. Max loves to cuddle and watch TV. He can find any lost plastic piece of anything that you are missing at three am and playing with it on the lino in the kitchen until you wake up. He is an avid "indoor" bird catcher while looking through the window. When he sees new people, he flops over, flips around to look cute and make people want to touch him, but then teases and wiggles off.

Max is one very lucky kitty. He is lucky that the herpes virus didn’t take his life, lucky he lived through all the dangers outside and lucky he had VOKRA people out trapping to save him.

Lucky is what you feel when you see what a little perseverance can do for an animals life. Max feels lucky and some how you can tell he feels it!

Please consider a little extra luck in your life, with a whole lot of love and adopt Max into your furever home. You can apply here.

A Video on Why we Rescue

Grino | April 16, 2013

VOKRA is celebrating 13 years of rescue. We are a registered, non profit, no kill charity. It is because of the dedication of volunteers and your donations that make it possible to do what we do!

Thank you for your continued support. Mama Cate and her babies (below) and many cats like her thank you too.

Take a look at our stats for 2012! Who-Hoo! Another great year.

Dogwood Monarchist Society

Grino | April 14, 2013

The Dogwood Monarchist Society is an amazing group of drag queens and kings who are as glamorous as they are generous.

For 40 years, the group has been a positive force in their communities, raising money for charities and being a family to one another across chapters from Canada, the USA and Mexico.
In 2012, the society elected to raise money for VOKRA, and has so far raised much needed funds for the cats and kittens in Metro Vancouver.

I attended the coronation for the new royal family on Granville Island March 6th and I must admit, I was far under-dressed, and hadn’t realized what a formal affair it was to be. The room was filled with royalty; dapper suits encrusted in rhinestones, flowing, glittery gowns, and the biggest most fabulous hair swept up into crowns twice as high.

I was the cat lady in a denim dress and clunky boots. Yes, I wore clunky boots and a denim dress to a royal ball. At least I had lint-rolled prior to leaving the house. Nonetheless, I took a front row seat and enjoyed these amazing, beautiful, and generous men, women, and everything in between. The lip-sync performances were emphatic, and people lined up in royal court fashion to tip in crystal bowls on either side of the stage.

Thank you so much to the Dogwood Monarchist Society on behalf of all of VOKRA for your generous work and for the amazing show! (If you invite us back I promise to wear something more appropriate.)

To learn more about the society go here:

Blog post by Alexis Baran

Fostering For VOKRA

Grino | April 12, 2013

To foster for VOKRA click here

Fostering can take on many different duties. At VOKRA, we supply all the goods (food, litter, litter boxes, cats and kittens) and you supply the shelter (a spare room) and love. With VOKRA, you can foster a single adult cat, an adult pair, a pregnant mama or orphaned kittens.

Mama Cate and her kittens were rescued from the street. All you need is a spare room so that mama can take care of her kittens and as the foster, you have all the endless cuteness one could ever wish for!

Here is Mama Cate keeping her kittens clean:

Sometimes kitten fostering is a bit more labour intensive when their is no Mama cat or Mama cat's milk dries up. Cordie is one of Lilly's kittens, who's mother's milk may have dried up, so she stopped nursing and caring for her kittens. This made it necessary the VOKRA Foster to take over the mama-cat's duties.

In this video, Cordie is having his bath and you can see a herniated umbilical cord. Finally, and thankfully, the big bulb fell off a couple of days later. You'll notice that Mama Lilly is hanging around in the background on the dining room table which is a big "no no."

After his bath, Cordie is wrapped up in a towel to keep him warm and dry and to keep his little arms and legs from struggling and flailing around. This makes it easier to bottle feed him.

This foster job isn't for everyone but pays off huge to fosters willing to make the effort and take the time to help orphan kittens.

Here is Puff at 3 weeks. Nursing can get kind of messy :)

To Foster for VOKRA, sign up here:

Motza Needs Your Help!

Grino | April 8, 2013


Here is Motza in his furever home. He has found a very special home with a Guardian that will take good care of him andhis special needs. VOKRA still needs your financial support for all our special need rescues!

Earlier, we wrote about Motza and how through the dedication of a very loving Foster who bottle fed Motza and did not give up on him, he was given a second chance at life.

Motza is in long term foster care and will continues to need special veterinarian care his whole life. VOKRA is a no-kill, non-profit registered charity. Because of this, Motza has had a second chance at life when other vets suggested we euthanize him.

VOKRA and Motza need your help - in prayers and donations.

help us pay for Motza's continued health care costs by donating here.

Read more about Motza below and please share his story with everyone you know! Every little bit helps!

Motza’s Story
By Colleen Fitzpatrick-Killorn

Motza was rescued in Surrey on September 17th with several other kittens (I believe there were 8 in all). I took both him and a littermate that was very sick and unfortunately the littermate passed away 3 days later. The kittens were guesstimated to be about 3 weeks old at the time of rescue. By the end of the first week, I noticed that Motza's belly was filling up with fluid. The first visit to the vet, fluid was taken out of his tummy and the vet decided that it was likely FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a usually fatal, incurable disease that affects cats) and suggested that we put him down.

Looking into Motza’s eyes, it was clear that he was too vibrant and appeared to not be in any discomfort, so the decision was made to see how he did over the next couple of days. We knew if it was FIP that he may not live long, but until he was in distress, we would continue to give him loving care.

By Thanksgiving, his belly was so big that he was having difficulty walking.

Although he still not seem to be in any pain, I knew then that we needed to determine if it was time to let him go even thought he still did not seem to be in distress other than the fact that mobility was becoming an issue. Karen Duncan suggested that I take him to see Julie Anne Lee at Coquitlam Animal Hospital. Julie Anne Lee is a renowned Homeopathic & Functional Medicine Practitioner and she has worked many miracles with VOKRA kittens.

When taken to the hospital, Motza (nicknamed Little Buddha) was looked at by Dr. Nena Paunovic. Dr. Paunovic decided that it would be best if some tests were done to determine what might be going on with the little guy. The first test was taking blood tests before and after eating.

This test confirmed that it was unlikely that we were dealing with FIP, and instead, most likely a liver disease. Next to confirm this theory, Dr. Paunovic took fluid from the belly and tested it. At the same time, they were able to drain some of the fluid from the belly to give Motza a little more mobility. The tests confirmed what Dr. Paunovic had suspected, a liver disease. The next test (an ultrasound) was to determine how bad it was and if there was a chance that surgery may help. After the ultrasound, Motza was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver (the ultrasound showed his liver was so large and damaged that it looked like he had been drinking for years - he was about 8 weeks old). Besides having the fluid in his belly drained 4 times over the next two months, Julie prescribed several holistic remedies to try in order to get Motza’s liver working again (he would have a chance if the liver could function at least at 20%). With the efforts of all involved, Motza went for a whole month without the fluid coming back. We were so excited to see him doing things that a kitten his age should be doing except that he did not appear to have the strength in his hind legs to allow him to jump up onto high surfaces. By mid-January, he seemed to be doing quite well. He had his tummy drained one final time to get the remaining fluid out.

A week later, it was clear that Motza was going down hill again, and this time quite rapidly.

Julie prescribed some new homeopathic remedies and we kept trying different things to get him back to health.

By mid-February, without warning, Motza could no longer hold his body weight up. When he did get himself up, he would walk gingerly and often when being put down from being held, he would collapse to the floor. His eyes were still bright, so it was felt that if we could have him be comfortable, that we would let nature take its course. I treated the situation like a hospice one, where I was prepared for him to die at home, rather than at a vet’s office if at all possible.

Knowing that his life was limited, I decided to alter the fresh chicken only diet. I began feeding him a therapeutic cat food along with the chicken. Then around 2:00 am one morning, I heard Motza climbing up the little stairs that I had made for him to get onto the bed. He had not been able to climb these stairs for two months, so I was flabbergasted.

The next morning, I encouraged him to come down the stairs and then later that day, he repeated the process. It was a true miracle. Each day he has been getting stronger. He is now able to run up the stairs and although he is still not able to jump up onto high objects, he once again is able to pull himself up to certain places like the sofa.

Motza is one little miracle kitten that now is looking for a special home to call his forever. If it were not for the wonderful team at VOKRA, Julie Ann Lee and her assistant Andrea as well as the staff at Coquitlam Animal Hospital, this sweet little guy would more than have likely never survived.

Motza will always have special needs and at the same time, will always be a wonderful loving friend in return for his care.

Motza today:

Photo below is of Motza (dubbed Little Buddha) with Forrest the Coquitlam Animal Hospital house cat.

VOKRA Surrey received 2 big bags of Earth Options cat food from Pets First with their last 1000lb giveaway. VOKRA has been chosen again and will receive another delivery early this week!

Every little or big bit helps as VOKRA has expanded its rescue efforts in Surrey. With the help of over 50 fabulous volunteers that work tirelessly to help humanely control the abandoned and feral cat population, VOKRA has helped over 600 cats and kittens in Surrey in just the last year.

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