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Harvest Power!

Grino | May 27, 2013

Thank you to Harvest Power in Richmond for donating a load of compost to VOKRA! Volunteers bagged a huge mountain of compost for sale. Proceeds are more than $1400 and counting.

Harvest harnesses the maximum value from organic materials through the recycling of organic materials and the production of renewable energy and soils, mulches and natural fertilizers.

As are a wholesale manufacturer of top quality compost, soil blends and wood materials, Harvest Power is proud to provide services and products that help the Metro Vancouver region become a global leader in urban sustainability.

For more information on this sponsor, please visit

Thank you from all the kitties!

The Cute Kitten Escape

Grino | May 20, 2013

Fostering for VOKRA is very rewarding; watching the kittens grow, open their eyes, discover their world and gain the confidence to keep exploring further and further!

See Cate's kittens breaking out of their foster pen for the first time and how one VOKRA foster found a solution and became a cat herder in real life!


Mango is enjoying his foster hope! He is so happy to be indoors btu is still looking for his forever home! Here he is enjoying a cat nip nap:


Thanks to Jude for all these wonderful pictures and the story of Mango as written below.

Mango's story is from one of VOKRA's fantastic volunteers, Jude,
who is tirelessly helping save kitties from neglect, injury and starvation.

Now, with the help of VOKRA and our
supporter's donations, Mango will be well taken care of and found a forever home.

Now, Mango's story:

It looks like I've got another cat. At least Mango thinks so! He was a neglected barn cat with dry food and water put outside for him. I was told one time he almost died but wasn't been taken to the vet for any treatment!!

One of his eyes that weeps and looks a bit swollen. No evidence of fleas but he likely has worms since he hunts. In the thinly furred area below each ear, the skin is scarred and often raw, with bits of blood dried from his scratching. That and very dirty ears probably means he has ear mites. He's just starting to let me pick him up so I'd like to treat the mites myself. I hope he'll let me pill him for worms he'll have.

Previously, he'd show up a few times a week and I'd always feed him. Now though, when I get up, he's waiting for me EVERY morning. I've put out a box with a furry pad in it well under the eaves for him to sleep. He's happy to use it when it's raining or wet and cold. But on nice days, he prefers sleeping in a sunny spot even if the grass is still wet. He gets fed three times a day with both canned and dry food. I also give him some milk mixed with water and the juice from his canned food. (Not all cats are lactose-intolerant and he isn't.)

I know he looks rough and scruffy but that exterior hides a sweet friendly boy. He's always happy for some love and attention and purrs loudly when I'm out with him. Poor sweet boy. If anyone has a pet, why don't they care for it?? He really craves attention and love I give him. I want to make his life happier than it's been.

After his tummy was filled this time, he moved to a sunny spot and started washing, obviously content.


It looks like he was winking at me here. :-)


While I sat outside, Mango joined me, rolling from side to side, happily purring.

Here is Mango, safe and warm, getting the medical treatment he needs.


Please consider fostering or donating to VOKRA to help us help cats like Mango.

VOKRA is a non-profit, no kill rescue that is 100% volunteer run. 100% of your donation goes to the rescue of kittens and cats in the GVA.

Happy Mother's Day

Grino | May 10, 2013

Need some Inspiration?
Check out VOKRA Mama Foster Cat, Cate, with her kittens.

Lost Cat Found

Grino | May 5, 2013

Thanks to the help of a major poster campaign, and dozens of possible sightings, tips & calls from concerned West End pet-lovers, Tasia has been found after 5 weeks on the lam! Thanks to everyone in the West End who helped!

She had been hiding out in a location very close to home, and venturing out only in the wee small hours of the morning through dawn.

With the help of a stealth cam, this was all confirmed:

She was glimpsed briefly at midnight by one of the people actively searching for her, and once sighted, it still took a week and a half to capture her.

There are a few lessons in this for all lost cat owners:

1. Don't depend on other people to find your cat for you, or for it to wander home itself.
You have to get out there and search yourself --- the first 48 hours are critical, so take time off work if you have to. Get your partner or a friend to help you so you can cover more territory faster. If you don't find your cat quickly, the search can take hundreds of hours later, so consider this time spent as an investment.

2. Leave a dish of dry food and water out close to your building, and monitor/change it once a day. If you can, leave it's litter box outside along with an unwashed article of your clothing, or sprinkle some litter discretely around the bushes on your property.

3. Search close to home, especially if your cat was an indoor-only cat like Tasia was. This means stay tight to your block, across the street and across the lane. If your cat was an indoor-outdoor cat, expand your search to a 4-5 block range. Look for crawl spaces, garages, sheds, under decks and balconies and any sheltered spot a cat can get into. Meaning there's a space 4-5" high. Even after you've searched likely places once, return to them repeatedly. (We had searched the spot where Tasia was hiding a few times, and visited it repeatedly. It was only by being there often that we saw her one day by accident.)

4. Put up lots of neighbourhood posters on your block, and radiating out 1 block in all directions. (4-6 blocks for indoor-outdoor cats) protected in plastic from the elements. Include a photo (colour is best), cats' name, where & when lost (date & cross streets), brief identifying decription, and a phone number where you can be reached 24/7. Make sure you are available 24/7 to respond to calls.

Follow up on every lead, to see if the cat the person called you about is your cat. Start by hanging around where the cat was seen, and asking neighbours if they know if a cat meeting the description given, lives there. This is the "process of elimination" --- if the cat described lives there, it's not your cat, but if you can find nothing about it or cannot find it yourself, include the location on your list of search places. After awhile, you'll know which cats belong where, and you won't have to go out on every call, because you'll know by experience that the cat the person is calling about is probably not yours.

5. Search mostly after dark and at dawn, especially if you have limited time. 11:00 PM through 2:00 AM is prime time for lost cats to come out, as is just before sunrise. Use daylight hours for sussing out likely hiding spots, getting familiar with what looks safe to a cat, postering, and for talking to neighbours.

6. Once you locate your cat's hiding place, arrange to get access to the property or space through it's owner or tenant. Rent or borrow a humane trap to capture it. (Through Petsearchers, VOKRA, SPCA, etc.). Learn how to use the trap from whoever you got it from, or on the internet. Even the most friendly cat will be wary after a few days outdoors and may not respond to you at all. It has learned that silence keeps it safe. A humane trap baited with tuna is the quickest, easiest and safest way to capture it. Once set, stay close by and monitor the trap at least every 2 hours. Prepare yourself by learning how to safely release an "accidental capture;" call Animal Control if you've accidentally captured a skunk or raccoon.

7. Above all, don't give up --- your cat is depending on you to bring it home!

Don't be persuaded that a coyote or raccoon got your cat, unless you find physical or eye-witness evidence of that.

Don't assume someone else took it in --- that very rarely happens.

Do check with the SPCA and Animal Control every couple of weeks, as well as on Craigslist daily.

Here is an update from Tasia's mom:

"Tasia and I are so enjoying being together again! I appreciate, beyond words, how [VOKRA volunteers] persevered and were able to make this possible.

She stays as close to me as possible, day and night and just wants me to hold her like she did as a baby. I bought her a new red collar today and she was sitting on my lap this evening with her little front legs crossed like, "look at me: I'm a princess." It was just so cute! It's just so wonderful to have her with me again!

Must cuddle up with my little girl and go to sleep now. God's blessings on you tonight and always!"

Here is Tasia at home:

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