Hey how about Beanie and Baxter???


These two kittens are so sweet. The foster is going out of town at end of month so lets get them into their new home before then.Celeste is an amazing cat and is having to shift foster homes on Sun unless she finds her forever home.So many times we know there are amazing kitties that are being overlooked and we just don’t get it.The black cats are definitely in that category. I don’t really know why they are so overlooked. Please read through the descriptions of the personalities and see if there is a match for you. **We still have calendars in several spots and we are lowering the price to $10, so get on in and help support VOKRA . Tisol on ARbutus, Cat & Dog shop, Hype hair salon, Textura hair salon, Woofles, True CArnivores, Bosley on Davieand vets Arbutus West, Animal Wellness, Healing Place . Let’s get them all sold. WE are already planning and gathering pictures from our fosters and adopters for next years calendar as this one has been so well received. ** We are joining with another Petsmart and will need volunteers for one hour shifts for each day of the week for our adoption centre there. The store is on Grandview just east of Renfrew. If you are interested in learning more let me know. It involves cleaning , playing , feeding etc either morning or evening. Our North Vancouver adoption centre at the Petsmart on Main, is always in need of more volunteers as well. **Meanwhile work on our new data base and revamped web site continues. We are aiming for launch in March. I am so excited that we will have a new system to use that will make things go so much smoother in keeping track of all the incoming kitties and fosters and the huge number of things to remember re health care etc. I may just stay reasonably sane for another few years! Thank you so much Jeff and the team at Pencilneck!

Posted by Vokra on February 5, 2009 @ 12:00 PM

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