We are almost ready to start switching over to our new site and data base!!!


The Pencilneck guys are working very hard to sort through all the things we need in new site and data base to make things run smoothly..it will be wonderful to have a certain amount of auto letters going out to let people know where they are on our adoption list and what to do next. The foster people will also have loads more info and not get lost in the masses. i deal with up to 50 letters and tons of calls a day..as do many other volunteers with our group..so it has become really clear that in order to stay sane and deal with all the kitties we needed a way more thorough system.At this point we have over 100 cats and older kittens available…and pregnant or nursing moms coming in like mad , both feral and tame. As soon as the new system is up we will want to re enter our fosters and add any new ones on the data base. I am hoping this will be all a go by mid April. i have sent out letters today to all the people on one list that have applied and we haven’t been able to reach them after trying many times . After the 4th i will start taking names off the list that have not answered as to whether they still are wanting to adopt. If you have sent in an ap please let us know if you are still interested or if we can take you off our lists, it will make the change over so much easier. If you are NOT ready to adopt , do not send in an application yet.feel free to write me if you need answers re any of the above.thanks!! karen ( hey maybe it will be easier to space my entries sensibly in new blog!!)

Posted by Vokra on March 31, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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