wooohooo Brando has found a wonderful home!


Now how about the others at our Petsmart sites in North Van and on Grandview??Take a look at the gallery as well …some of these kitties have been waiting a longgggggggg time for a home of their own.. Take Tigger, he was surrendered by the family of an older lady who has gone into care. He was very depressed at first and wouldn’t eat. He had to go for care at our vet and is now coming around and getting used to meeting new people and is eating well. Tigger is a big marmalade orange cat..he gives a great head bunt and just needs a calm home to feel safe in.. If anyone is waiting on a call after sending in an application, please email as we are having a bit of trouble with contacting some people. thanks. karen

Posted by Vokra on March 7, 2009 @ 12:00 PM

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