We have a sweet cat at Petsmart in North Vanc that really needs a home and lap of her own!


Zsa zsa would be ideal for an older person . She was found abandoned and a mess at an abandoned house.main.jpg Zsa Zsa is a grey-with-white domestic long-hair (probably some persian in her history) who is the fluffiest, most lazy, drooly, cuddly, lovey attention-meister that I’ve ever met! She started out very anxious, but although is not too sure of new people, sucks up all the attention she can get, all the time. She rarely jumps (by choice) and is scared of heights, and thus gets into no trouble, and lives for her daily brushings, baring her tummy for her favourite - tummy rubs!! ****( she has found a wonderful indoor home and is so happy to be inside and cared for…., lucky girl…)Brando at the Grandview Petsmart is very sad not to be with people.. he would likely be good as a pal to another cat….although he is being treated for a light cold right now.( Brando found a home as well, he has a super home now)if you are looking for a pair of sweetie pies we have Velcro and Casper who would love a home together..they are at Petsmart Grandview as well… oh go on in and see if you are a match!! Brando Casper and Velcro

Posted by Vokra on March 5, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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