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Two feral cats have had their kittens this week, we are getting calls to take in another mom and her 5 , more pregnants and endless calls from people who say they have to give up their cats. Rental places with no pets rules are spelling doom to so many animals.

Then there is our lovely Emma ( new name since she was lost) She is working on being the largest ever pregnant cat.

Here are my feral moms. This one, Bette, is from the basement of the Coliseum. We have been trying to trap her for over a year..and have brought in and adopted out kittens from two other litters. This time she fell for the sardines Maria left!! Tuna just wasn’t good enough i guess. Got her in very recently and i thought she had awhile to go..but then the 6 appeared one morning.. She is still extremely unhappy to have been caught but i think will be glad not to be pregnant all the time!

she’s a good mama and just wants to be left alone..

Here is Nancy

She was found living in a parking garage and went into the humane trap very easily for some tasty food. I get the feeling she may have been owned once. She gives me signs once in awhile. She has been very calm about having food put in her kennel and litter box taken in and out.. Sometimes this type were lost or dumped when young and are just so terrified from running and hiding and searching for food that is takes awhile for them to settle and start to trust again.. At least she isn’t trying to shred me! She has 6 as well.

Posted by Vokra on April 17, 2009 @ 10:08 PM

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