Here is Tigger. He is a sad guy who has had two homes that we know of.


Tigger came to us very overweight and scared. He had been in an older persons home for a number of years and her family had us take him when she went into hospital. Tigger is very shy at first so he hid and refused to eat etc. Once he was a bit braver he went to a foster home and has progressed and lost a bit of weight and will now eat healthy food.

This is what the foster home says about him:

***Tigger is a fat orange cat that needs some extra love and care. As he is shy he would be best suited to a home without other pets or childre

n. He would thrive in a home where someone could spend a lot of time with him. He is very gentle in nature and never bites or scratches. He has a cute little miaow that he does when he is feeling indignant and he just loves being touched. ***

Tigger would do well in a home where someone is around a older person perhaps. He is an indoor only cat. i am going to test him being around other cats…but really want him to get into a forever or foster home very soon..

Posted by Vokra on April 2, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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