Edith and Gracie !


Edith and Gracie are sisters who are so playful and snuggly that I can’t believe they haven’t been adopted yet. Yes they’re six months old but because they were recovering from the horrible shape they were in when rescued at 2 weeks with their mom, they look half their age. They’re now wowing the vet with how healthy they are, especially their gorgeous, silky fur. Edith’s purr sounds like a trill and she loves to roll on the floor with you and play in your hair. She’ll follow you around just to chat. Gracie’s quieter but she has an adorable way of shaking her tail, arching her back and bonking into things when she’s excited to see you. She goes cuckoo for yoghurt and can’t wait to snuggle beside you. Because they lick and hug each other and have been through so much together we will not seperate them. Can you give these lovely gals a happy home?? Please be in touch right away if you would like to meet them..

Posted by kduncan on June 5, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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