More orange kittens born today..


We have taken on over 30 orange cats from an out of control situation that could have been stopped if only the people had gotten help getting their cats fixed when they asked for it. Many of these cats and kittens are quite fearful due to lack of socializing. Several were very far along pregnant..Two are together that are pregnant and one has had hers today..but they look like they may be preemies so i will not know how they do til later. (The kittens are doing well this afternoon and aren't preemie so should be fine) mama is not as nasty as she looks...and kept to the 4 kitten rule !!

We need fosters for moms with kittens very badly. All supplies provided.

i will try and put up a picture later today.

Posted by kduncan on June 21, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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