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Stephanie Hamilton and her classmates at Madrona School organized a successful yard sale..on july Kitsilano.
Stephanie's mom, Janet, was a huge help in organizing and hosting the sale. Kay ( you would know her by her lovely Scottish accent! ) came early and left late, bearing donated wonderful things to sell and Valana was there and huge help as well. I am so grateful for all they did and i have sworn off holding yard sales until the queen of sales : "Strong Donna", moves back to Vancouver from Toronto. In fact when the girls from Madrona approached us to hold a sale i was woozy for a minute thinking about the organizing , sorting, setting up etc ...but they said they would do it all and we are really happy they did! Then on the day of the sale Kay, Janet, Valana and others, whose names i don't know, worked long and hard for hours.

There is talk of holding another sale in Sept stay tuned !

The day was a great success and over $1000.00 was brought in which is badly needed to cover our vet bills right now.

Thank you all so much!!!!

Stephanie and pals!

Posted by kduncan on July 10, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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