Why Two kittens?


I am putting this up on the blog again...as i feel it is sooooooo important. Each year people insist they only want one kitten , oh no they can't possible have two sibs...etc.. Then 5 or 6 months later they acknowledge that the kitten is lonely... and adopt another. Please! it is so important to have a pal from the start...imagine being taken from your mom and siblings , who you have had to play and snuggle with for your whole life and suddenly find yourself on your own with people and surroundings that are all new and scarey to you..

VOKRA always suggests adopting two kittens if no other cat in home or the other cat is old. We do not suggest this to get kittens out the door, but to make things happiest for both the adopter and the kitties.

To have a sibling (or sometimes their mom) move with them makes it so much easier. People ask if it will take away from how the cats are with them..and no, we don't find this. They want their human attention but have each other when you are out. As is written below, they run off energy while you are at work so you don't have kitten on face at night. You can put them in separate room if they are keeping you up and they have each other. While young and foolish...they can be kept in small safe room when you can't watch them and have each other to goof with instead of getting into trouble all over.

.The hard time is right at the start. That's when they really need a pal. Introducing a new kitten into a home with one already there is much trickier than just getting the pair right at the start who are already best friends.

1. You're saving two lives instead of one.
2. One kitten can become lonely
3. One kitten can just drive an older cat nuts.
4. Two kittens will "self-train." and they can be happily kept in a small safe room ( bathroom) while learning good litter box skills and general keeping safe and out of stuff things.
5. They help each other burn off energy.
6. Fewer behavior problems with two kittens.
7. Curiosity overcomes "food finickyness."
8. They act as pillows for one another.
9. Having two kittens is insanely fun.
10. They will each have a friend for life.

"If one kitten is finicky about food, the belligerence is often overcome by
curiosity at what its sibling is eating. (Feed one cat Same Old, the other
cat New Stuff, and they both end up tasting the new stuff.)"

*Kittens will often play so hard that they simply flop where they are, and
more likely than not, they will flop next to (or on top of) each other.
There is no sight so endearing as two kittens curled up together for a nap.
Their peaceful innocence can soften the heart of even the grumpiest
curmudgeon, and the sight of that blissful moment will wash clean the slate
of their previous misdoings.

*"And last, of course, they're just so much darn fun to watch!" Having lived
through (and survived nicely) the joy of adopting and raising two kittens, I
can personally attest to the downright fun of having two kittens.

*Two kittens who grow up together will almost always be lifelong friends.
Although they will sometimes have their little squabbles (what friends
don't?) you will more often see them engaging in mutual grooming, playing
together, and sleeping with their best pal.

If you are considering adopting a kitten, think about your best friend and
consider whether you would deprive your kitten of the enrichment a friend
brings to life. You can't be home all the time and they are used to living with their litter and mom.

Posted by kduncan on July 13, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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