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Just to let anyone who is trying to reach us know...things have been very rough at this end. People are leaving messages and i am trying to catch up...people are applying to adopt and i am just grabbing the new aps right away. If anyone has had an ap in for awhile and no response...please email me right away. We are missing our usual adoption person so trying our best.

If you are going to apply to adopt please be sure you are ready. I have been trying to get to people who have aps in and so many have found a kitten elsewhere or have decided not to adopt right now.. Only send in an ap if you are ready.

We will continue having kittens well in to Sept. If you already have an ap in and don't want to adopt now...send a note and we take you off the list and stop worrying about not being able to reach you..

Now let me say...if you are ready and want to give one or two of our kitties a wonderful indoor home.. please send in an ap right away .Puleeeeeeeeze!

The melt down here is that we keep getting in more and more requests for trapping of moms and kittens, or found tame ones.. dealing with kittens night and day that just don't make it.. sorting out getting incoming into all too few foster homes.. doing health stuff with foster homes.. Telling people over and over that, yes there are coyotes all over the city..and yes they do sweeps in a neighborhood and clear all the loose cats they can get, then move on to the next area. You will notice that there will be a rash of lost posters up in one area and then none for awhile. Seems like a good reason for not having an outdoor cat to me...

Then someone comes along and says.."oh i would love to do what you do.. " thinking it is all sweetness and little kittens.. Nope... it is sad, it is exhausting, esp at this time of year, it is frustrating , but then every time we find a home for kittens or cats we get a bit of a lift knowing that they have a happy home to be in and likely wouldn't have made it if we didn't all try so hard.

Most heart rending thing in last few days was a group of five kittens that came in to me. Mama had been killed by a car and kittens were under five weeks and inconsolable as well as starving and being really hard to convince they should allow me to bottle, syringe or plop in formula and food. Much like having 5 colicky babies around. Finally got a homeopthic remedy that settled tummies and coaxed in enough food so they could start to feel a bit better. We carried one around all day down our tops yesterday as that was the only thing to calm her. Today a new foster came to take them on and i feel lighter and so grateful . They will get easier and happier with someone who isn't trying to get ten thousand things done as well as care for them. Thank you so much Anne and Mark..!

Today i can laugh again.. and start back at things..Yesterday was different story.

Posted by kduncan on July 22, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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