Wow, what a weekend!


We made it through the weekend!! Four seperate events..needing many people, supplies and energy!

Sat at the Brick on United Blvd..Nina and Troy, Michelle, Barbara all were so great and pulled it all together there.. As well as Brenda who introduced us to the whole Brick opportunity.

I managed to gather up volunteer Leigh and we downed coffee and found the park in Ladner for the Delta Community Animal Shelter....event. Saw lots of fellow rescue people and met people interested in adoption, fostering etc. We packed up just as the weather was starting to turn . It was a lovely day...and i felt like i almost had a holiday, as i was able to get away from the computer and phones. Amazing what a day away will do for you when you feel burnt out and haven't had a holiday for months. Thanks Leigh and the people at Delta. Great event!

Sun we had the amazing Barbara at the Brick again!!! Penelope came by with her foster kittens and helped out and Kim got back from her weekend away and jumped in too..Elizabeth and i managed to come by with a one and a half week old i had just picked up from Burnaby SPCA..met lots of people and had a spot in the shade. I hope we can do some more events there..lots of parking and friendly people.

Maria manned the booth at Anneiville Park, North Delta event on Sun., another Delta Community Animal Shelter event. Lots more rescue gadding about and a bit of a day out for Maria who has spent everyday for months trapping all over Vancouver, Burnaby etc.

Thank you all so much for your time ! Karen

Posted by kduncan on July 26, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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