Heat, flu & sick kitties.


That pretty well sums up the week for me. Trying to keep all the temporary cats here cool, along with our two dogs and all our cats as well as the looney parrot..A beautiful wedding on Fri for our Dania and Martin, where i had to wear clothes that weren't scrubs and be clean! Yipes....Tons of calls for help and lots of sick kitties. The phone hasn't stopped ringing. What a week.

Two of our just trapped cats had their kittens here, several groups of kittens have been brought in with their feral moms. Maria is trapping like mad everyday. Today she went to a house after a neighbor called to say their was a mom and five kittens left after someone moved.. what the heck is the matter with people???

We get these calls all the time, as the spca in Vancouver and Burnaby forward any people calling that know of wild cats needing trapping or uncontained cats. Often we find that they are tame and just dumped. This is also the time of year we get in flea covered kittens. Some are too far gone to save, some rally after a few days of good food and vitamins and of course removal of the fleas.

Today has been a rollercoaster. First a cat that came in two days ago had escaped through a screen he tore up. He is very sad as his person died in her home and he went back there to find her. We found him sitting in his favorite spot in the sun. Luckily he is a local rescue or he could have been walking a long time. Shadow /Buddy, is a black eight year old cat with a cauliflower ear who really needs a safe home where he will be loved and spoiled. He is used to being out in his yard but will have to be an indoor kitty or at least indoors for some time and then only out with supervision. He has been through a lot and we would like to see him have a happy home. I am sure his mom is watching and will guide the right person to him.

Next an emergency with one of our 40 orange kitties ..she suddenly was showing signs of a blockage and is in vet now. A run to north vancouver to the Healing Place with Puddin , who is a manx kitten and is having the all too common manx problem with constipation that can kill him if we don't get everything working.. he has been a trooper..accupuncture did wonders and a high fibre diet. Then he blocked again and we are working on a new homeopathic along with other things to get him into gear. He breaks my heart as he is, of course, the sweetest of sweet kittens. He has a home if only we can get the plumbing working. Tonight a call on one of several kittens that came in last week. He is going down fast and will likely be a hard one to save.

I don't even want to go into the part where i got the 24 hour flu and had to call in the troops to help here at the house and at the Granville isl thing on the weekend. Thank you all so much!

Seems like i am now drooooooooanning on, so will just stop now and hope tomorrow brings lots of adoptions and kittens/cats that are getting stronger .

Oh watch BCTV on WEd morning..some of our kittens have been asked to be on with Brenda from Tisol. They are all for adoption! Well not Brenda ..................

Posted by kduncan on August 4, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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