94 cats seized


Just listened to radio on hoarder situation in Nanaimo.. i am hoping if people donate to these cats, the money does go directly to them through the spca.

We have had two situations like this during the year.. a little later on i will be listing the amounts we have paid out to fix and recover these cats..we give tax receipts and all donations go directly to the cats as we are an all volunteer group..

Donating through Kensington Foundation,in fact, will double the amount donated as they get matching grants to help groups like ours survive through these horrible cases.


There is talk of forming a group that can respond to these situations. Generally there is not anyone that can take in the numbers of cats all at one time. Usually if the spca is called in the majority will be killed. They say there is nowhere for them and that's it. Small groups step in and do what they can but it greatly takes away from what these groups are already doing. To have an emergency building ready and people to contact to do a triage type intake is so important. As i learn about any new plans for this i will write here.

We are still dealing with the house of over 45 orange cats . Medical bills still being paid on them, one had to have emergency surgery on bowels to save her.. tons had to be fixed. Many are in our care still as they are not ready for adoption. Kittens from pregnant cats have survived or cats miscarried on being moved. The inbreeding alone has caused so many problems. Through no fault of their own, these cats had to suffer horribly. The final numbers of the other, over 60 cats, are still being dealt with and bills are still waiting to be paid. i won't even go into it, too horrible.

People who have lost control of a situation after not getting the first two fixed, people who think they are rescuing but are infact just taking in more and more but are unable to pay vet bills or feed properly are the other side of things. What we see going into these places no one wants to see. Shutting down these people is so important. Laws need to be changed.

I guess why i am writing this is I am tired of the official paid group always getting the headlines , when so many things are being done by volunteer groups like VOKRA everyday.

Posted by kduncan on August 13, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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