just got this letter ..


Hello all,
I hope this finds it's way to those rescuers out there who might be having a hard day. I adopted my two darlings from VOKRA about 4 years ago as adolescents and I want you all to know how much I LOVE them. And when I say love - I don't mean in a kitsy cute kind of way - I mean in a complete total heart way. I often check the VOKRA site just to see the news and often quietly thank you for rescuing forgotten kittens and cats. The work you do and the commitment you have on a daily basis is so appreciated. I thought it was time I sent a thank you that you could hear.


Thank you so much Anita!..this truly will give me a huge lift for the day..and i need it! It made my volunteer and i tear up..and i have sent on to others in our group.

When i looked up these kitties i found this:

Came from farm in abbotsford with sibling. Very friendly, outgoing and interested in new things. She is still shy but seems ok with other kitties.
they were Jamba and Blackie at that time. They would have been doomed to a life of breeding, disease and likely death from a preditor.. Lucky kitties to have a loving , safe home with Anita!

Posted by kduncan on August 14, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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