Longer gaps between entries.....


Still standing here.. well kind of swaying actually. Three more very pregnant cats in this week , lots of skittish kittens and oh so many calls for help.

I am trying to keep up with the aps for adopting and for fostering, but if you haven't heard from me please send a note.

Many , many people are helping keep things running and me kind of sane ....Leigh has been my right hand gal lately...very much a Radar O'reilly.. Dania is sorting the volunteer letters. Kim is doing treasurer, Petsmart organizing , driving , adoption aps and enteries on the site, and way too many things. Matt and Jen are our new litter delivery people and will be doing volunteering here at the house while Leigh is away. Kerri came and spent the day trying to sort the mess and smooch and clean kitties today on her day off and comes two afternoons a week as well. Maria is running from one trap site to the next and working at the recovery shed and at the barn as well.

Three of us were able to be with lovely new tortie mom as she had her four kittens two nights ago..purring and kneading the air all the way through. She came in from Osoyos the day before. A stray who had not much of a future there.

Estelle and kim are trying to keep up with new pics and taking off adopted kitties on the site. Lots of movement in both directions there.

We are all hoping Elizabeth will be back and feeling well soon.. She and her husband have been fighting to keep a litter of kittens going that have been losing the battle one by one. The last one seems to have fought the odds and is doing much better. It is so hard when we have litters like this..often times there is no way to save them..Thank you both so much for trying so hard. Nina and Troy have also been working with a group who were very ill and despite all the care and prayers aren't making it, so sad.

Then there is the lovely mom turned over to us the other day who fell three stories and was found to be pregnant , so surrendored to us. She is doing well with only a scratched chin and no sign of ill affects to the kittens she is carrying.

We have a number of kittens being overlooked for adoption. Please check out the hockey kitties, Burrows, Bertuzzi and Bieksa who are being fostered in New Westminster.

Or how about Wookie, JP and Blanche in West Vancouver. Kisten and Kubby on Oak street or Boots and Oreo , Paul and Eleanor. Many of these kittens are the last couple in a litter ..they need homes!!!

I will try and move pics to this entry tomorrow, but meanwhile take a look in our gallery and see if they would fit in your home...

Posted by kduncan on August 23, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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