Great documentary on tv tonight.


Trapping, feeding, crying, frustation, sadness,desperation...hope..

All of these words are what rescue is about...and was so well shown on the documentary ...Cat City by Justine Pimlott, tonight on Global TV.

I sit here watching it and hoping that some people who are viewing will think twice before dumping Fluffy when they have to move...or before letting their cat have a litter .. " To show their children the miracle of birth" or before taking on an animal that they can't afford to fix before it reaches five months.

There we go.. someone has just said what we find ourselves saying so often..."I really hate people sometimes " ... With what we do and what we see..this is a common comment by most people in rescue. How can people ignore suffering, allow cats to produce more and more kittens, dump cats to fend for themselves, abuse them and leave them to die?

Yesterday i was called about a kitten found in a large dumpster at a business.. It was crying so the people who work there pulled it out and called friends for help..They thought it was four weeks. I called one of our driver volunteers, Matt, who zipped over and picked her up. When she arrived I saw an 8 or 10 week old kitten who was almost dead. She had sub q fluids right away, water from a syringe in her mouth, homeopathics and a warmer under her towells. Oct 8/09

Off to the vets..We x-rayed , checked heart, temp etc..she showed major neuropathic problems . Her back left leg rhythmically tapping, eyes unfocused and not reacting. She could only stand for a short time without support. My feeling is she was someone's kitten at some point, no fleas and not terrified of people not born outside to a feral cat. Perhaps she was lost or dumped and when found near death from starvation was thrown in the dumpster..or maybe abused by someone and tossed in. One thing is sure...she didn't get into a huge dumpster by herself. Like so many who come in to us..she can't tell her story.

She was ravenous, so she is given small amounts of food with water often. She plunges her mouth in and sucks it up as fast as she can. Sub q fluids with vitamins added and more homeopathics then tucked in on a heat disc for the night.

This morning I approached with dread..but found that she had used the litter box and was back in her bed . Off to the vet again for another look. We are thinking it may be that she is showing signs of hypoglycemia and starvation. She is gradually holding her head up more and has more life in her eyes, she can place her feet instead of having them roll under..but so weak.

The first person who called me about her, has a relative that would like to adopt her if she pulls through. I am not making any promises on her survival but we all are hoping. We'll give her all the help we can to pull through..but if she doesn't at least she is warm, fed and has known kindness. She hasn't died alone in the bottom of a dumpster.

*****Thank you Global TV and filmmaker Justine Pimlott for a documentary on what people in rescue deal with everywhere. Check out the link to the trailer on the film.

Posted by kduncan on October 9, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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