More progress for Hope.


Some good news in a week of ... well, just awful things happening..Little Hope is improving again today!Hope and a pal..Oct 15

She is now using the box all the time.. eating very well... no more seizures...and is starting to have some sight and reaction to moving things. With many many thanks to our vets at Arbutus West and to Dr Doug who has helped with ultra sound that shows things seem to be ok on the inside...we are very optimistic ! She even purrs when snuggled by her fave fan..Leigh.

When faced with so many tragedies and extremely hard to deal with everyday happenings in a gives a reason to carry on when you see a little innocent kitten come back from certain death . So many others will not survive no matter what we do. My sadness at the death of little Michael who had to be let go when FIP was winning today... and the horror of having a mom cat and kittens all battling with distemper ( losing three kittens in last few days) . Then one of two 6 week kittens needing round the clock care at our wonderful foster Elizabeths', guided by Julie and her team at the Healing Place, and soooooo many worries that fill our days in rescue, it is sometimes just too much. I ramble, but it really has been such a sad and especially difficult time this last week.

'Hope' gives us just that..say some prayers for the suffering and sick and lets all work to make things better for animals everywhere.

Posted by kduncan on October 16, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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