New batch of bottle feeders.


These kittens were rescued by Jason and other workers at ABC Recycling . They had a car in crush machine when they heard a yowl...they quickly worked with crowbars etc and took it apart finding the dead mama cat with these little ones under her, untouched. They were really very upset by this and went to work getting the kittens into a warm box .. and looking for help. First spca shelter had no answers..and then they called Burnaby shelter who gave them our number. Maria raced out and gathered them up. They had just been born and cleaned that day.....Thank goodness mama wouldn't have known what happened it was too fast...poor girl. She was likely a feral or lost cat who had somehow found her way into the car yard..and the car.

After spending the first night with Maria, the kittens are here with me and eating really well ....six of them. I could do with a wee bit more sleep and will be discussing that with them later on today.

Posted by kduncan on October 21, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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