overlooked adoptables!


We have a number of pairs that are waiting patiently for homes. hannah and Henry, Boots and Oreo, Boots and Pepper, Fraser and BElla, Laura and Pindy, Wookie and his mom.. lots more.

VOKRA always suggests adopting two kittens if no other cat in home or the other cat is old. We do not suggest this to get kittens out the door, but to make things happiest for both the adopter and the kitties.

They have grown up in a gang of litter mate pals..most with a mom to snuggle up to as well. Imagine suddenly being moved on their own to a new home, with new smells,people and way of life. To have a sibling (or sometimes their mom) move with them makes it so much easier. People ask if it will take away from how the cats are with them..and no, we don't find this. They want their human attention but have each other when you are out. As is written below, they run off energy while you are at work so you don't have kitten on face at night. You can put them in separate room if they are keeping you up and they have each other. While young and foolish...they can be kept in small safe room when you can't watch them and have each other to goof with instead of getting into trouble all over.

Each year we have people saying..oh we'll try it out and see if he is lonely..and then they are back in five months or so saying we were right and wanting to adopt another..The hard time is right at the start. That's when they really need a pal. Introducing a new kitten into a home with one already there is much trickier than just getting the pair right at the start who are already best friends.

Then there are a number of singles Tink, Elsie, Grey, Marilyn a black med hair polydactile who is here with her two short hair brothers.... lots more.. Please take a look and do put whoever you are interested in learning more about in your Favorites when doing the application.

If i have not gotten back on an adoption or foster application...please send a note . I will be doing lots of calls Sat morning..


Posted by kduncan on October 31, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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